25 April 2008
  April 25, 2008

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H1 From Foreign Affairs, Fareed Zakaria on on The Future of American Power

Is the world reverting to a struggle between great powers? Or is the democratising spirit of 1989 still alive? Robert Kagan and Robert Cooper debate.

Washington Post Maliki Sees Sunni Bloc Rejoining Government 'Reconciliation' Follows Crackdown on Militias

U.S. Details Reactor in Syria Americans Push Damascus, N. Korea To Admit Collusion

New York TimesTop Sunni Bloc Is Set to Rejoin Cabinet in Iraq Iraq’s largest Sunni bloc has agreed to return to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s cabinet after a boycott of nearly a year, several Sunni leaders said Thursday.

Pakistan Asserts It Is Near a Deal With Militants A 15-point draft of the accord would lead to the gradual withdrawal of the Pakistani military from part of the tribal region of South Waziristan

Al-Sadr Shift: Away From Politics and Favoring Fight

Forward Middle East Policy Emerges as Wedge Issue in Clinton’s Pennsylvania Win Clinton captured 62% of Jewish voters in Pennsylvania on her way to defeating Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama in the Keystone State’s April 22 primary. The win represents Clinton’s strongest showing among Jewish Democrats, aside from an earlier contest in her home state of New York

GuardianNuclear games in the desert Leader: The reasons for the release of evidence of Syrian nuclear reactor have nothing to do with the Middle East and a lot to do with North Korea

US intelligence claims North Korea helped build Syria reactor plant White House claims that target of last year's Israeli bombing of Syria was covert nuclear plant

FAQ: What did Israel bomb?

Promoting Petraeus Robert Fox: Syria may be in the crosshairs of Washington's neocon hawks, but they will not find the new head of central command amenable to their purposes

Ha’aretz White House: Syria must 'come clean' about nuclear facility

Ex-envoy Indyk: Syria won't talk to Israel unless U.S. present

U.S. official: No green light for IAF strike on Syria nuke facility U.S. officials: Syrian reactor near completion when damaged beyond repair, built with N. Korean help

Christian Science Monitor With Syria 'reactor' video, U.S. sends a warning It lets potential nuclear proliferators Iran and North Korea know it's watching.

America's apartheid mentality toward the world Let's start treating the world's 6 billion non-Americans as equals. By Helena Cobban

Brian Thomas Gallagher reviews Alex Abella’s Soldiers of Reason: The RAND Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire

The introduction to Reluctant Crusaders: Power, Culture, and Change in American Grand Strategy by Colin Dueck.


Project on National Security Reform - Case StudiesLiterature ReviewsArticlesConference ProceedingsLiterature

Kissinger on War & Diplomacy: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

U.S.-Azeri Military Cooperation Smooth By: Rovsham Ismayilov | Eurasianet Military cooperation between the US and Azerbaijan appears to be developing at a strong pace. A recent US delegation, though, expressed concerns about the country’s sluggish realization of agreements with NATO, as well as on Baku’s relatively high level of military spending

New momentum for US-Iran dialogue This week's summit in Kuwait of Iraq and its neighbors, although not officially breaking any ice between Iran and the United States, points to the two countries showing a new willingness to demonstrate their support for the embattled Baghdad government, as well as the latter's attempts to build bridges with its Arab neighbors. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Gap Opens Between Al Qaeda and Allies By: Josh Meyer | Los Angeles Times Al Qaeda increasingly faces sharp criticism from once-loyal sympathizers who openly question its ideology and tactics, including attacks that kill innocent Muslims, according to U.S. intelligence officials, counter-terrorism experts and the group's own communications

What Petraeus' Nomination Means - Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic

Gates' Grand Slam: Petraeus Moves Up - Ralph Peters, New York Post

Foreign Policy Think Again: Israel Six decades after its founding, the Jewish state is neither as vulnerable as its supporters claim nor as callous and calculating as its critics imagine. But if it is to continue defying all expectations, Israel must first confront its own mythology.
By Gershom Gorenberg

STUDY: Oil prices to double in next 4 years...

WINEP Choices and Strategies for Dealing with Iran

Time India and Iran: Getting Friendly?

Juan Cole Syria Reactor Story a Diversion; But From What?

Seven Ways to Fix Obama's Image Problem - Howard Fineman, Newsweek

H2 White House Statement by the President on Armenian Remembrance Day

Turkey relayed Israel offer to swap Golan for peace: Assad

Turkey: a judicial coup? Ioannis N Grigoriadis

Le Monde Equivoques euro-turques, par Thomas Ferenczi

The Economist Cyprus A glimmer of hope, with ice cream Two presidents may be talking, but there is still a long way to go to resolve one of the world's most intractable problems

It is easier to influence a country before than after it joins the club.

LA Times Turkey mediating Israel-Syria peace talks A Golan Heights pullout would be part of an accord being outlined in indirect talks. 'What we need now is to find common ground,' Syrian President Bashar Assad says


Iraq's simmering ethnic war over Kirkuk
Christian Science Monitor

President Bush marks remembrance of WWI-era Armenian killings

Daily Star Even 25 times more, Turkey won't defeat the PKK By Hiwa Osman

France's Sarkozy opposes Turkish entry into EU, vows referendum

LA Times Editorial A Turkey-Armenia reconciliation? Not quite, but recent niceties stir faint hope.

Not Just Genocide By: Garin Hovannisian | Los Angeles Times
We mark today the 93rd anniversary of the Armenian genocide. It is a dull number, 93. It is a good number to forget, or else to spend on old arguments, old parallels and that famous quote from Hitler who, pondering if he could get away with a Holocaust of his own, reportedly remarked: "Who now remembers the Armenians?"

The Armenian question, 2008

Primary Source: Harut Sassounian visits the editorial board to discuss genocide denial, changing governments, historical records and more. Discuss

Guardian Remembering Anatolia, 1915 Harry Hagopian Today, April 24, is the day of commemoration of the Armenian genocide. Is it not time for Turkey to recognise this crime and enable a just closure?

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası Dış Basında Türkiye - BBC Turkish 0700 VOA TSİ 06:30 Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey TurcoPundit

Google News Fırat News Agency KurdishMedia Kurdish Kurdish Aspect Dış Basında Irak BBC Monitoring Inter-national

Diyarbakır ne ister?

Secretary Rice, Foreign Minister Babacan and Foreign Minister Zabari at the Kuwait Iraqi Neighbors Conference

ERDAL ŞAFAK Ankara güvercini

41 yıl sonra Türk barışı

Sami Kohen Türkiye şimdi resmen arabulucu

Ferai Tınç Ortadoğu barışı ve Golan

Assad: Turkey says Israel willing to give up Golan

The big picture: ethnic challenges in post-AK Party Turkish politics MEHMET KALYONCU*

Teröristsiz Kuzey Irak

MGK gives green light for talks with Iraqi Kurds

Military hits PKK camps used in summer attacks

Mehmet Altan Genelkurmay ve İran

Cevdet Aşkın

Erdoğan Suriye�ye gidiyor

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri Günlük Haftalık

MUHARREM SARIKAYA Talat'ın umudu...

Barçın Yinanç Şartlar değişince yarı yolda kalmayalım

�Laiklik oyuncak değil�

Turkey's turmoil: A blessing in disguise? Diba Nigar GÖKSEL

Bush'un Ermeni Anma Günü Mesajı

Fransız masonlar sözde soykırım için AB'de lobi yapmış

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Bush bu sene de 'soykırım' demedi

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Sarkisyan: Soykırım propagandasını iki katına çıkartalım'

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Balkan Kongresi'nde harita 'sürprizi'

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Kosova ile Sırbistan Tekirdağ'da buluştu

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Erdogan'ın İsrail ile aralarında aracılık ettiğini doğruladı

‘Ermeni sorununu beraber çözeriz’

Zeynel Lüle Yunanistan'ın engelleyemediği toplantı

Talat meets Turkish leaders after official start of new reunification talks

Savaş Süzal Washington'da Ermeni soykırımı haftası

Armenia vows to boost efforts for 'genocide' recognition

Diyanet'ten ABD atağı

Öger: If AK Party closed, EU dream ends

Güler calls for German investment in Turkish energy projects

Erivan'da Türk bayrağı çiğnediler

Büyük küstahlık!

Bush’a Diaspora’dan yeni engel

Turkey expects EU membership in 7-8 years

Fransız masonlar sözde soykırım için AB'de lobi yapmış

Ermeniler'den Bush'a sert tepki: İhanet etti

Former DTP leader alledegly paid thousands for forgery

The Transdniestr Powder Keg Strategy Page Bulgaria fears Turkish political "isolation" and would rather see Turkey as politically part of Europe than part of the Middle East

Turkey's Genocide Dilemma

Der Spiegel Fleeing 'Life in Hell': German Charity Helps Turkish Women Escape Forced Marriages

Beril Dedeoğlu Gecikme bilançosu

Hedo Okur Tuncay Nihat Altintop

900 bin YTL sorusu çıldırttı

Okullar diken üstünde

Gila Benmayor Türkiye tarımda biyotek ürünlere geçmezse kaybeder

Üç karımla yaşıyoruz kime ne?

Engellemenin son asaması o kazaydı

Komisyonda sustu

Devlet sırrı için kurul oluşacak

Korsan CD çetesinin köstebek polisleri

Saygıdan geldik, konuşmayız

Tazminatı kazandı görevden alındı

İlahili defileye İslamcı tepkisi

‘Can’lı bomba

Danıştay'a sürpriz aday

İnönü'den eşine: Sevgilim, ruhum

Yeşil kreasyon mümini bozar

"Devlet sırrı" açıklığa kavuşuyor

İşte ÖSS'de İngiliz modeli

Yargıda teknoloji dönemi, Bütün adliyeler görüntülü sisteme geçiyor

Ankara dar geldi, savunma fuarı İstanbul'a taşınıyor

25 Nisan 2008 Basın Özeti

H3 Kılıç: Siyaset ve hukuk ilişkisi hassaslaştı

Aydın Ayaydın Kamu bankalarından Sabah-ATV’ye hangi koşullarda kredi sağlandı?

Ankara, Bahçeli'nin açılımını konuşuyor

Kurultay için son viraj

AKP, sabıka kayıtları ile savunma yapacak

"Bu iddianameyle AKP kapatılamaz" İşte 80 sayfalık savunmaya göre Başsavcı'nın çelişkileri...

Demokrasi manifestosu gibi savunmayla tarihe not düşeceğiz

Faturayı Maliye’yi görünce kesmişler

AKP, 'İmam hatipleri Demirel açtı' diyecek

Teröristsiz Kuzey Irak

Saygıdan geldik, konuşmayız

Yüzde 53’ün endişesini gidermeliyiz

Serpil Yılmaz Çalık’ın ‘özkaynağı’ Tamince mi?

[HABER YORUM] Petrol Ofisi'nden Trump Towers'a çelişkiler dizisi

DMG uneasy over new competitor

Selçuk'tan ilginç iddia

Muhaliflerin DTP formülü

itiraf daha

Almanya'da bağışı belgeleyemeyen parti yönetimi 3 ayda tasfiye oldu

Milliyet Son Dakika

Cengiz Çandar Hükümetin “kimyası” bozulunca; Zincirleme Siyasi Hatalar...

Ahmet Taşgetiren 'Cumhuriyetsiz ve halksız parti' Zihnî dönüşümü başarabilecekler mi?

Ruşen - Çakır Krizde Gül’ün de sorumluluğu yüksek ama hâlâ çözüm üretebilir

Taha Akyol Kapitalizm krizde!

Fikret Bila CHP’de lider adayları

Hasan Cemal Çalık grubu, Sabah-atv ihalesi ve iktidar gölgesi!

Murat Yetkin

İsmet Berkan

Fehmi Koru Spora da bulaştırdılar

Taha KıvançHuylu huyundan vazgeçmiyor

Şamil Tayyar Ergenekon AK Parti'ye de sızdı, burada korku iklimi yaratıyorlar

Ali Bayramoğlu24 Nisan 1915'den 24 Nisan 2008'e… Krizin tam öbeğinde suskun bir toplum...

Yasemin Çongar

Ertuğrul Özkök Çok özel bir mektup

ERDAL ŞAFAK Ankara güvercini

MAHMUT ÖVÜR 'Erken seçim' çözüm mü?

Eser Karakaş 27 Nisan üzerinden iki Türkiye

Nasuhi Güngör TSK nerede duruyor?

Serdar Turgut Sabah ve global ekonomi

The Republic and its Islamic enemies Mustafa AKYOL

Hurşit Güneş CHP: Ayakların baş olmasının partisi?

Ahmet Hakan Erdoğan’a övgü

Gülay Göktürk “CHP'yi kurtarmak”

M Ali Birand 23 Nisan, neşe dolmadı insan...

Bilal ÇetinCHP’de heyecansız kurultay...

Size Tek Bir Parti Yeter! CHP -


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MÜMTAZ'ER TÜRKÖNE - Baykal'ın altın üçgeni

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HÜSEYİN GÜLERCE - Kapatma davasının iç yüzü...

Tamer Korkmaz: Cumhuriyet “Halkı Kapattırma” ve “Kurultaylar” Partisi!

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İbrahim Karagül: Kanlı mı olacak kansız mı!

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Fatma K. Barbarosoğlu: Ahmet Cevdet Paşa üzerinden muhafazakârlık resimleri -2

Türker Alkan - Bir başkadır benim memleketim!

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Hasan Celal Güzel - 'Ulusalcı Şef' Baykal Kurultay'da favori

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Hakkı Devrim - Kurultay'da mı açıklayacak?

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Haluk Şahin - ABD'de küreselleşme sancıları

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Murat Belge - Başlar ve ayaklar

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Namık Kemal Zeybek - Ayvaz Gökdemir ve Haydar Aliyev'e darbe girişimi

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

M.Ali Kışlalı - Sıklet merkezi CHP

Cüneyt Ülsever

Enis Berberoğlu

Oktay Ekşi O CHP böyle değildi

Özdemir İnce Lagendayık Enişte Gardaş

Yalçın Bayer Sorunlar bitmeyecek

Tufan Türenç Bazı gerçekler yürek sızlatıyor

Yalçın Doğan Çankaya’da cevizler ve mermerler

Mehmet Y Yılmaz Cumhurbaşkanı da aracılık etmiş!

Derya 2010’lar siyaseti

Umut Oran, Baykal’a karşı barajı koydu

MUHARREM SARIKAYA Talat'ın umudu...

ERDAL ŞAFAK Ankara güvercini

ENGİN ARDIÇ Senato neydi?

ERGUN BABAHAN Rekabete de varız kavgaya da

EMRE AKÖZ Umutlanmayın: CHP'nin değişmesine 'devlet' izin vermez

Umur TaluMedya hesabı


NAZLI ILICAK Tencere dibin kara...

MEHMET BARLAS Tek mahallede yaşamak basına felaketler getirmedi mi?

MAHMUT ÖVÜR 'Erken seçim' çözüm mü?

YAVUZ DONAT Talat'ın umudu...

Emin Pazarcı Halimiz içler acısı!

Hakan Aygün Yeşiller Partisi’nin zamanı geldi....

[Yorum - İhsan Dağı - AK Parti'nin düşünmediği seçenek] Hükümetten Meclis'e çekilmek

İlnur Çevik CHP should not be the name of destructive opposition

Etyen Mahçupyan The coup dilemma

Bülent Korucu Who should be the next chairman at YARSAV?

Güneri Civaoğlu Deve dışkısı hurma

Ece Temelkuran Hakkımdaki ‘resmi görüş’

Ankara, Bahçeli'nin açılımını konuşuyor

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CHP karşı, DTP olumlu yaklaşıyor

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İktidar ve anamuhalefet, bizden ders alsın

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Birinci Meclis'teki hava çok etkileyiciydi

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Hukukçular: AK Parti davası ortadan kalkar

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Başbakanlık'tan Katar iddialarına sert tepki

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Baykal, yüzde 20'yi geçme şartıyla reklam ajansına prim vaat etmiş

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Almanya'da bağışı belgeleyemeyen parti yönetimi 3 ayda tasfiye oldu

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Genel başkan adayı Umut Oran: 253 imzayı bulursam kazanırım

Bakan Şimşek'in pembe tablosuna IMF direktöründen itiraz

IMF Eski Yöneticisi Türkiye'den dersini almış


GAP yerine işsizleri gaptırmayalım

Deniz Gökçe Matematikçi ve din, bilim ve hukuk!

Ercan Kumcu Bitmeyen senfoni de bir gün biter

Erdal Sağlam

Ertuğ Yaşar Bu krizde krediyi hangi koşullarla buldular

Mustafa Mutlu AKP şimdi de işçinin 33 milyar YTL’sini gaspa hazırlanıyor!

Garanti ‘kurucu hisseler’i geri alıyor, sermaye artırıyor

Serdar Turgut IMF’e stand-by

Neftçi Faiz cephesinde büyük değişiklik...

Uğur Gürses - Kendi programımızı yapmalıyız

Ercan İnan 3 yılı ödemesiz krediyi Merrill Lynch bulamadı

H4 New York TimesTop Sunni Bloc Is Set to Rejoin Cabinet in Iraq Iraq’s largest Sunni bloc has agreed to return to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s cabinet after a boycott of nearly a year, several Sunni leaders said Thursday.

Pakistan Asserts It Is Near a Deal With Militants A 15-point draft

of the accord would lead to the gradual withdrawal of the Pakistani military from part of the tribal region of South Waziristan.

Bush Administration Releases Images to Bolster Its Claims About Syrian Reactor

U.S. Jews Create New Lobby to Temper Israel Policy

Sarkozy, Admitting Errors, Vows to Speed Up Change

Amid Sadr City Chaos, American Medics Tend to Iraq’s Wounded

Bush Meets Abbas, but Palestinians Criticize Plans for Trip

Editorial North Korea Redux

Pyongyang’s promises to forsake future sales of nuclear technology must be vigilantly monitored and verified along with all of its nuclear activities.

PAUL KRUGMANSelf-Inflicted Confusion aybe Barack Obama’s transformational campaign isn’t winning over working-class voters because transformation isn’t what they’re looking for.

Editorial The Trouble With Not Being Earnest Since Senator John McCain is running for president as Mr. Straight Talk, he ought to live up to the standard that he sets for himself.

McCain Faults Bush Response to Gulf Storm

Costly Lesson on How Not to Build a Navy Ship A project heralded as the dawning of an innovative era in Navy shipbuilding is over budget and behind schedule

Using New Math, Clinton Contends She’s Ahead

A Nation at a Loss By EDWARD B. FISKEWhile the theory behind “A Nation at Risk” may no longer hold, the report’s desperate language may be more justified than ever, for American education is in turmoil.

H5 Washington Post Maliki Sees Sunni Bloc Rejoining Government

'Reconciliation' Follows Crackdown on Militias

U.S. Details Reactor in Syria Americans Push Damascus, N. Korea To Admit Collusion

Syrian President Open to Israel Talks

Putting the War on Autopilot By Dan Froomkin

Editorial A Seasoned Command President Bush wisely promotes his two most successful generals in Iraq

Obama's 'Distractions'? By Charles Krauthammer, As people begin to learn about this just-arrived pretender, his magic will dissipate.

America's Power Paradox

By Michael Gerson, While international institutions have never been more needed, they have seldom been less effective

Taliban Leader Calls Cease-Fire Within Pakistan Move Part of Peace Talks

Iraq War Is Everyone Else's Fault, Feith Explains

Presidential Transition Citing Risks, Study Suggests Ways To Ease National Security Handoff

Editorial Who'll Cover the Checks?

The Democratic candidates' tax and spending plans are costly and ambitious -- and probably short on fiscal realism.

Pennsylvania Fault Lines By E. J. Dionne Jr., The Democrats' battle for the presidential nomination has led us into the thicket of race and religion

Bush Tells Palestinian Leader Peace Is Possible

The Race That Wouldn't Die

By Eugene Robinson, Fighting for the nomination in such a way as to give the presidency to McCain is unforgivable.

It's Just Not Fair By Geoff Garin,

Obama's campaign has been mean-spirited and personal -- and yet Hillary is criticized for her tactics

Clinton's Hopes May Lie With N.C.

Loss Would Shake Her Big-State Claims

Senators Seek Deeper Air Force Investigation

McCain Offers Tax Policies He Once Opposed

H6 GuardianNuclear games in the desert Leader: The reasons for the release of evidence of Syrian nuclear reactor have nothing to do with the Middle East and a lot to do with North Korea

US intelligence claims North Korea helped build Syria reactor plant

White House claims that target of last year's Israeli bombing of Syria was covert nuclear plant

FAQ: What did Israel bomb?

Promoting Petraeus Robert Fox: Syria may be in the crosshairs of Washington's neocon hawks, but they will not find the new head of central command amenable to their purposes

Sermons row resurfaces for Obama

Second chapter in the pastor story leaves Democrat candidate vulnerable to rightwing attacks

The last excuse for the Iraq war is founded on a myth Peter Wilby: Seeing the second world war as a pure struggle to defeat an evil dictator has led us into foreign policy traps ever since

The White House race is a catalogue of misspeaking Simon Jenkins: When no great issues divide the political tribes, aspirants are defined by their mishaps - and how they bounce back

Face scans for air passengers to begin in UK Passengers to be screened using automated facial recognition technology in bid to improve security

Kosovo mission for British troops

Deployment of troops likely to revive claims that government demands too much from its forces

H7 STUDY: Oil prices to double in next 4 years...

Foreign Affairs After Guantanamo: Kenneth Roth on the case against preventive detention; Andrew S. Natsiosa (Georgetown): Beyond Darfur: Sudan's Slide Toward Civil War; a review of A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World by William J. Bernstein; and a review of The Great Experiment: The Story of Ancient Empires, Modern States, and the Quest for a Global Nation by Strobe Talbott.

The Economist Gulf economies The rise of the Gulf The Gulf countries are managing their wealth better during this oil boom than they did during the last one

Gulf economies How to spend it

Iraq Nuri al-Maliki, a dogged survivor Recent military and political developments offer a gleam of hope that Iraq's government can start building a stronger consensus towards an eventual peace

Saudi Arabia Our women must be protected

The Palestinian territories Chickens and eggs

Lullaby of Baghdad By: Paul Starr | The American Prospect
Are we winning the Iraq war, or is what little progress we have achieved actually an illusion?

Middle East: No Solutions Before Bush Leaves By: Huda Al Husseini | Asharq Alawsat
Approximately two months ago an American delegation, made up of both Republicans and Democrats, paid a visit to Egypt, Israel and Syria. While in Damascus, the delegation met with Syrian President Bashar Assad and left reassured

We Must Guard Against the Worst in a Nonpolar World By: Richard N. Haass | The Daily Star
Today's world is dominated not by one or two or even several powers, but rather is influenced by dozens of state and nonstate actors exercising various kinds of power.

Cheney Obsessed With Iraqi WMDs and Syrian Nukes by Steve Clemons

The Perilous Punditocracy
by Glenn Greenwald

Jacob’s Jottings: Israeli Imbroglio by Jacob Heilbrunn The Israeli-American relationship may be souring once again. What the newest spy scandal means for Israeli security.

The Trillion-Dollar War By: Veronique de Rugy | Reason
The War on Terror is now more expensive than Vietnam or World War I--but the dishonest way Washington is paying for it may prove costliest of all

Petraeus Promotion an Ominous Sign of Possible War With Iran by Farrah Hassen

The Role of Speculators in the Global Food Crisis By: Beat Balzli and Frank Hornig | Der Spiegel
Vast amounts of money are flooding the world's commodities markets, driving up prices of staple foods like wheat and rice. Biofuels and droughts can't fully explain the recent food crisis -- hedge funds and small investors bear some responsibility for global hunger.

Exchange Rate Policies in the Gulf INSS

Petraeus' rise lets Cheney loose on Iran

Basra and the blunderbusses

Let There Be Internationalization Hassan Haidar - Syria remained in Lebanon for almost 30 years before it pulled out its army in 2005. It may need another 30 years to digest this withdrawal - i.e. a whole generation of Lebanese and Syrians. This probably will not happen without the internationalization

Iran’s Conservatives Are Deceiving Themselves : Tariq Alhomayed

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq

Sadr May Restart Full-Scale War on US

Gates: Iranians Kill US Soldiers

Syria Denies US Nuclear Claims

Iraqi Army Claims It Is in Full Control of Basra

New Data: Iraqi Oil Revenues Could Reach $70 Billion This Year

Syria's Secret: Did North Korea Help to Build a Nuclear Plant?

Syria 'had covert nuclear scheme'

The United States accuses North Korea of helping Syria build a nuclear reactor "not intended for peaceful purposes".

Full text: US allegations

'Not yet ready'
Doubts surround Iraq's forces after offensive in Baghdad and Basra

Syria Is Ready for Peace If Israel Returns Land, Moallem Says

Petraeus promotion to CENTCOM keeps U.S. on its war course

Syrian Foreign Minister Asked About Golan, Iraq During Iran Visit

Mullen: We ‘Will Have to Deal with Iran in the Very Near Future’

Sunnis Agree to End Boycott, Rejoin Iraq Government

Syrian president ready to talk to Israel once Bush term ends

Al-Sadr shift: away from politics and favoring fight

5 U.S. bills seek 'fair share' of war costs Iraqis would be forced to pay for U.S. efforts in their country directly or with loans from the United States if any of at least five similar pieces of legislation introduced on Capitol Hill this month are approved.

Bilal Hussein and the Looming Battle Over Iraqi Sovereingty By: Michael Wahid Hanna | World Politics Review The U.S. military's decision last week to release Bilal Hussein, an Associated Press photographer who has been held by U.S. military forces since April 2006 on accusations of links to terrorism, was not just a blow to the U.S. military's case against one prisoner

Beirut Paper Reports David Miliband's Comments About Lebanese Political Crisis

Jordanian Paper Urges Arabs to Support "Pro-Arab Shi'I Revolution" in Iraq

Pan-Arab Paper Views Issue of Writing Off Iraq's Debts, Opening Embassies

Arabic Paper Views Lebanese Crisis, Al-Zawahiri's Threat to UNIFIL

Syrian Foreign Minister Conveys Message From Al-Asad to Ahmadinezhad

Iraqi Figures React to Outcome of Kuwait Iraq Conference - Paper

Protest in Egypt
Witnesses blame poverty and bad policing for food riots

Senators Want Oil Linked to Middle Eastern Arms Deals

H9 Ha’aretz White House: Syria must 'come clean' about nuclear facility

Ex-envoy Indyk: Syria won't talk to Israel unless U.S. present

U.S. official: No green light for IAF strike on Syria nuke facility U.S. officials: Syrian reactor near completion when damaged beyond repair, built with N. Korean help

Israeli envoy to UN calls Carter 'a bigot' for meeting Meshal

Hamas set to agree on staged truce starting in Gaza Strip In accepting Egypt's compromise, Hamas can claim it pushed Israel into a cease-fire in W. Bank too

Ari Shavit: We can't fix Bush's mistakes with Carter's appeasement

Golan community heads: Golan belongs to people of Israel

Israel warns Syria may retaliate in light of nuclear revelations Senior defense officials: Too early to gauge Damascus response to strike on alleged Syrian nuclear reactor

Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Can Israel afford to live without the Golan?

Analysis: Assad's PR peace promise

A Golan peaceIf Assad wants a treaty, he is going to have to take some chances too.

Olmert's Syria gestures hurt Barak - Labor official

Why we hosted Carter


Column One: Hardball with Washington[ CAROLINE GLICK

Snap Judgment: The last journey of Pippa Bacca [ CALEV BEN-DAVID

US: Syria must tell truth about reactor

'Mossad did not have spies in US'

US knows there have been no Israeli spies since Pollard, says David Kimchi.

Yedioth Ahronoth We already have peace with SyriaQuiet that has prevailed on Syria-Israel border for years may be better than peace

Attempt to cede Golan doomed to fail, say local leaders

Hamas offers 6-month truce Group leader al-Zahar says Islamist movement prepared to observe temporary period of calm

Gillerman calls Carter 'bigot'

UN suspends aid to Gaza

Hamas hasn’t changed

Recent declarations by Hamas no more than Arafat-style manipulations, writes Moshe Elad

Daily Alert.orgHebrew Press Editorials (2008) - Middle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review Google News Israel - Palestine

Foreign Policy Think Again: Israel Six decades after its founding, the Jewish state is neither as vulnerable as its supporters claim nor as callous and calculating as its critics imagine. But if it is to continue defying all expectations, Israel must first confront its own mythology. By Gershom Gorenberg

A new CFR.org interactive Crisis Guide on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict includes in-depth discussion of the history of the Golan Heights, which Israel gained control of during the 1967 war and then annexed in 1981.

Jacob’s Jottings: Israeli Imbroglio by Jacob Heilbrunn The Israeli-American relationship may be souring once again. What the newest spy scandal means for Israeli security.

Hezbollah rearms

Israel Air Force Chief: We're Ready For Anything, Especially A Nuclear Iran...

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Durban II Is Going to Make Durban I Look Like a Picnic - Anne Bayefsky

UN Chief Calls for Hizbullah Disarmament

Daily Star- Read the UN Report "Palestinian refugee camps continue to pose a major challenge to stability and security in Lebanon, in particular due to the presence of a range of non-state actors in the camps. I remain concerned that threats from al-Qaeda-inspired militias in Palestinian refugee camps continue."

"Al-Arabiya's Camera" Said to Have Seen Israeli Soldiers in Southern Lebanon

Pan-Arab TV Interviews Palestinian President on US Trip, Talks With Israel

Syrian Foreign Minister Links Talks Revival to Israel's Pullout From Golan

Syrian President Confirms Turkey's Mediation Between Syria, Israel

Hamas offers truce in Gaza Strip Palestinian group Hamas proposes a six-month truce in the Gaza Strip, with a possible extension to the West Bank.

Bush and Abbas in push for peace US President George W Bush meets Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas as he pushes for a Middle East settlement.

Gaza voices
How the fuel shortage is affecting education and healthcare

Carter doesn't get it

Jimmy Carter has a history of serving the interests, not of peace or of his own country but those of the dictatorial regimes whose prestige was elevated by the visit of a former U.S. president

H10 Christian Science Monitor

With Syria 'reactor' video, U.S. sends a warning It lets potential nuclear proliferators Iran and North Korea know it's watching.

America's apartheid mentality toward the world Let's start treating the world's 6 billion non-Americans as equals. By Helena Cobban

US to heighten Afghan role?

Pentagon weighs lead role in NATO's combat mission in the south to betterfight Taliban.

Israeli ex-soldiers expose abuse of Palestinians

In a report this week, 39 soldiers give eyewitness accounts from their patrols in and around the West Bank city of Hebron.

World to Peace Corps: Skilled volunteers needed Debate is brewing over how the agency can attract greater numbers of older, more experienced volunteers. One key target group: retiring baby boomers.

Now, Democrats target McCain

The party's 30-second spot highlights US economic woes

Latin American leftist leaders vow to fight food price hikes

The four countries, joined in a trading bloc called ALBA, said they would step up agricultural production efforts.


India and Iran: Getting Friendly?

Analysis: India faces new security threats (UPI) -- An Indian parliamentary standing committee has asked the government to monitor the country's eastern border, saying large-scale illegal migration from Bangladesh and a flourishing counterfeit currency racket are threatening the country's security and economy

U.S. Candidates' Top Target: China By: Frank Ching | The Japan Times
Ever since the Tiananmen Square crackdown, China-bashing has been a favorite tactic of U.S. presidential candidates.

From Words Without Borders, a special issue on China.

The Economist Chinese nationalism Flame on Rather than shout themselves hoarse, maybe foreign and Chinese protesters could try talking

Hong Kong Paper Assesses Sino-Japan Military Relations

Awakening the dragon

Simon Tisdall China may have been taken by surprise by the scale of the Olympic protests, but it is now fighting back

White House revises N. Korea nuke deal The Bush administration is renegotiating a tentative deal with North Korea on a declaration of its nuclear activities to include better verification provisions, after the agreement upset some on Capitol Hill and even in the administration, officials said yesterday.

India’s New Intelligence Experts
Intelligence Online

Pakistan: Dawn reports on a peace agreement recently finalized between Pakistan's government and warring Mehsuds in South Waziristan.

US Stance Wrinkles Delhi Red Carpet for Ahmadinejad

Enough Misguided Maligning of China

Trust Is Crucial to China's Trade With Europe By: Chen Deming | International Herald Tribune
On Friday, the first China-European Union high-level economic dialogue will be held in Beijing, a major event in the trade and economic relationship between the two markets and the beginning of a new stage of our ties.

Japanese exports to the United States are down sharply.

Fukuda to woo Russia on tradeJapan’s prime minister flies to Russia on Friday for talks aimed at strengthening the two countries’ growing commercial relationship

The Indian elephant returns to Africa Shared history and culture have long framed India's relations with its "sister" continent, Africa, but now the desire to improve Africa-India ties is driven by Delhi's quest for "great power" status. At the same time, India tries to distinguish itself from other nations, such as China, that have been accused of exploiting the region. - Chietigj Bajpaee

H11 IHT Sarkozy banking on prime-time miracleAcknowledging mistakes of both substance and image, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France vowed to accelerate his program of systemic reform.

Poland calls for stronger EU militaryIn a major shift in policy, Poland, long considered a close ally of the United States, wants the European Union to strengthen its military role

EUROPE European press review

France Wants to Join NATO to Ease the Way for European Defense By: Soeren Kern | World Politics Review Sarkozy says he will decide by late 2008 or early 2009 whether France will fully rejoin NATO. Even if Sarkozy has pro-American leanings, he also is thoroughly Europe-centric in his worldview

Sarkozy admits he made mistakes France's President Nicolas Sarkozy says he made some mistakes in his first year in office, in a live TV interview

Fighting back
France's president uses TV interview to reassert his authority

Macedonian Minister Sees Greece Damaging NATO Credibility Over Name Issue

Michael J. TottenTo the Middle East of Europe

Sarkozy: I've erred, but reforms go on

EU deal on immigrant detentions
After years of wrangling, the EU says new rules have been agreed on the return of illegal immigrants.

Greece still bristles over naming Macedonia


U.S.-Azeri Military Cooperation Smooth By: Rovsham Ismayilov | Eurasianet Military cooperation between the US and Azerbaijan appears to be developing at a strong pace. A recent US delegation, though, expressed concerns about the country’s sluggish realization of agreements with NATO, as well as on Baku’s relatively high level of military spending

Google News Azerbaijan

Tymoshenko Chooses Parliamentary Republic By: Pavel Korduban | Eurasia Daily Monitor
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has suffered a crashing defeat over his plan to change the constitution. Not only has it become clear that Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko will not support his plan to boost presidential powers, but she has sided with his eternal opponents, the Party of Regions (PRU), in order to change the constitution in the opposite direction

Equating Holodomor With Genocide By: Georgy Bovt | The Moscow Times
This spring marks an anniversary that Russia will not commemorate. In fact, Moscow will make a point of ignoring it, as if the event had never happened. I am speaking of Holodomor, in which millions died of starvation in Ukraine, the Northern Caucasus and the Volga region in the spring of 1933.

Ukraine feels strain as inflation soars At 26 per cent year-on-year, last month’s jump in consumer prices was Europe’s biggest and among the highest in the world

Russia-Greece cooperation in energy has prospect for expansion-PM

Czech Company in Georgia Turns Off Electricity to Russian Peacekeepers

Turkmenistan set to drop late dictator's month names

New president suggests dumping names invented by Saparmurat Niyazov in favour of traditional ones

Boston Globe Editorial New title, same old Putin

H13 The Times Men in black vanish and Basra comes to life Local people are daring to hope that the dark days of death squads and kidnap are over as life in the city improves

Iraq: back in Basra The Maliki Government must build on the new chance for stability in Iraq

CIA reveals secrets of ‘Syrian nuclear plant’ Michael Hayden ends seven months of silence from the US Administration over the reasons for an airstrike on September 6

An in-tray full of foreign policy problems If the new president survives the torrent of issues there is a chance to set a different tone for the US role in the world

Olmert and Abbas losing support

Israeli and Palestinian leaders are pursuing diplomatic initiatives on three fronts as both fight for their political survival

Sarkozy takes blame for 'mistakes'

President Sarkozy partly blames world economic slump for woes of France as he responds to deep public disappointment

Britain sends mandarins to China on mission UK’s top diplomats are to follow through PM’s initiative on reforming leading institutions, say Foreign Office officials

Napoleon was undone by complacency The problem with the French is that every time they look at Waterloo they say that Napoleon won on points

Obama and Clinton: two cynical losers Despite having all the trumps, the Democrats have squandered the chance of a lifetime Gerard Baker

Food crisis - but it's no surprise

From the riots in Mexico to the US dropping grain subsidies, the signs have been there

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Wall Street Journal

Iranian Arms Found in Iraq, U.S. Says

The U.S. military says it has found caches of newly made Iranian weapons in Iraq, leading senior officials to conclude Tehran is continuing to funnel armaments into Iraq despite its pledges to the contrary.

The View From Gate 14

By Peggy Noonan
Declarations: America is fed up with Bush, but not yet sold on Obama.

Clinton Foundation Secrets
Donations soared as his wife began planning a presidential run. Somebody seems to think there's value in being generous to the Clintons.

The New Strategy for Afghanistan's Cops
By Ann Marlowe
Basic policing is a crucial challenge.

Dying Russia
By Nicholas Eberstadt and Hans GrothNo modern society can expect to enjoy an Irish standard of living on an Indian survival schedule.

Food and Free Trade
By Nancy Birdsall and Arvind Subramanian
How rising prices relate to trade barriers.

The Sad End of Jimmy CarterBy Bernard-Henri Lévy
The former president has demonstrated an unusual capacity to transform political error into moral mistake.

McCain and Taxes
The Senator needs to understand that he can't win the election by playing on this economic turf

Bagehot's Lessons for the Fed
By Ronald McKinnon
Why we need higher interest rates in a crisis.

The War on Terror Is Not a Crime

By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey
Bush antiterror policies have been repeatedly vindicated in the courts

Jagadeesh Gokhale and Thomas Firey of the Cato Institute warn of the dangers of the Federal Reserve continuing to cut interest rates: a vicious cycle of higher inflation, increased inflation expectations, reduced Fed anti-inflationary credibility, slower capital reallocations and, eventually, a weaker economy.

Allan HubbardEconomic Challenges Facing the United States

H14 Financial Times North Korea ‘helped’ Syria build N-plant

North Korea helped Syria construct a nuclear reactor that was “within weeks of completion” when Israel destroyed the facility last September, according to a senior US official

Clinton goes nuclear in battle for White House When I first heard that the Democratic presidential candidate had promised to annihilate someone, I assumed the chosen target was Barack Obama, writes Philip Stephens. On closer inspection, however, it turned out that this time she was aiming her Minutemen at Iran

Foreign bidders left out in the coldRich countries appear increasingly prepared to block investments in assets that are deemed to be strategic

Sarkozy attempts to regain initiative

Nicolas Sarkozy sought to inject some fresh momentum into his presidency, saying he was on the right course to modernise France’s economy and welfare state but needed time

Paris and Berlin in bid for closer ties

The two governments seek to heal strains between their leaders by strengthening co-operation in sensitive policy areas as France prepares to take over the EU presidency

Why this crisis is still far from finished Financial dislocations have now caused the real economy to become, in itself, a source of potential disruption, writes Mohamed El-Erian

Bubble trouble China’s regulators should let shares find their own level. Beijing’s intervention will merely ensure that volatility remains a feature of the equity markets

Banks on the back foot over overdrafts The starting point for setting charges should be the underlying cost of running the accounts, not cross-subsidising the mass of customers who do not pay them

A third way on immigrationThe cause of toleration is not helped by relying on bad economics – which the British government so often does, writes Samuel Brittan

Business gloom hits Germany and France Business sentiment in the eurozone’s two biggest economies has fallen sharply in the clearest signs yet that global economic storms are hitting growth

Wheat drops to six-month low

Ukraine cuts back on export restrictions

Politics and the killer instinctClive Crook’s blog: The contrasting characters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been prominently on display since the Pennsylvania results came in

H15 Los Angeles Times U.S. offers evidence of North Korea-Syria nuclear plant White House officials tell Congress that Pyongyang helped build a reactor. Timing of disclosure raises questions. Photos

Sunni bloc ready to rejoin Iraq CabinetThe move is expected to boost Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's government, especially as it continues a crackdown on Shiite militants

Data on Iraqi forces unreliable, study finds The U.S. military has no way of knowing how many men are actually trained and ready for duty, an oversight agency says

GOP targets Obama in new wave of ads; Dems debate his electability The flurry of attacks underscores how Republicans sense an opportunity in the increasingly battered image of the candidate

Petraeus promotion ensures future for Bush war policy The promotion of a like-minded general to a post lasting into the next administration could help perpetuate high troop levels in Iraq and heighten attention on Iran

My winning strategy Rosa Brooks: Forget the delegates, the rules, the votes: I deserve it

EditorialThe Democrats' war of attrition The Democratic race is beginning to erode party unity and solidify voter resentment

Re-reading 'A Nation at Risk'

A 1983 report warning of a decline in U.S. education provides a blueprint for schools today.

Bush wants a deal on Palestinian state by end of term Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, on a visit to Washington, agrees that 'time is of the essence,' but sees many obstacles.

H16 American Politics


Obama struggling to win older voters Barack Obama has admitted that he is struggling to win over older voters as he faced fresh questions about his White House candidacy after his defeat in Pennsylvania.

Clinton raises $10 million in 24 hours

PBS: Jeremiah Wright

Obama Memo: On Electability

Joe Klein / Time: The Incredibly Shrinking Democrats

Reid, Pelosi, Dean may intervene in nomination

Gallup Daily: Democratic Gap Narrows, Obama Stays Ahead

The glamour of Obama may be hard to resist, but could it get the country into trouble if he wins the presidency?

realclearpolitics memeorandum ABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas The Swamp

Pelosi asks Bush to stop stockpiling oil as gas prices surge

Obama's former pastor says he was unfairly painted a fanatic

How did the Democrats lose in 1972, and by a historic margin? An excerpt from Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America by Rick Perlstein (and a review)

Jon Chait on how conservatives have perfected working class PC.

H17 Daily Telegraph North Korea gives Syria nuclear help The CIA believes North Korea shared expertise with Syria that assisted in the creation of a nuclear reactor, according to reports in Washington.

Real reason Syrian base was destroyed Unless there is a radical change of policy soon in Tehran, the Iranian programme will suffer a similar fate to the demolished Syrian base, writes Con Coughlin.

Tory lead over Labour hits 21-year high

As economy sinks so does Government Out of touch, disunited, uncommunicative, dithering, lacking direction: not since the dark days of John Major has any government looked so estranged from the electorate as Labour does today.

Big advance in war on Afghanistan poppy Opium production in Afghanistan is expected to fall significantly this year due to British and Afghan anti-drug efforts.

UN halts Gaza food aid to a million

The United Nations says it is being forced to stop delivering food aid to Gaza because of the fuel shortages caused by Israel's response to militant attacks.

7/7 plotter's video farewell to daughter

The leader of the July 7 bombers is shown saying an emotional goodbye to his baby daughter in a home video now made public

Pakistan signs deal with 'Bhutto killer'

Iraq 1,500 troop pullout 'stays on hold'

H18 Independent Georgia urges Western backing in territory row

British troops in Basra face clashes with Mehdi Army

Gaza fuel crisis forces UN to stop food aid deliveries The United Nations has suspended food aid to 650,000 Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip after it ran out of fuel for its delivery vehicles.

'Gang of Four' could decide Obama's fate after May primaries

Barack Obama's hopes of emerging as the first black Democratic presidential nominee could now depend on top party officials intervening to stop the fight with Hillary Clinton in the name of unity.

Leading article: The limitations of the military

US says North Korea helped Syria build nuclear reactor

Robert Fisk 'You become accustomed to the smell of blood during war'

Dominic Lawson: If you want to see a display of pure political courage, then John McCain is your man

H19 Military Intelligence Terrorism

British Police "Have Foiled 15 Terror Plots Since 7/7"

U.S. Navy Ship Pioneers New 'Partnership Station' Security Strategy By: David Axe | World Politics Review
Last week the U.S. Navy amphibious ship Fort McHenry quietly slipped into Naples harbor in Italy, home of the U.S. Sixth Fleet, ending a six-month deployment to the West African coast. The 16,000-ton vessel's mission, though largely unheralded, signaled a sea change in the Navy's strategy.

William Arkin King David at the Helm

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

Gates: Moderate to a Fault

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.

TV Generals Make for a Dangerous Picture

Who is America Fighting - Jihadists or Extremists?

‘Jihadist’ booted from government lexicon

Gap opens between Al Qaeda and allies A backlash builds over the network's tactics, including suicide attacks. Its leaders try to defuse the anger.

A review of Warrior's Dishonour: Barbarity, Morality and Torture in Modern Warfare.

IHT Nation-building is not the army's job alone

Stabilizing areas of conflict is a job for engineers, teachers, aid workers, diplomats, linguists and agronomists - not just soldiers.

Tubegazing: 'Carrier' PBS's monumental 10-hour documentary about the USS Nimitz goes below decks during its recent deployment to the Gulf.

Video: Home Video Shows U.K. Bomber, Baby Daughter

CIA Admits They Will Continue Rendition Program

Analysis: New DHS airline fingerprint plan
(UPI) -- Angry airline executives are criticizing federal rules proposed Tuesday that would make them collect fingerprints from foreigners leaving the United States by air as part of the Department of Homeland Security's biometric border system, U.S.-VISIT.

India’s New Intelligence Experts
Intelligence Online

What the shifting of generals bodes for Afghanistan and Iraq.
Fred Kaplan

OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 OECD
The 14-page executive summary of a report analyzing environmental trends to 2030

Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder Source: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Full Report (PDF; 2.2 MB)

Evolving Badly: American manhood is in crisis, judging by a surge of manifestos such as The Decline of Men, The Disposable Male, and Save the Males

From Der Spiegel, an article on the global food crisis and the fury of the poor.

Economical with the truthiness: In our Wiki-world, first-hand knowledge seems unnecessary and the story more important.

Too Young to Leave the Nest? The Effects of School Starting Age IZA A 59-page discussion paper examining the role of school starting age on long-term outcomes

The world’s food emergency, Paul Rogers

The global ruling class Billion-dollar babies

Human evolution Before the exodus For two-thirds of its history, Homo sapiens lived exclusively in Africa. Only now are the details of that period becoming clear

Human reproduction Sugar and spice... Skip breakfast for a daughter, eat up your cereals for a son

Learning and longevity Critical thinking Learned flies die young

The brain Early warning system It is possible to predict human errors from brain activity

Yin and yang of ethanol (By Colin A. Carter/Henry I. Miller)


From Prospect, many 68ers now feel ambivalent about their heritage — was too much of value discarded, and were the hippies just carriers of a new strain of capitalism? (a symposium)

many geneticists now think that the behaviour of our genes can be altered by experience—and even that these changes can be passed on to future generations.

Does life have meaning? If so many people today feel that life is a sound and fury signifying nothing, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud and Richard Rorty are partly to blame

In the second Foreign Policy/Prospect list of top public intellectuals, here are the thinkers who are shaping the tenor of our time.

From TLS, is there any subject on earth that isn't grist to Slavoj Zizek's intellectual mill? Terry Eagleton reviews In Defense of Lost Causes

What was Herodotus trying to tell us?

Master of a fading craft

By BETH KNOBEL Edward R. Murrow showed us that journalism can and must help solve the woes of the world.

a review of David Reynolds' Summits: Six meetings that shaped the twentieth century

Images of intergalactic collisions revealed

Mind-bogglingly huge galaxy merges documented by biggest ever release of images from the Nasa and Hubble project

If prediction markets are so great, why have they been so wrong lately?

China overtakes US in use of internet

More than 221 million Chinese were online at the end of February compared with 137 million at the start of 2007

From Newsweek, a cover story on The Divorce Generation.

Rupert Murdoch is launching an old-fashioned newspaper war against The New York Times — not since William Randolph Hearst took on Joseph Pulitzer have we seen such a fight.

an excerpt from Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein (and an interview and more).

The age of entitlement: The diverse values and disputes of the baby boomers retain a strong influence on society.

Evolving Badly: American manhood is in crisis, judging by a surge of manifestos such as The Decline of Men, The Disposable Male, and Save the Males

A review of On Desire: Why We Want What We Want by William Irvine.

Hubble telescope's clashing galaxies

Majestic images revealed from colliding galaxies.

Under-road radiators may beat ice

Government plans to recycle sunshine collected by Britain's roads to keep them ice-free in winter

Jeff Jarvis v Michael Tomasky

Take Two: Should the internet's new breed of 'citizen journalists' have the responsibilities of journalists or the rights of citizens?

Inmates refuse to escape 'cushy' prison Inmates enjoy such comfort in jail that they are ignoring chances to escape, a prison officers' leader has claimed.

Rattawut Lapcharoensap reviews David Goldblatt’s The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Soccer

The DNA Defense Genetic predisposition goes to court.
William Saletan

Even hard-core skeptics can't help but find sympathy in the fabric of the universe—and occasionally try to pull its strings.

Arthur Brooks on why free people are happy people, especially when strong personal morality guides their choices

From Prospect, from '68 agitator to staunch supporter of George W. Bush's Iraq war—what explains Hitchens's political journey?

People don't read anymore; translation is expensive; the Internet!: At the London Book Fair, the sky was most definitely falling.

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Nükleer Takas: “Savaşı Bitiren Anlaşma” mı, “Acem Oyunu” mu? 20 Mayıs 2010
ABD Irak’tan Çekilirken Riskler ve Hesaplar 1 Mayıs 2010
ABD-İsrail İlişkilerinde “Normalleşme” Sancıları 22 Nisan 2010
Obama’nın Nükleer Cazibe Taarruzu: Bardağın Üçte Biri Dolu 9 Nisan 2010
ABD-İsrail İlişkilerinde “Tektonik Kayma” mı? 5 Nisan 2010
Irak Seçimleri: Sonun Başlangıcı, Başlangıcın Sonu 19 Mart 2010
Ermeni Karar Tasarısı Üzerine Notlar, Yorumlar ve Öneriler 8 Mart 2010
Ermeni Karar Tasarısı Üzerine Notlar, Yorumlar ve Öneriler 8 Mart 2010 (word)
Bütçe Açığı ve Amerikan Gerilemesinin Ekonomi Politiği 19 Şubat 2010
Cemaat-skeptic 6 Ocak 2010
AKP bir seçim daha kazanırsa burası FC olur 4 Ocak 2010
ABD bu işin neresinde? 29 Aralık 2009
Türkiye-Ermenistan Protokolü Üzerine Düşünceler 3 Eylül 2009
"Obama’nın Savaşı":AfPak Üzerine Notlar 20 Nisan 2009
Obama’nın Ardından 17 Nisan 2009
Obama’nın Türkiye Gezisi ve Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri 19 Mart 2009
ABD ve Orta Doğu Barış Süreci Mart 2009
Obama’nın “Kırkı Çıkarken” Mart 2009

ABD-PKK “İlişkisi” Üzerine Notlar Şubat 2009
Mahşerin Üç Atlısı: Ross, Holbrooke ve Mitchell 5 Şubat 2009
SOFA ABD için Irak’ta “Sonun Başlangıcı” mı? Ocak 2009
Obama Döneminde ABD ve Asya 15 Ocak 2009
Obama’nın Güvenlik Kabinesi Üzerine Notlar 4 Aralık 2008
Yeni ABD Başkanı Obama ve Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri 6 Kasım 2008
ABD Başkanlık Seçimlerinin Türk-Amerikan İlişkilerine Muhtemel Etkileri 30 Ekim 2008
ABD Başkanlık Seçimleri Ekim 2008
Obama’nın Biden’ı Tercihinin Bir Tahlili 26 Ağustos 2008
Amerikan Sağı Üzerine Notlar Ağustos 2008
Gürcistan Krizi, ABD ve Türkiye 11 Ağustos 2008
Obama'nın Dış Gezisi 29 Temmuz 2008
Başkan Bush’un Avrupa Gezisi ve Transatlantik İlişkileri 18 Haziran 2008
ABD Seçimleri (ppt) - 10 Haziran 2008
"Sessiz Tsunami": Global Gıda Krizi (ppt) - 29 Nisan 2008
Amiral Fallon'un İstifası 13 Mart 2008
ABD ve PKK İlişkisi Üzerine Notlar 22 Kasım 2007
“İçeride Liberal, Dışarıda Şahin”: K. Irak’a Harekat Üzerine Notlar 25 Ekimy 2007
K.Irak'a Ekonomik Müeyyideler Üzerine Sorular 25 Ekimy 2007
Irak "Hamle"sinin Muhasebesi Eylül 2007
Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri - Yeni Dönemin Gündemi Eylül 2007
ABD, K. Irak ve Türkiye Üzerine Notlar ve Sorular Haziran 2007
ABD ve Orta Doğu: "Müflis mirasyedi" mi "stratejik deha" mı? Mayıs 2007
Recommendations for Strengthening U.S.-Turkish Relations February 26, 2007
ABD'nin Irak'taki Seçenekleri Ocak 2007
'Topal Ördek'le İki Yıl Daha: 2006 Kongre Seçimleri Aralık 2006
U.S.: Empire, Gulliver or the “First Among Unequals” (ppt) - ASAM 2023 Conference - October 2006
Türk-Amerikan İlişkilerinde “İkinci Bahar” mı, “Sonun Başlangıcı” mı? Stratejik Analiz - Haziran 2006 -
Irak’ta Direnişin ve İşgalin Gölgesinde Demokrasi Deneyi Avrasya Dosyası - İslam ve Demokrasi Özel Sayısı
Gurur ve Önyargı: ABD İran Gerginliği ve Türkiye Stratejik Analiz Nisan 2006 - (pdf)
Arzın Merkezine Seyahat: ABD Ulusal Güvenlik Konseyi - Journey to the Center of the World: U.S. National Security Council Avrasya Dosyası 2005
Dört Tarz-ı Siyaset: Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri ve Başbakan Erdoğan’ın Washington Ziyareti Temmuz 2005
11 Eylül’den Sonra Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri: Eski Dostlar mı Eskimeyen Dostlar mı? Avrasya Dosyası - 2005
“Dört Yıl Daha”: Yeni Bush Yönetimi ve Dünya Aralık 2004
2004’ten 2005’e Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri Aralık 2004
Türkiye, Iraklı Kürtler ve Statükonun Meşruiyeti Nisan 2004 - eksik
Askerî Alanda Devrim: Askerî Bir Senfoni Ocak 2004
Çirkin Amerikalı’ ile ‘Güven Bunalımı’: ‘Süleymaniye Krizi ve Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri Temmuz 2003 - ( pdf )
The Middle East: A Land of Opportunity and Peril for Turkey - May 2003
Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri Üzerine Notlar: Ataerkil Yapıdan Tüccar Mantığına mı? Mayıs 2003
Türkiye, ABD ve Irak Harekâtı: Hayır Diyebilen Türkiye? - Şubat 2003
Değişim, ‘Sense of Proportion’ ve Tarihin Yararları ile Sınırları Üzerine Nisan 2003
ABD Güvenlik Politikalarında Güç Kullanımı ve Caydırıcılık Ağustos 2002
“Yalnız Kovboy” ya da “Eşit Olmayanlar Arasında Birinci”: ABD Dış Politikasında Tektaraflılık-Çoktaraflılık Tartışmaları Mart 2002
İyi, Kötü ve Çirkin: ABD'nin Orta Doğu Politikaları Ocak 2002
Unilateralism corrupts, absolute unilateralism corrupts absolutely Turkish News, May 21, 2002
ABD ve Afganistan: Çıkış Var mı? Kasım 2001
Realism and Change
Crime and Punishment - Deterrence and its Failure in Theory and Practice 2001
“Tüketebileceğimizden Daha Fazla Değişim” ya da Eskimeyen Dünya Düzeni Ekim 2001
“ABD-AB İlişkilerinde Metal Yorgunluğu” Haziran 2001
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