30 October 2007
  October 30, 2007

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H1 U.S.'s Worsening Relationship With Russia - Dimitri Simes, Foreign Affairs

What will happen after Bush?
Ha'aretz By Itamar Rabinovich

Financial Times Dollar and oil hit new records Growing certainty of Fed rate cut

The Hakim-Sadr Pact: A New Era in Shiite Politics? Jamestown Foundation

Ungoverned Territories: Understanding and Reducing Terrorism Risks Rand Corporation

CFR Surprise Attack Reconsidered (Video) Speaker: Ernest R. May, Charles Warren Professor of History, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Coauthor, Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers

Sadjadpour: New Sanctions Likely to Worry Moscow, Beijing More Than Tehran

FT How America must handle the falling dollar By: Lawrence Summers The falling dollar generates anxiety almost everywhere. Americans and those dependent on American growth worry about the proverbial “hard landing” as inflation and interest rates rise with a weakening dollar, causing asset prices and output to fall.

OpenDemocracy New world order: super, soft, or herbivorous?, Ivan Krastev Mark Leonard

The Times They're like camels - uncongenial, but trustworthy

Gesture politics will not alter the fact that Saudi Arabia is Britain's largest trading partner in the Middle East Amir Taheri

Guardian Turning truth on its head

Abbas Edalat and Mehrnaz Shahabi Condoleezza Rice's declaration of Iran's complicity in terrorism looks like another step on the White House's march to war

CSM Opinion: The cost of American bellicosity toward Iran Last week's sanctions pave the way toward war. By Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Daily Star Transatlantic ties are in good shape, but challenges abound
By Dominique Moisi

PINR "Record Oil Prices and Washington's Desire for Energy Independence" Full text of report

Al Awsat Iraq and Its Neighbors: a New Approach Takes Shape : Amir Taheri

PBS Debate Stirs Over Possible U.S. Military Action Against Iran Zakaria and Norman Podhoretz

Washington Post Bush's Legacy of Cynicism By Richard Cohen, When George W. Bush surveys his presidency, he will see two wars commenced and none concluded, Osama bin Laden still on the loose, American prestige at record lows throughout the world, a military both broken and abused, and a country that in large part thinks its government is a liar.

Iraqi Dam Seen In Danger of Deadly Collapse The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in the country

Saying Yes to France By: Ronald D. Asmus | The Washington Post
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has indicated his willingness to bring France back into NATO. It is an offer the United States should not refuse. Today's security challenges cry out for France's return to full NATO participation.

Walking into Iran's Trap By: David Ignatius

IHT U.S. pushes to get Russia on its sideThe United States is prepared to offer concessions to Russia over a conventional arms treaty to try to persuade Moscow to soften its positions on Kosovo and Iran, diplomats said Monday

Options on Iran offer no big dose of optimismThe Bush administration's foreign policy has often had trouble sounding both tough and reasonable. The combination is no guarantee of success, but like thinking and chewing gum at the same time, it's possible.

UK Soft on Terrorism? Saudi King Says So in BBC Interview

Gvosdev What was the Information the Saudis sent to the UK?

The Israel Lobby panel featuring John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

Geopolitical Diary: Olmert's Political Stability Stratfor

Newsweek No Cause for Hypercaution In a new book, former Bush speechwriter and NEWSWEEK contributor Michael J. Gerson warns against learning the wrong lessons from Iraq

Foreign Policy The Secret to World Dominance It is not terrorists, rogue states, or inexpensive Chinese imports that ultimately threaten the global dominance of the United States. In fact, it is our rising fear of immigrants that could bring everything crashing down.

H2 Washington Post A Missed Moment In Iraq By Henri J. Barkey

Mark Parris ABD’nin PKK ile savaşacak gücü yok

Şanlı Bahadır Koç Recommendations for Strengthening U.S.-Turkish Relations February 26, 2007

Stratfor Geopolitical Diary: Washington's Kurdish Bind

Slate Divide and Conquer The United States should be squeezing Turkey, not the other way around. Christopher Hitchens

NYT In the Rugged North of Iraq, Kurdish Rebels Flout Turkey

Steve DeAngelis Despite Advances, Kurdistan Sits in Shaky Neighborhood

Mideast Conflict Pales Compared to Turks' "Repression" of Kurds Israel Paper

FT Editorial Laying memory’s ghosts to rest Today’s Turks have no knowledge of the massacres of Armenians, which have been airbrushed from history, leaving them without the means to make a judgment

BBC Border crisis
Kurds fear Turkey's incursion will be more like invasion

Newsweek ‘We Can’t Solve This’ A former CIA analyst discusses Turk-Kurd tensions in Northern Iraq and whether Washington can do anything to help

Kurdish President Threatens War By: Deborah Haynes | The London Times

The Turks Are Coming By: Pepe Escobar | Asia Times The U.S. military commander in northern Iraq has made it clear that he will do "absolutely nothing" about reining in Turkish Kurd rebels in the area. This leaves Turkey with no option but to take matters into its own hands. The major plot, though, is the future of Iraq, or more precisely, the partition of Iraq

Turkey Determined to Turn the Screws By Sami Moubayed A Turkish invasion of northern Iraq appears inevitable unless something concrete is done to appease the Turks before their Prime Minister, Recep Tayyep Erdogan, meets US President George W Bush on November 5. All the reassuring words are merely making the Turks more angry and impatient. Ankara, meanwhile, has raised the possibility of economic sanctions against Iraq to force it to do something about the Kurdish rebels operating from its soil

Al Awsat A Lesson Learnt From the Kurdish-Turkish Crisis : Tariq Alhomayed

Iraq: Caught Between Al-Sadr's Militia and the PKK : Ahmed Al-Rabei

'Israel respects Turkey's sovereignty'
Jerusalem Post

Al Hayat The Turkish War and the Crisis in the Kurdistan Region Abdullah Iskandar - It is in the interest of the Kurds in Iraq to launch an initiative to solve the current crisis, after the limited capacity of the central authorities in Baghdad to offer guarantees has been established. It is in their interest to work toward reassuring the neighborhood that their experiment in ruling is the result of development in modern Iraq, in war and in peace, and not a law that must be applied to the Kurds in Turkey, Syria, and Iran

The PKK Is 'a Political Problem': An Interview With Kurdistan Foreign Minister By: Vivian Salama | World Politics Review
Within minutes of the decision by Turkey's parliament Oct. 17 to approve a potential Turkish military action against members of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, hordes of Iraqi Kurds poured into the streets in protest. The vote drew sharp criticism from Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), who said the Kurds of Northern Iraq were prepared to fight should Turkish soldiers set foot onto their soil

Iranian Minister Accuses U.S. of Helping Kurdish Rebels By: Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi | Los Angeles Times Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki, at a news conference Sunday with his Turkish counterpart, accused the United States of backing Kurdish separatists waging warfare against Turkey and Iran.

Turkey and the Kurds: Searching for an Exit on the Highway to War - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

Hezbollah, PKK and American Hypocrisy Arab News -

Kurds' New Battle New York Newsday

Turkey flexes military might amid PKK clashes

Alman basını gerçeği gördü: PKK'nın derdi Kürt hakları değil, PKK devleti

[Yorum - Daniel Vernet] AK Parti'ye PKK tuzağı mı?

UPI Turkish-Kurdish conflict reaches Europe

Washington Times Kurdish terror and the West

Steve Cook Will they or wont they? (The Economist: Democracy in America)

Losing Turkey? (The Daily Dish) Perhaps the West's most important ally in the battle against Islamist extremism is being lost.

LA Times A haven for Kurdish rebels who await the Turks

IMF Raporu: Araplar 800 milyar dolar yatırım yapacak


Iran, Turkey explore options on PKK (The Hindu)

America: On Turkey's Republic Day, Ataturk Is Everywhere

Google News KurdishMedia Kurdish Kurdish Aspect BBC Monitoring

Iraqi Kurdish Article Says PKK Confused, Lacks Clear Strategy

Iraq's Barzani Blames Turkey's Policy for Kurdistan Region Crisis - Al-Jazeera

TimeBlog Pretty Young Kurdish Killers

Senato'ya PKK'yı kınayan tasarı sunuldu

“PKK Türkiye’nin iç sorunu”

Askerleri görünce Suriye'ye kaçtılar

"Kürt sorunu Bush'u kaygılandırıyor"

Türk-Kürt gençler Berlin'de çatıştı

Iraqi Kurd Main Parties Issue Joint Statement on PKK Crisis

Iraqi Kurdish Official Comments on Situation With Turkey, Peshmerga Role

Iraqi Kurdish KNK Trying to Achieve Turkey-PKK Cease-Fire

Kutuderesi’nden çıkış yok

Kral Abdullah’ın Türkiye ‘sevdası’

KRG signs oil deal with India's Reliance

DTP, Okmeydanı'nda polise saldıranları kınadı: Eylemciler DTP'li olamaz

PKK Official Says No One Can Arrest Leaders - Iraqi Kurdish Paper

Captive Turkish Soldiers Speak to Kurdish TV, Comfort Families

Iraqi Kurdish Press Highlights 29 Oct 07

Iraqi Kurdish Press Highlights 27 October 2007

Turkish Soldiers Reported on Patrol on Iraqi Side of Border

Iraqi Kurdish Official Says Turkey to Face "Wrath and Fire"

Turkish Army's Stance Seen As 'Not Limited' to Reprisals Against PKK

Türkiye savunmada Ortadoğu 4'üncüsü

Türkiye savaş dilini bırakıp Kuzey Irak'la diyaloğa yönelmeli

Hüsnü Mahalli

PKK çekiyor, Türkiye gidiyor Kai Strittmatter

Pandora'nın kutusu artık kapanmaz Seth Colter Walls

How many listen when Turkey speaks? Sylvia TIRYAKI

A Turkish bluff or a turning point?

Turkish-American Relations
Kurdish Aspect

Turkey struggles against the changing times

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber

Cyprus president extends lead in pre-election poll

Reasons for EU to tacitly consent to Turkey' s possible move - People's Daily Online

Fransa reform planında Türkiye maddesi

"Yunanistan mültecilere kötü davranıyor"

Komşuda sağ yükselişte

Savunma harcamasında Avrupa 5.siyiz

Bulgar seçiminde HÖH'ün başarısı

2 ETA üyesine 1253'er yıl

Avrupa'da AKP'ye muhalefet

Terör zanlılarından ürperten konuşmalar
Alman Focus dergisi, ülkede terör saldırısı hazırlığındayken iki Alman arkadaşıyla birlikte yakalanan Adem Y. (28) adlı zanlının istihbarat birimleri tarafından dinlenen konuşmasından alıntılar yayımladı.

Congressional Resolution to Recognize Armenian Genocide is Tabled BY JOSHUA KUCERA A draft US congressional resolution that would have recognized the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians in Ottoman-era Turkey as genocide has been tabled after the White House, the US military and the Turkish government convinced many original supporters of the measure that its adoption would irreparably damage US-Turkish relations.

A suggestion to Turkey for 'genocide' bill: Do nothing!

Letter: Action of Congress was treasonous (Baton Rouge Advocate)

Can Ankara serve as a model for Rabat? After Turkey, might Morocco also have the right to a claim for EU membership?

Turkey turns 84 amid a turning point in its History

Georgetown'da Orhan Pamuk'a fahri doktora

Rum bakan İngiltere gezisini iptal etti

İspanyollar Türkiye'nin AB üyeliğini istiyor

An American University in Istanbul For Islamists

Atatürk Aday Adayları
Perihan Mağden

[Yorum - Prof. Dr. Zeki Sarıtoprak] Gülen ve barış inşasına yaptığı küresel katkı


Pakistan and Turkey: An epitome of fraternityby KHURSHID M. KASURI*

Second republicans, searching for the republican's soul

Oray Eğin
Taraf gazetesinin vermesi gereken sınav

Fikret Ertan İnsansız hava araçları

30 Ekim 2007 Basın Özeti

H3 ABD ile zorlu yedi gün
Murat Yetkin

Hasan CEMAL Barzani PKK şiddetten vazgeçmezse Kürtleri de kaybeder

Cengiz Çandar Krizin neresindeyiz Türkiye-Irak-ABD Krizi dünyanın en zor işi

PM Erdoğan to submit detailed PKK report to Bush

Peşmergeler PKK'nın tur rehberi gibi davranıyor

PKK Barzani'nin pazarlık kartı

Barzani Sınır ötesi savaş demektir

Ralston'dan itiraf: ABD üzerine düşeni yapmadı

Ruşen Çakır| Gülen cemaati Batı üzerinden İslam dünyasına açılmak istiyor

Güler Kömürcü
İçeri girip, sınırı değiştirmek...

Ertuğrul Özkök Hiç olmazsa alay etmeyin

M Ali Birand Kuzey Irak ile Kerkük kavgası yapıyoruz

"8 askerle ilgili gelişme yok"


Cüneyt Ülsever Kardeş kardeşi vurur mu?

ABD'deki resepsiyona üst düzey katılım

Enis Berberoğlu DTP’de koltuk devrildi

Fehmi Koru İmparatorluğu bu yüzden yitirmiştik


Türkler, Kürtler, gelin büyük düşünelim!


İBRAHİM KARAGÜL Kürtlerle masaya otur, İran'la savaş! Yoksa?..

ALİ BAYRAMOĞLU Askerler de ağlar…

MUHARREM SARIKAYA Devletin "ortak aklı" çalışınca...

Mustafa Karaalioğlu ‘Birlik’ten çok ‘saygı’ lazım

Berat Özipek Ezber bozmadan çözüm olmaz

Mahir Kaynak Kriz yönetimi

12 çatışma, dört şehit

150 terörist kıskaçta

Çıkış yok

Türkiye ayrılırsa NATO’nun NA’sı kalır

Sami KOHEN Stratejik kartın gücü...

Güngör URAS Türkiye'nin parçalanması hakkında 100 proje

Ankara'da Kürt temsilci krizi

MGK sonrası geçişler yavaşladı

Nabi Şensoy: Yeter artık

Yabancı basının Kandil turları

Bahçeli 'Barzani'ye haddini bildirmek lazım'

Israel apologizes to Turkey over Syria air strike

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası

Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri -

Dış Basında Irak BBC Turkish 0700

VOA TSİ 06:30 Dış Basında Türkiye Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey Turquie Türkei TurcoPundit

Taha Kıvanç Şapka çıkarıyorum

KÜRŞAT BUMİN 'Çocuksu' kutlamalar (tekrar)

Sezer: 5 Kasım beklenmesin

Bir başkadır Cumhuriyet

Ekrem Dumanlı Dar alanda derin paslaşmalar yerine

Ali Bulaç İktidar hırsı

Mümtazer Türköne Kutlama mesajları

Şahin Alpay 'Bir medya belgeseli'

"Türkiye-ABD gergin değil" ABD'li sözcü Sean McCormack, Türk veya Amerikan kamuoyundaki yaygın algılamanın aksine, Türkiye ile ABD arasında siyasi düzeydeki ilişkilerde hiçbir gerginlik bulunmadığını söyledi.

Sorun sınırın kendisi

Fikret BİLA 84. yılında cumhuriyetin kırmızı çizgisi

Erol Göka [RÖPORTAJ] Biz Türkler, sabrın ve tahammülün halkıyız

Cevdet Aşkın Kamplara operasyon Ankara'nın cebinde

Andrew Finkel The defense of frontier

Ali Bulaç What's the real reason?

Lale Sarıibrahimoğlu Psychological warfare may pave way for cool-headed decisions

"Türkiye muhatap almadan istekte bulunuyor"

Serdar Turgut Öteki: Türkiye

Oktay Ekşi 84’ündeki Cumhuriyet

Yalçın Doğan Ortak dediğin aranı Çin’le bile bozar

Özdemir İnce Ne yapmalı ne yapmamalı?



EMRE AKÖZ Celal Bayar'ın 'Kürt' sırrı

Umur Talu Mavi emperyalizm

HASAN BÜLENT KAHRAMAN 'Pogrom' faciasına dikkat

NAZLI ILICAK Vatan ve teferruat



Bir kez daha güç olsun geç olmasın
Nuray Mert

Terör karanlığında Cumhuriyet aydınlığı
Hasan Celal Güzel

Eser Karakaş Sayın Çiçek’in terör demeci ve Cumhuriyet

Nuray Başaran Eski MGK Genel Sekreteri Kılınç, bölgede sıkıyönetim istedi

ABDURRAHMAN YILDIRIM 'Faiz indirimi sürecek ama abartmayın'

Turkey expects YTL 12 billion in 2008 from privatizations

2008 program sees c/a deficit still a cause for concern

Ercan Kumcu Kamu finansmanında 2007 kaybedildi

Erdal Sağlam 2008 programıyla disiplin amaçlanıyor

Türkiye otomotiv üretiminde dünya 16'ncısı

Adaletin bu mu dünya?
Mahfi Eğilmez

Güven Sak Bu kadar uzun süren nominal değerlenme var mıdır

İBRAHİM KAHVECİ Gökten para yağsa bütçe açığı kapansa

IMF ile ilişkiler Korkmaz İlkorur

Murat Yülek Will capital inflows decrease when interest rates go down?

Seyfettin Gürsel İşgücü piyasası reformu başka bahara

Salih Neftçi Güneydoğu riskleri ve YTL

Deniz Gökçe
Konut elektriği de sübvansiyonlu ve ucuz!

Yabancı sermayenin yıldız ülkesi Türkiye

Durmuş Yılmaz Ekonomik terörist değiliz doğru bildiğimiz yolda yürürüz

H4 New York Times Oil at Another Record, Surging Above $93

DAVID BROOKS The Happiness Gap This election will be shaped by the gap within individual voters themselves — the gap between their private optimism and their public gloom.

Editorial Trash Talking Into World War III

Immunity Deals Offered to Blackwater Guards Officials said the investigators lacked the authority to offer the deals and that they could complicate efforts to prosecute the company’s employees.

Foreign Fighters of Violent Bent Bolster Taliban The growing numbers of foreign fighters in Afghanistan are more violent, uncontrollable and extreme than even their locally bred allies in the Taliban

News Analysis: On Torture, 2 Messages and a High Political Cost

News Analysis: Bhutto’s Return Brings Pakistani Politics to a Boil

Israeli Premier Says He Has Treatable Prostate Cancer

H5 Washington Post Bush's Legacy of Cynicism By Richard Cohen, When George W. Bush surveys his presidency, he will see two wars commenced and none concluded, Osama bin Laden still on the loose, American prestige at record lows throughout the world, a military both broken and abused, and a country that in large part thinks its government is a liar.

Iraqi Dam Seen In Danger of Deadly Collapse The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in the country, according to new assessments by the U.S. Army Corps of...


Saying Yes to France By: Ronald D. Asmus | The Washington Post
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has indicated his willingness to bring France back into NATO. It is an offer the United States should not refuse. Today's security challenges cry out for France's return to full NATO participation.

Walking into Iran's Trap By: David Ignatius | The Washington Post
Is the United States going to war with Iran? That's what a Lebanese businessman in Abu Dhabi wants to know from a visiting American. If it's war, he doesn't want to make a big new investment in the region.

Iran Adapts to Economic Pressure

Putin's Guessing Games By: Jim Hoagland | The Washington Post
Russia chooses a new Duma in December and a president in March. Pollsters, analysts and Duma members are furiously debating two questions: What exact outcome will Vladimir Putin choose for these elections? And when will he communicate it to them and to the world?

Immunity Jeopardizes Iraq Probe Guards' Statements Cannot Be Used in Blackwater Case

2007 Spying Said to Cost $50 Billion

Some Formerly Classified Figures Are to Be Disclosed Today

Suicide Bomber Targets Iraqi Policemen, Kills 28

Can Bhutto Survive? By: Robert D. Novak | The Washington Post
Benazir Bhutto, back in Pakistan following eight years in exile, had plans to tour the country seeking voter support. But she is holed up in Karachi after the near-miss attempt on her life. The government has declined to provide the former prime minister minimal security against renewed assassination attempts.

Hillary a Foreign Policy Grown-Up - Sebastian Mallaby

William Arkin What's In Those Syria Satellite Shots?

Oil and Trade Gains Make Major Investors Of Developing Nations

Nations Amassing Cash Hoards

Surge in price of oil allows developing countries to stockpile massive amounts of investment money.

The Waterboarding Dodge Who's really to blame for Mr. Mukasey's evasions on torture?

Free the Running Mates What Americans Can Learn From C¿cilia Sarkozy By Anne Applebaum

H6 Guardian Civilisation ends with a shutdown of human concern. Are we there already? George Monbiot: A powerful novel's vision of a dystopian future shines a cold light on the dreadful consequences of our universal apathy.

The Grace-Free Russian By: Martin Woollacott Vladimir Putin is an enigma: some of his criticisms of western hegemony are valid, but his vision is frequently arid and lacking in nuance.

Turning truth on its head Abbas Edalat and Mehrnaz Shahabi Condoleezza Rice's declaration of Iran's complicity in terrorism looks like another step on the White House's march to war

Iran's Leaders Need Enemies Like Bush, and at Every Turn He Obliges Them By: Max Hastings This latest batch of sanctions has little to do with diplomacy and only makes United States military action more inevitable.

Kerbala handed to Iraqi forces as part of power transfer Baghdad plans to take command in all Iraqi provinces by the end of the year.

Britain backed US plans for Ba'ath party clearout in Iraq, documentary alleges

Huge arms deals and terror intelligence links Richard Norton-Taylor

Arms and intelligence have been at the centre of Britain's unique and close relationship with Saudi Arabia for decades.

No talk of bribery - this is business

British government shrugs off criticisms as Saudi Arabian king arrives on state visit.


House of fraud Richard Norton-Taylor: King Abdullah's claim that Britain has ignored intelligence is merely a smokescreen to distract from the Saudis' own failure to tackle terrorism.

Leader Awkward guests Saudi state visit: Diplomacy often calls for pretence and evasion to further the needs of nations but rarely in such public fashion as this week.

War of the fatwas Mai Yamani Saudi Arabia has unleashed its ultimate weapon in its battle against terrorism: Wahhabi clerics armed with fatwas.

Selective thinking Dean Baker George Bush says fighting global warming will cost Americans jobs. But he is ignoring the long-term damage of the war in Iraq.

Israeli PM plays down prostate cancer scare · Olmert reveals tumour but expects to recover
· Operation may clash with Middle East conference

Democrats are hocking their agenda as if they were at a fire sale

Gary Younge: The Bush years have been so crushing that progressives have now set their expectations at disastrously low levels

Behind the curve Tim Watkin For 50 years, America has led the world in scientific and technological innovation. Now the rest of the world is catching up - fast.

Merrill Lynch lose $8bn but boss walks out with $159m · Stan O'Neal to resign after mortgage strategy misfires
· 'Golden parachute' restarts row over rewarding failure

Disquiet on the North-West Frontier
In the third of his reflections on his return to Pakistan, Jason Burke finds Peshawar as poor as ever

H7 The Chanllenge of Nuclear Deals By: Mark Brzezinski | The Boston Globe America's nuclear deal with India is stalled as key Indian political parties reject what has been billed as one of the Bush administration's biggest foreign policy achievements. As this happens, America inches toward war with Iran with no progress being made toward a negotiated solution

When you can't deal with the devil
The West has no choice but to attack Iran, as the last chance of making a deal with the devil has passed. It would have been better to have attacked a year ago, as now it will be a case of war with Iran on the worst terms. All President George W Bush can hope to do is to make it considerably worse for others than for the United States

Can Afghanistan Be Saved? By: Susanne Koelbl | Der Spiegel
The West has been battling the Taliban for years in Afghanistan. Progress, though, has been difficult to discern. The country may be too fragmented to pacify, but leadership has been lacking as well.

Opium and Afghanistan: Reassessing the U.S. Narcotics Strategy (PDF; 508 KB)

The Military Strategy of Global Jihad SSI

UPI Outside View: Tehran opts for the hard way By PYOTR GONCHAROV Tehran's tough new stance in its dialogue with the UN Security Council over its nuclear program, heralded by the sudden resignation of Ali Larijani as chief negotiator earlier this month, is the product of generational shift in Iran's political elite.

How to Understand Islam - Malise Ruthven (New York Review of Books)

Boston Globe A new rallying cry (By Shahan Mufti,

Why the concept of justice - not freedom, not democracy - is becoming a potent tool for political reform in the Muslim world

The Third Wave: Strategic Implications of the Surge in Oil Prices INSS

Update on Iran INSS

Fact Sheet: Designation of Iranian Entities and Individuals for Proliferation Activities and Support for Terrorism
Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury

From Axess, a special issue on Anti-Americanism, including Paul Hollander on the American scapegoat: Anti-Americanism serves the psychological need to blame failure and frustration on a potent, common enemy. But this is not to say that embittered anti-Americans are all wrong; Per Landin on Old-World Resentment: Traditionally it was the right rather than the left that represented anti-Americanism; Avishai Margalit on the West by the Rest: Occidentalism, like Orientalism, is a stereotyped and dehumanised image of a vast array of different peoples; Nathan Shachar on hating America: While the crimes of other nations are ignored or forgiven, the US is demonised for lesser misdeeds—or even ones it has not committed. Francis Fukuyama on a self-defeating hegemony: Four key mistakes made by the Bush administration have made anti-Americanism one of the chief fault lines of global politics

Committee Hearings

The Committee on Foreign Affairs (House 10/23): Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia held a hearing entitled "Iran Sanctions and Regional Security." Philip H. Gordon, Ph.D., Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Studies Program, The Brookings Institution, and Ilan Berman, Vice President for Policy, American Foreign Policy Council, testified. Chairman Gary L. Ackerman (D-NY) made opening remarks. For POMED's notes, click here.

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq stratfor

BBC IAEA findings on Iran dismissed France and the US dismiss the UN nuclear watchdog's finding that there is no evidence Iran is building a bomb

Post-war Iraq
A 'blame game' has opened up between Britain and the US

Blackwater men 'given immunity' US officials investigating Iraqi deaths offered Blackwater guards at the centre of the case immunity, say reports.

Don't Expect Washington to Push Democracy in Cairo By: Hrach Gregorian | The Daily Star
President Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for over a quarter of a century. Almost 80, and reportedly in poor health, Mubarak appears intent on quashing all but token opposition and clearing the path for the ascension to the presidency of his son, Gamal, a 43-year-old former investment banker.

Egypt: Security, Political and Islamist Challenges SSI

Analysis: A second Mideast refugee crisis By CLAUDE SALHANI

BBC Monitoring Quotes From Middle East Arabic Press for 29 Oct 07

Jordan: Elections Without Surprises By: Oraib Al-Rantawi | The Daily Star
On November 20, Jordanians will head to the polls to elect representatives to the Chamber of Deputies. Comprised of 110 seats spread over 45 electoral districts, the Parliament includes six seats reserved for women, nine for Christians, and three for the Circassian and Chechen minorities. Although opposition parties will participate.

BBC Firm friendship
Saudi king marks warmer UK ties with a visit to London

Syrian Sources To Gulf Papers: Change In Syrian Gov't Imminent

U.N. envoy to probe deadly force by U.S. The U.N. specialist on illegal executions plans to probe the use of deadly force by U.S. troops and military contractors in Iraq when he visits the United States next spring.

Giuliani: Dems Will Change Minds on Iraq...

McClatchy Chalabi back in action in Iraq Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial, ubiquitous Iraqi politician and one-time Bush administration favorite, has re-emerged as a central figure in the latest U.S. strategy for Iraq. His latest job: To press Iraq's central government to use early security gains from the surge to deliver better electricity, health, education and local security services to Baghdad neighborhoods.

Iraq Development Lags Expectations Despite Success

Lack of Security Limits Iraq's Recovery

DEBKAfile Reports: Iranian-Syrian nuclear issues heat up amid growing mistrust of IAEA director in Washington, Paris and Jerusalem

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Nuclear watchdog chief Mohammed ElBaradei asks Washington and Israel for satellite images of nuclear activity in Syria

DEBKAfile Exclusive: US and Israeli intelligence acquire proof of Assad’s personal involvement in North Korean nuclear deal

Daily Star Egypt looks set to join the regional dynasty club By Anouar Boukhars

Displaced Iraqis: a tragedy in the making
By Sharouk Alabayachi

From Dubai with love: an Arab project to help Arabs help themselves

Public opinion and the peace process By Ziad Abu Zayyad

H9 Ha’aretz - PM Olmert says diagnosed with signs of prostate cancer

ANALYSIS: Illness and the press / PM's 'prostate speech'

ANALYSIS: IDF's tactical upper hand over Hamas is shrinking Recently, Iran and Hezbollah's efforts to improve Hamas's military capabilities are beginning to be felt

Gideon Levy: Peace summit will expose Israel's true colors

EU warns Israel not to impose 'collective punishment' on Gaza

Ukraine to ask Israel: Recognize 1930s famine as genocide

Systematic murder of Jews detailed in huge Nazi archive

Churchill became more pro-Zionist when Zionism became less popular in England

Is Tikkun Olam a substitute for Israel?

Acting out of frustration in Gaza It is easier for Israel to attack a reactor in Syria than hit nearby Beit Hanun, because it is difficult, if not outright impossible, to avoid civilian casualties there

Iranian foreign minister meets Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials in Damascus

Yedioth Ahronoth Gaza sanctions put on hold
Attorney General Mazuz blocks controversial move to limit supply of electricity to Strip in attempt to bring an end to rocket attacks against Israel, says defense establishment must present more solid case for sanctions

'We'll soon seize West Bank'

Hamas leader: Our supporters will be praying in Ramallah after Abbas' regime falls like a leaf

IAEA: Iran can end dispute

Tehran can clear up all suspicions about its nuclear activities, Mohamed ElBaradei says

Daily Alert.orgMiddle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review Google News Israel - Palestine

Azure Show of Force - Noah Pollak On the conceptual level, Israeli strategists and spokespeople must come to understand the immense influence of symbolism, theater, and the repetition of defining anecdotes in modern warfare. In our age of global communication and the disproportionate influence of easily manipulable photographs and video, a new theater of war has been created. The battle is over images, narratives, and beliefs. What hangs in the balance is Israel's strategic position among democratic nations; its ability to sustain its own sense of moral clarity and national confidence against its enemies; the perseverance of Zionism as the animating ethos of the Jewish state; and the fulfillment of the central aspiration of creating a country in which Jews no longer feel intimidated by their assailants. Israel cannot change its enemies, but it must change how it fights them.

Under Hamas, Gaza is Besieged By: Ashraf Khalil | Los Angeles Times
Although Hamas' claims that its June takeover has brought peace and order to Gaza bear some credence, its four-day military rout of the Fatah faction has ushered in an abysmal new chapter for the 1.5 million people crowded into this impoverished coastal sliver

BBC Israel's Gaza fuel cuts alarm UN

Israeli fuel sanctions punish Gaza's entire population and are unacceptable, the UN chief says.

Conditions worsen in Gaza as Israel tightens grip

Israel ready to negotiate on Jerusalem, its 'third rail'?

Jerusalem Post Annapolis - how to build trust
Measures taken by Israel should not be conditional on a direct reciprocal action by the Palestinians.

Our World: Laura Bush's embrace of tyranny
Mrs. Bush diminished the American First Lady symbol by wearing an abaya in Saudi Arabia

H10 Christian Science Monitor

Frozen assets: US has crimped Al Qaeda funds

The CIA estimates that prior to Sept. 11, Al Qaeda was spending about $30 million per year. Since then, the US has seized some $265 million in assets linked to the group

New US tack to defend power grid Lawmakers are on alert as hackers increase attacks on US infrastructure.

Opinion: The cost of American bellicosity toward Iran Last week's sanctions pave the way toward war.

By Kaveh L. Afrasiabi


Tokyo Retreat By: Michael J. Green | The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Usually when foreign policy experts talk about "rising" powers in Asia they mean China. Yet one of the most important recent developments in the region has been Japan's readiness to take new responsibilities for the maintenance of international security.

CRS "U.S.-China Counterterrorism Cooperation: Issues for U.S. Policy," updated October 10, 2007.

FT US private equity groups in China talksThree of the biggest US private equity firms have each held preliminary talks about selling a minority stake to China’s giant Social Security Fund, people familiar with the negotiations say

CER Can the EU learn to live with Chinese mercantilism?

The Times Pollution blamed for leap in Chinese baby defects Babies born with conditions such as cleft palates and extra fingers and toes now account for up to 6 per cent of births

Land reform victory won by march of India's poor Tens of thousands of lowly farmers and tribespeople forced promises of concessions after walking 320km to Delhi to protest

Japanese minister reveals al-Qaeda link Japan's Minister of Justice tells foreign reporters that a 'friend of a friend' helped plot the Bali bombings

Afghanistan: Talking to the Taliban Chatham House

Coalition Warfare in Afghanistan: Burden-sharing or Disunity? Chatham House

Spice Route to Europe? Prospects for an India-EU Free Trade Area Chatham House

The invisible giant of Southeast Asia


Despite its attributes and size, Indonesia's influence is slight.

H11 IHT U.S. pushes to get Russia on its sideThe United States is prepared to offer concessions to Russia over a conventional arms treaty to try to persuade Moscow to soften its positions on Kosovo and Iran, diplomats said Monday

Options on Iran offer no big dose of optimismThe Bush administration's foreign policy has often had trouble sounding both tough and reasonable. The combination is no guarantee of success, but like thinking and chewing gum at the same time, it's possible.

Bush's dangerous trash talk on Iran Will President George W. Bush manage to leave office without starting a war with Iran?

WMD in Iran? By MAUREEN DOWD The U.S. has done virtually everything it can with respect to carrots. It's time for squash.

The wiretap this time By STUDS TERKEL During my lifetime, there has been a sea change in the way that politically active Americans view their relationship with government

Bush's Dangerous Liaisons By: Francois Furstenberg | International Herald Tribune
Though it has been a topic of much attention lately, the origin of the term "terrorist" has gone largely unnoticed by politicians and pundits alike.

Europe has new counterterrorism weapon: Blind detectivesThe Belgian Federal Police uses officers like Sacha Van Loo, one of six blind police officers in a unit specializing in transcribing and analyzing wiretap recordings, to spot clues sighted detectives don't see

EU steel makers seek tariffs on China imports
The request for antidumping tariffs sets the scene for a debate likely to divide European governments

EUROPE European press review

The ABC of European Union Strategy: Ambition, Benchmark, Culture Egmont A 30-page paper analyzing Europe's foreign policy

EU Foreign Policy on Energy | Speaker: Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, MEP, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament

Is EU Set To Recognize Independence?

There are increasing signs that a critical mass of European Union countries may be set to recognize an independent Kosovo if the current round of Belgrade-Pristina negotiations do not produce an agreement by December 10.

Neil Walker (EUI): After Finalité? The Future of the European Constitutional Idea.

France Suits Up as European Full-Timer By: Thierry Chopin | The Japan Times The French have yet to resolve their ambiguous attitudes about Europe, even as their new president throws himself into the thick of the European Union political fray

Militias Threaten Kosovo’s Uneasy Peace By: Nicola Smith | The London Times
Outlawed militias are emerging from the shadows in the Balkans as Kosovo hurtles towards an independence deadline on December 10 that is likely to trigger a confrontation with Serbia. Deep frustration with the West’s stalled bid to grant the province full autonomy in the face of Serbian and Russian opposition threatens to embroil the region in another round of bloodletting.

FT Bosnia leaders reach deal on reform The high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, averted a political crisis with the Serb republic by providing a legal basis for his decree to stop parliamentary obstruction by Bosnian Serbs

H12 RFE/RL New Russia Debate Takes Shape How should the United States deal with an increasingly audacious Russia? Some call for confrontation, while others push for engagement and patience. The emerging debate among senior officials, pundits, and academics will eventually provide a menu of choices for future policymakers

Media and Democracy in Post-Putin Russia: has the death of press freedom been exaggerated?

Guardian Azerbaijan thwarts Islamist terror attack Azerbaijan detains militant Islamists preparing an armed attack near the US embassy in Baku

The Times Azeri 'terror plot' closes US and UK embassies

UK and American embassies closed after Azerbaijan claims to have thwarted anti-Western Islamist terror plot

Google News Azerbaijan

Military Expenditure in the Three-year Federal Budget of the Russian Federation, 2008-10 SIPRI

Russia third trade partner of the EU27 4 pages; PDF.

Georgian Radical Opposition Fancies Regime Change By: Vladimir Socor | Eurasia Daily Review
Georgian opposition parties held demonstrations last week and this in Kutaisi and Batumi, respectively, and plan a mass protest rally in Tbilisi for November 2 during a high-level international gathering hosted by President Mikheil Saakashvili. This is the first wave of protest rallies since Georgia’s 2003 Rose Revolution for regime change.


Armenia’s Ter-Petrosian Sets Stage for Tense Presidential Vote After nearly a decade of self-imposed political retirement, Armenia’s former President Levon Ter-Petrosian is seeking a return to power. His decision, anticipated for months, renders the outcome of an upcoming presidential election unpredictable.

H13 The Times They're like camels - uncongenial, but trustworthy Gesture politics will not alter the fact that Saudi Arabia is Britain's largest trading partner in the Middle East

Amir Taheri

Wall Street Journal

H14 Financial Times Dollar and oil hit new records Growing certainty of Fed rate cut

FRONT PAGE - COMPANIES & MARKETS: Oil price likely to hit high of 1979

US Baku embassy ‘target of attack’ Wahhabi militants seized The US embassy in Azerbaijan was on full alert after security forces in the oil-rich republic said it had been the target of a planned attack by a group of radical Islamist fighters captured outside Baku at the weekend

Germany shrugs off curse of strong euro Although it is the world’s leading exporting nation, Germany’s manufacturers are weathering the euro’s rise better than their competitors due to strong internationalisation

UK rejects Saudi terror criticisms Britain rejected claims by Saudi Arabia’s king during a visit to the UK that it had ignored intelligence that might have prevented the 2005 London bombings

WORLD NEWS: Yale chief warns over 'insularity' of US leaders

FT MAGAZINE - BOOK REVIEW: Cents and sensitivity The Israel Lobby And US Foreign Policy

Saudis build on oil boom Big infrastructure projects begin to take effect as the kingdom seeks to broaden its economy, improve services and tackle unemployment

Italy’s power force eyes Russian frontier The chief of Enel, the country’s largest utility, tells how it has benefited from Moscow’s calls for reciprocity

Egypt announces nuclear energy plans Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, said Egypt would build several civilian nuclear plants, reaffirming the North African state’s atomic ambitions

The aid crusade and Bono’s brigade The trouble is that celebrities tend to see things in simple terms favoured in Hollywood movies, rock songs and the speeches of US president George W. Bush. It is always black versus white; good against evil, writes Gideon Rachman

History’s warning about the price of money Manuel Hinds and Benn Steil on what it should cost

Comment: Merrill may rue O’Neal’s premature departure To jettison a successful chief after one appalling quarter is misguided. For O’Neal to leave now is the worst outcome for Merrill Lynch

Scientists must learn to talk to the media They must enlighten, says Michael Skapinker

COMMENT: Beware the prophets of population doom

H15 Los Angeles Times Editorial Inspecting the CIA The spy agency chief's decision to have an important review handled internally raises questions of thoroughness.

Oil prices top $93 a barrel in Asia

Iranian minister accuses U.S. of helping Kurdish rebels

Who are you not calling a petro bully?

H16 American Politics

US parties plan for early poll race
Clinton and Obama face Iowa caucus showdown on January 3.

Polls don't reflect Obama's star power

realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin

Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas The Swamp

The top US Conservatives and Liberals

Salon Is a new conservatism possible? The right is in serious trouble -- and not just because of Bush's disastrous presidency. But will it be able to change its reactionary ways?
By Gary Kamiya

H17 Daily Telegraph How King Abdullah has tackled terrorism

Britain needs Saudi Arabia's friendship - and King Abdullah is the best hope we have, argues David Blair.

UK must stay on good terms with Saudis

Britain must conduct foreign policy on the basis of national self-interest. And in the world's most unstable region, that means a constructive relationship with Saudi Arabia

Hate literature at many UK mosques Gays, Christians and Jews targeted. Survey's findings

Key Taliban defection likely

Afghan tribal leader set to fight alongside British forces.

Ipod generation crushed by tax People aged 18 to 34 are paying half their earnings in tax to fund the pension and health costs of an ever more prosperous older generation, a critical report says

MI5 says Saudi king's 7/7 claim is 'a myth'

In a rare public row, the intelligence services have refuted comments about the 7/7 London bombings made by King Abdullah.

H18 Independent Robert Fisk: King Abdullah flies in to lecture us on terrorism For King Abdullah to tell the world that Britain is not doing enough to counter "terrorism", and that most countries are not taking it as seriously as his country is, is really pushing it. Is this the land that is really going to teach us lessons?

Malise Ruthven: How the Saudis exported a hardline ideology that fuels Islamist terror

EU treaty is a constitution, says Giscard d'Estaing Former French president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing has declared that parts of the European constitution remain "practically unchanged" in the new EU Reform Treaty.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing: The EU Treaty is the same as the Constitution

Leading article: First impressions can be misleading

Israel's decision to cut power in Gaza is illegal, says UN

H19Military Intelligence Terrorism

Army Modernization Plan, 2007

Ungoverned Territories: Understanding and Reducing Terrorism Risks Rand Corporation

DNI "Sourcing Requirements for Disseminated Analytic Products" (pdf), Intelligence Community Directive 206, October 17, 2007.

"Roles and Responsibilities for the National Intelligence Priorities Framework" (pdf), Intelligence Community Directive 204, September 13, 2007

CRS "Covert Action: Legislative Background and Possible Policy Questions," updated October 11, 2007.

"Peace Operations," Joint Publication JP 3-07.3, October 17, 2007.

"U.S.-China Counterterrorism Cooperation: Issues for U.S. Policy," updated October 10, 2007.

Christian Science Monitor

Frozen assets: US has crimped Al Qaeda funds

The CIA estimates that prior to Sept. 11, Al Qaeda was spending about $30 million per year. Since then, the US has seized some $265 million in assets linked to the group

New US tack to defend power grid Lawmakers are on alert as hackers increase attacks on US infrastructure.

Clausewitz after 9/11
The Prussian master's brilliant analytical method in On War provides richer insights into the contemporary wars against terrorism than anything his glib critics have come up with.
by James Woudhuysen

"The Export Administration Act: Evolution, Provisions, and Debate," updated September 28, 2007.

U.S. officials visit Cole bomber U.S. Embassy officials in Yemen visited a Yemeni man convicted in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in his prison cell yesterday, three days after he was seen greeting relatives in his house

Marines in Iraq look to pastor for answers to tough questions

From a buddy's suicide to a religious ritual, young troops count on Lt. Michael Baker

No End to US' War Budget Woes The cost of all United States Department of Defense funds appropriated thus far for its three "war on terror" operations - Iraq, Afghanistan and enhanced security - now equals about 90% of the 12-year war in Vietnam ($670 billion) and about double the cost of the Korean War ($295 billion), with little relief in sight. All this is accompanied by a frightening lack of auditing standards and accountability. Even the human cost of US causalities is in dispute. - David Isenberg

H20 Slate

United States: Having a Baby Costs About $7,600

The difference myth Boston Globe,

Why we shouldn't believe the increasingly popular claims that boys and girls think differently, learn differently, and need to be treated differently

Income Share of the Top One Percent Soared During the 1990s — Income Share of the Bottom Half Declined (PDF; 41 KB)
Source: U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee

Trading Up: How Expanding Trade Has Delivered Better Jobs and Higher Living Standards for American Workers
Source: Cato Institute

Are rising obesity rates linked to U.S. farm aid? McClatchy Newspapers

If you’re feeling fat these days, blame Congress. That’s just what the nation’s doctors are doing, saying that federal lawmakers are responsible for the fact that a salad costs so much more than a Big Mac

Fearful Rumsfeld
flees France

Gagged FBI whistle-
blower to tell all

Sibel Edmonds, once FBI translator, now willing to violate 'State Secret' gag

H21 “We listen to music with our muscles,” Nietzsche said. Applies to pop songs, but better to late Beethoven quartets... more»

The Quality of Open Source Production: Zealots and Good Samaritans in the Case of Wikipedia
Source: Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Reports

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007
Source: Reporters Without Borders

Is There a Psychology of Judging?
Source: Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Faculty Research Working Paper Series Full Paper (PDF; 259 KB)

From Science, an article on social decision-making and insights from game theory and neuroscience. Mathematical fortune-telling: How well can game theory solve business and political disputes?

Valuing New Goods in a Model with Complementarity: Online Newspapers (PDF; 247 KB)
Source: American Economic Review

Google plans to unveil within the next two weeks a proposal to bring Google-powered phones to market by the middle of 2008.

A review of The Secrets of Happiness: Three Thousand Years of Searching for the Good Life by Richard Schoch; The Science of Happiness: How Our Brains Make Us Happy—and What We Can Do to Get Happier by Stefan Klein; and Making Happy People: The Nature of Happiness and Its Origins in Childhood by Paul Martin


Germans flush out loo roll usage
Germany's civil servants have been drawn into an investigation into how much toilet paper they use

STUDY: AIDS virus invaded USA from Haiti in 1969; most likely by a single infected immigrant...

Is Google Vulnerable? - David Freedman, Newsweek

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ABD Güvenlik Politikalarında Güç Kullanımı ve Caydırıcılık Ağustos 2002
“Yalnız Kovboy” ya da “Eşit Olmayanlar Arasında Birinci”: ABD Dış Politikasında Tektaraflılık-Çoktaraflılık Tartışmaları Mart 2002
İyi, Kötü ve Çirkin: ABD'nin Orta Doğu Politikaları Ocak 2002
Unilateralism corrupts, absolute unilateralism corrupts absolutely Turkish News, May 21, 2002
ABD ve Afganistan: Çıkış Var mı? Kasım 2001
Realism and Change
Crime and Punishment - Deterrence and its Failure in Theory and Practice 2001
“Tüketebileceğimizden Daha Fazla Değişim” ya da Eskimeyen Dünya Düzeni Ekim 2001
“ABD-AB İlişkilerinde Metal Yorgunluğu” Haziran 2001
It never rains circa. 1991.

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