3 August 2007
  August 03, 2007

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H1 International Crisis Group

After Gaza

New York Times Gates Offers Blunt Review of Progress in Iraq

IraqSlogger US Papers Fri: Gates Blunt on Iraqi Politics

From The American Interest, Francis Fukuyama on The Kings and I.

Guardian Good news from Baghdad at last: the oil law has stalled Jonathan Steele: The panic and distraction of the security crisis should not be used as cover for handing Iraq's wealth to foreigners.

Washington Post Maliki's Impact Blunted By Own Party's Fears Hussein-Era Secrecy Persists, Analysts Say

Another Tour Ends Without Solid Plans On Mideast Peace Rice 'Encouraged' by Interest in Meeting

Asia Times Iran feels chill of cold war tactics Just as the United States armed its authoritarian, at times bloodthirsty, allies in the name of anti-communism during the Cold War, the same logic now operates in the name of containing Iran. There is no doubt that Tehran feels strategically threatened, making it certain that it will not concede an inch in its talks with Washington over stabilizing Iraq. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi

U.S. Has Lose-Lose Dilemma in Iraq By: Michael Schwartz | Asia Times From the way violence simply floods into areas just beyond the reach of new U.S. combat brigades to the perilously long supply lines on bomb-planted roads, a military "solution" to the Iraqi situation is worse than impossible: it guarantees the country's instability will be prolonged, with no end in sight.

Ha’aretz PlayStation Palestine Aluf Benn: Israel basing peace plans on imaginary reality The Israeli partner is also weak, and in the absence of a leadership that can force its policy on the operative level, the peace process will continue to be conducted like a virtual exercise in diplomatic conferences and dinners.

Hurrah! The Saudis are coming!

Guest: The thinly veiled anti-Semitism of American elite circles

The Times Leaving now is not the way out of Iraq Colonel HR McMaster insists that stability is possible – eventually

Christian Science Monitor

Shifting politics bring Arabs and Israelis closer The possibility that Israel and Saudi Arabia may sit at the negotiating table together distinguishes this new chapter in peacemaking efforts from the failures of the past.

Financial Times Europe warns US on Iran sanctions European governments are warning Congress that US legislation aimed at Iran could hit European energy groups, undermine transatlantic unity on Tehran’s nuclear programme and provoke a dispute at the World Trade Organisation.

Leader Making Iran pay the nuclear price The world needs to be much more serious about sanctions – all the more so because the measures imposed to date have yet to impel Iran to change course.

COMMENT: The general and the west: how Pakistan is being lost When Musharraf took power eight years ago, many dared hope for an end to decades of misrule. How naive that now seems, writes David Gardner

COMMENT: The case for a top-down approach The time may have come for a degree of joint management of world monetary demand without new bureaucracy, writes Samuel Brittan

ANALYSIS: Welcome to the club Washington is being accused of undermining non-proliferation in its efforts to cement a partnership with India

The Economist America in the Middle East Arming its friends and talking peace

Iraq A winning goal, then back to war

Victor Davis Hanson: Back to the Future in the Middle East

National Review THE EDITORS: Ultimately, reconciliation between the Sunnis and the Shiites is crucial. But it wasn’t going to happen in the next two months, whether the Iraqi parliament stayed in session or not. Vacationing in Iraq

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Middle East ought to grow up. Their Western Ways

Daily Star Editorial By attending peace talks, Saudi Arabia will be putting its credibility on the line

The Strait of Hormuz and the Threat of an Oil Shock (PDF; 469 KB)
Source: Congress of the United States, Joint Economic Committee

America's Last Successful Mideast War by William S. Lind

Onward – Into Waziristan! by Pat Buchanan

CSM In Iraq, death tolls often in dispute

Disparities between official and eyewitness tallies lead some Iraqis to charge the government with downplaying attacks

CSIS Facing the Hard Truths About Energy

US China Relations Carla A. Hills

UN Security Council Resolution 1769, Darfur

Weapons of mass consequence, Paul Rogers

O'Hanlon & Pollack: Guilty of Rose Colored Glasses?

Foreign Service Pessimism vs. Brookings Optimism

World Without the West symposium

H2 CSIS A Stronger Second Mandate for Erdogan and the JDP

Soner Cagaptay Congressional Testimony Turkey after July 2007 Elections: Domestic Politics and International Relations

Yasemin CONGAR 'PKK liderlerinin kellesi hedefti'

Stratfor Iraq: The United States and Turkey Put Iraq's Kurds Under Pressure

ABD ve Türkiye Kürdlere baskı yapıyor

PKK'ya yönelik operasyonu engellediği için memnuniyet duyacak

Robert D. Novak The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in WashingtonAugust 02, 2007Watch | Streaming MP3 | Save MP3 | Details

The Economist After Turkey's election General displeasure The army refuses to retreat

Buttonwood Cold Turkey The carry trade has also allowed some countries to get away with economic policies that they might never have dreamed of in the 1980s or early 1990s.

PostGlobal : What Would Ataturk Do?

Nikos Konstandaras

PostGlobal : Mideast Needs Consensus Islamists Daoud Kuttab

PostGlobal : Turkey's Election a Loss for Secularism? Natalie Ahn

Secular or Islamist still on Turks' minds: Interview with Prof. Barry Rubin

Making an Iraq of Kurdistan
American Spectator By James G. Poulos

Three Wise Men: The PKK and Iraq's Kurds

PKK and American policy By Peter Stitt

Why the military didn't lose Turkey's election David MERAHN

Boston Globe Editorial A genocide not to be denied THE ANTI-DEFAMATION League is caught in a controversy not of its making. Still, as an organization concerned about human rights, it ought to acknowledge the genocide against the Armenian people during World War I, and criticize Turkish attempts to repress the memory of this historical reality.

Turkey: New Men in Town By: Ben Judah | ISN Security Watch
As a new conservative class of Anatolian entrepreneurs slowly displaces the older secular elites in a rapidly westernizing society, the Turkish military will no longer be able to set the rules of the game.

Turkey's Continued Polarization is Biggest Challenge for New ...
World Politics Review


Understanding AKP: Perceptions and Misperceptions in America Nick ...
Journal of Turkish Weekly

Turkey: Things are not what they seem : Mail & Guardian Online

Qantara.de - Elections in Turkey - Beyond Kemalism

Cigdem Cidamli, "Turkish Elections and After"

New Statesman - Not quite a delight

American Chronicle: How to oust Erdogan and his gang of Islamists

Turkey rations water as cities hit by drought

CSM Islamic creationist group launches glitzy, global blitz A household name in Turkey, the 'Foundation for Scientific Research' is now distributing its books - published in 59 languages including Chinese and Swahili - to 80 countries

An ambivalent message from Turkey
International Herald Tribune - Jul 25, 2007 By William Pfaff

Empty-hearted secularism
Al-Ahram Weekly

Türkiye'deki İslamcılardan çekinin
Barry Rubin

Target Priorities for Turkey’s Secular Establishment
American Chronicle,

Google News KurdishMedia Kurdish Kurdish Aspect BBC Monitoring

PKK: DTP düzen partisi

Sakık ‘Kürt sorunu üniter yapı içinde çözülmeli’

YASİN DOĞAN DTP'nin açmazları…

İBRAHİM KARAGÜL PKK'ya silah sağlayan Türkler kim?

Kürt vekiller Türkiye için büyük şans FEVZİ EL ATRUŞİ

DTP prepares for party congress

Derya SAZAK DTP'nin sınavı

Baykal calls for talks with Iraqi Kurdish leaders

Biden: Kürtler bağımsız olursa Türkiye beklemez

Referandum yaklaşırken 'Kürt oyunu'

Tunceli'de PKK'ya karşı 5 bin asker

Tunceli'de 6 terörist öldürüldü silahları yine M-16

Tunceli operasyonunda PKK'ya 'üst düzey' darbe

Ferai Tınç Irak’a bir nafile çözüm daha "yumuşak bölünme"

MAHMUT ÖVÜR 'Düz ovada siyaset' şansı

İlnur Çevik Maliki coming to Ankara, Turkish expectations too high

Profile of New Head of Iraqi Commission on Normalization of Kirkuk Status

Iraqi President Urge Bolstering Kurdish-Turkoman Ties

Paper Scrutinizes PUK MPs Walkout From Kurdish Parliament Over Oil Bill Debate

Iraqi Kurdish Press Highlights 2 Aug 07

KRG makes movement on oil law

American Kurdish Friendship League

Sami KOHEN Kurulu düzen mi, demokrasi mi?

‘Kurdish state would trigger regional war’

Türkiye'deki Son Seçimler ve Anlaşılmak İstenmeyenler!

Turkish 'Nation-State' and the Kurdish 'National Identity'

Akdeniz Birliği Projesi'ne bir destek de Mısır'dan

Atina, tartışmalı tarih kitabını değiştiriyor

Sebahat Tuncel için karar 11 Ekim’de

Yine o karanlık silahlar

Iraklı işadamları İstanbul'a akın ediyor...

A new method for economic research: A product of Kurdistan

Human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan

Rebuilding Kurdistan

KRG Oil Law Moving Forward

Barzani is involved in the sale of State Railways' land in Hatay ...

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber

Report: Sarkozy to call off Turkey referendum

Zeynel Lüle CHP'nin Avrupa vizyonsuzluğu

Lagendijk: Sarkozy, AB adına konuşamaz

Lagendijk: "AKP sorumluluğunun farkında"

Turkey-Greece gas pipeline launch delayed

'Büyükanıt lütfen politika yapma'

Serge Sargsyan: Armenia open for talks with Turkey

Greece revises school history book after protests from Orthodox church

Greece's new press law angers Turkey

Yiğit Bulut Bizi buraya “Avrupa Birliği senaryosu” getirmedi...

Ruhat Mengi Avrupa Birliği “Teokratik Türkiye”yi tartışıyor!

Avrupa'nın Müslüman Türkiye sınavı

Turkey's Euro court candidates officially confirmed

İsviçre'de Yaşarken Milletvekili Seçildi

Turkey backs RWE for Nabucco project

Türkleri 'iyi' gösteren ders kitabı değişti

Prison population in Turkey breaks record, tops 80,000

'Antonov'un hayatını M. Ali Ağca mahvetti'

İki kadın yazar arasında düello

Güngör URAS Bizim 'Murdoch' WSJ'ı da satın aldı

Komuta kademesi arasına iki 'Aslan' general katıldı

TSK'dan 'Kitap Kurdu' komutan da ayrılıyor

Kadınlar tartışıp anlaşmak istiyor

Ankara'da 'su tatili'

Bahçeşehir’e varoş yasağı

Interview: Norman Stone has both entered history and written it Independent

3 Ağustos 2007 Basın Özeti

H3 Şamil Tayyar İşte o kritik gün

AKP'de zor hafta

AKP'nin son dakika jokeri Başesgioğlu

İkinci Gül krizi

Gül aday olacak mı?

Ankara yine bunaldı Murat Yetkin

Cengiz Çandar Abdullah Gül’e karşı “kuzu postunda kurt” manevrası...

A post-Kemalist constitution?
Mustafa Akyol

Tekstilde 600 bin kişi işsiz kalacak ihracat yüzde 20 düşecek

Taha AKYOL Kürtlerde değişimin yönü

PKK: DTP düzen partisi

Sakık ‘Kürt sorunu üniter yapı içinde çözülmeli’

YASİN DOĞAN DTP'nin açmazları…

İBRAHİM KARAGÜL PKK'ya silah sağlayan Türkler kim?

Kürt vekiller Türkiye için büyük şans FEVZİ EL ATRUŞİ

DTP prepares for party congress

Derya SAZAK DTP'nin sınavı

Baykal'ın Köşk formülü: Ya uzlaşma ya çatışma!

Bıraktığı yerden devam ediyor: Uzlaşma olmazsa çatışma çıkar

Report: Sarkozy to call off Turkey referendum

İnce ayar zirveleri

Şükrü Küçükşahin Mümtazcığım salon işini ağırdan al

Tamer Korkmaz İtirafname!

Dedikodular ABD'ye uzandı
DYP ile Anavatan'ın birleşme projesinin niçin olmadığıyla ilgili tartışmalar sürerken Ankara kulisleri Fethullah Gülen'i işaret ediyor.

CHP'den başka herkes suçlu

CHP’ye göre AKP 6’lısı

'İmamlar kaybettirdi'
MYK raporuna göre seçimdeki başarısızlıkta CHP yönetimi dışında herkesin payı var. AB'den tarikatlara, RTÜK'ten aşiretlere kadar her kesim CHP'nin aleyhinde çalışmış

Bilal Çetin CHP neyi tartışıyor?

YAŞ’ta 2010’un komuta kademesi

3 paşa emekli oldu

AKP'de yol ayrımı son 48 saat

Savaş Süzal Atatürk yüzde kaç oy alırdı

Sebahattin Önkibar Erdoğan, muhtırayı çok aday formülü ile geçiştirecek!


Ahmet Kekeç CHP’nin de halkla uzlaşması gerekmiyor mu?


Derhal yeni Anayasa Hasan Celal Güzel

Özdemir İnce Anayasa’yı değiştirmeden önce

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası

Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri - Dış Basında Güncel Türkiye Bülteni

Dış Basında Irak BBC Turkish 0700

VOA TSİ 06:30 Dış Basında Türkiye Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey Turquie Türkei TurcoPundit

Taha Kıvanç Beklenen oldu, ne olacak...

Fehmi Koru 'Uzlaşma', ama nasıl bir 'uzlaşma'?

ALİ BAYRAMOĞLU Anayasa ve Kemalizm meselesi…

Konuşma ayrıcalığı M.Ali Kışlalı

Serdar Turgut Neyi tartışıyoruz?

NAZLI ILICAK Sabah okurlarına merhaba

Ertuğrul Özkök Dumanlı'nın odası

Ahmet Hakan CHP suçluyu buldu: İkinci Cumhuriyetçiler

Güneri CIVAOĞLU Baykal değilse kim?

M Ali Birand Erdoğan Süpermen konumuna girdi …

Mehmet Tezkan AKP yüzde 40’ta kalsa Erdoğan için hayat daha rahat olacaktı..

Bülent Keneş Abdullah Gül should become president because...

Bülent Korucu Morbid end for the Mother Path project

Etyen Mahçupyan Elections won by ‘secularization’

No alternative to Gül’s presidential bid

Hüseyin Gülerce Erdoğan, Arınç ve Gül'e dair

Meral TAMER CHP'li seçmene: Önyargıyı bırak, anlamaya çalış!

Mehmet Metiner Asker niçin konuşmamalı?

Nuh Gönültaş AK Parti Zafer Üskül'ün arkasında durmazsa...

Gülay Göktürk Normalleşmek için

Yusuf KANLI Boisterous Turkey!

Oktay Ekşi Bu kafayla askere gidilir mi?

Okay Gönensin CHP ne olur?

Mustafa Ünal CHP kaldığı yerden devam

Bekir Coşkun Eski dostlar...

Ali Bulaç The religion factor

İbrahim Kalın Is 47 pct too low? Then look to the Baathists

Eser Karakaş Rejim ne demek?

Nasuhi Güngör Anayasa değişikliğinde zaman kaybediyoruz

Mehmet Yılmaz ’Para alsam seçime girerdim’

ERDAL ŞAFAK Atatürk ve Anayasa (2)

ERGUN BABAHAN Sol, özeleştiri CHP ve Baykal

EMRE AKÖZ Demirel'in yalan aşkı

Umur Talu İnsanoğlu tuhaftır!

YAVUZ DONAT 30 yıl önce 30 yıl sonra

[Yorum-Fahrettin Altun] Kanadoğlu nerede yanılıyor?

[Yorum-Kazım Berzeg] Uzlaşma dayatması faşizme götürür!


Anayasa'da Kemalizm tartışması
Haluk Şahin

Solun solması üzerine bir deneme
H. Gökhan Özgün

'Hepimiz hatalıyız'

'Önce Türkiye, sonra parti' dediğimiz için Meclis'te olacağız

Şener: Gerginlik sorun yaratır

Bir Türkiye yorumu Murat Belge

'Demirel'in içinde olduğu projenin başarı şansı yok'

Şakir Süter Erdoğan, AKP’yi merkez sağda görmüyorsa...

DTP-MHP destek ama uzlaşma şart

Sezer ve askerler törene gelmeyecek

Demirel: Baykal'ın siyaset dışında kalması kayıp olur

Fresh signs of MHP policies by Prof. NACİ BOSTANCI*

Başbakan'a mesaj yollayanlar başarıdan emin mi?

AKP'ye oy verenlerin 564 bin 117 nedeni var

Berat Özipek Sahi nerede bu AK Parti seçmeni?

MHP'nin 'türban rövanşı'

[NEWS ANALYSIS] As water deprivation looms more, worries grow

Analisti karga olanın

Dış ticaret açığının yüzde 58'i Rusya, Çin ve İran'dan...

ABDURRAHMAN YILDIRIM Yerlilerin dövize görülmemiş yatırımı nasıl sonuçlanıyor?

Ercan Kumcu

Erdal Sağlam

Güven Sak Cari işlemler açığı artık daha mı önemli olacak?

60. hükümetin seçimi Uğur Gürses

Yiğit Bulut Gül’ün adaylığı 'çanak-çömlek' patlatır mı

Deniz Gökçe Manfred ne diyor?

Volkan Akı Yeni ekonomi yönetimi “şok” programla başlamalı

Salih Neftçi Yeni hükümet döneminde Merkez Bankası (I)

Ertuğ Yaşar Temkinli olmak gerek

Yabancı sermayede tipik Türk hikâyesi

İbrahim Öztürk An economic crisis unlikely in Turkey

Turkey's bid for 3 new refineries seen too many

Neden AKP?

Rice Backs Appointed Palestinian Premier and Mideast Democracy

Bush Sends Warning Meant for Syria: Don’t Meddle in Lebanon

At Hussein Grave, Legend Lives as Fury Simmers

Russians Plant Flag on the Arctic Seabed

Editorial A First Step to Save Darfur World pressure, begun by grass-roots campaigners, but joined early on by President Bush and more recently by China and the Arab League, is finally being felt in Sudan’s capital.

Editorial Stampeding Congress, Again

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Bush administration has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not feel bound by the law or the Constitution when it comes to the war on terror.

DAVID BROOKS Being Old, Then and Now

Now, elderly are richer, more active and more engaged than their cohorts of a century ago, but are they still living in a different dimension?

H5 Washington Post Maliki's Impact Blunted By Own Party's Fears Hussein-Era Secrecy Persists, Analysts Say

Another Tour Ends Without Solid Plans On Mideast Peace Rice 'Encouraged' by Interest in Meeting

Gates: U.S. Misjudged Iraqi Leaders' Discord

Iraq Oil Sector Feeble, GAO Finds

Clinton Demurs On Obama's Nuclear Stance

She Says It Is Unwise to Rule Out Using the Arms Against Terrorists

Young Russia's Enemy No. 1 Anti-Americanism Grows By Sarah E. Mendelson and Theodore P. Gerber, Vladimir Putin's belligerent rhetoric and actions toward the United States and its allies have begun prompting pundits to debate whether a new Cold War is afoot. But how has the Russian president's message played to his home audience?

Editorial Low Energy A House bill nibbles at the edges of a bigger problem.

Minneapolis Bridge, Like Many In U.S., Was 'Structurally Deficient'

Ruling Limited Spying Efforts

Move to Amend FISA Sparked by Judge's Decision

H6 Guardian Good news from Baghdad at last: the oil law has stalled Jonathan Steele: The panic and distraction of the security crisis should not be used as cover for handing Iraq's wealth to foreigners.

Musharraf's fight for survival Randeep Ramesh: It looks as though the president of Pakistan's days in power are numbered - but this military dictator remains the best bet for peace in the region.

Overwatch and overmatch

Robert Fox There's new military jargon in Iraq and Afghanistan but the problems haven't really changed

Iraq veterans suffer stress and alcoholism Thousands of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are facing escalating mental health problems, alcoholism and family breakdown

The wrong kind of surge

Brian Whitaker Despite escalating evidence to the contrary, the Bush administration continues to support the military surge in Iraq.

They still use the name Labour, but now only sneer at the working class
Geoffrey Wheatcroft: This Gould-counselled, bourgeois lot must have the Ruskin-influenced party founders turning in their graves.

Britain's Armed Forces Are Beset by Red Tape and Big Willy Syndrome By: Max Hastings | The Guardian
Defence spending is not just insufficient -- it is woefully misdirected. A thorough review is now desperately overdue.

All's war in love and fair trade

Tim Watkin US trade barriers are as much a source of anti-American resentment in the rest of the world as hawkish diplomatic policies

Brown is leading the way in counter-terrorist thinking
Matthew d'Ancona: On the road in the US, the prime minister revealed to us - and to Bush - a bold new strategy in the fight for hearts and minds.

Resolved to act Darfur: The British and French injection of energy into a fresh resolution showed, for once, that the international community could do more than watch slaughter take place before its eyes.

H7 What explains the apparent paradox of America’s battered global image on one hand — and booming U.S. global earnings on the other?

The Economist America in the Middle East Arming its friends and talking peace

Iraq A winning goal, then back to war

Conserving Damascus A road that is not straight

Expect Oil to Hit $100 a Barrel and Beyond By: Gwynne Dyer | The Japan Times
We are already three-quarters of the way to $100-a-barrel oil without a crisis -- due to stagnant production and soaring Asian demand.

McClatchy Bush administration pursues Mideast peace, but time is running out

A review of Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy by Matthew R. Simmons.

From The American Interest, Francis Fukuyama on The Kings and I.

Islam: A Religion with Violence at Its Heart - Ayaan Hirsi Ali, On Faith

From Open Democracy, responsibility and neo-liberalism: The triumph of neo-liberal globalisation is also the imposition of a new mode of governance of institutions and individuals, to which the idea of responsibility is central. Grahame Thompson examines this achievement and assesses what can be done to address it.

a review of How Countries Compete: Strategy, Structure and Government in the Global Economy by Richard H.K. Vietor

The two most powerful jobs in global economics - - leadership of the IMF and the presidency of the World Bank - - are still old-fashioned stitch-ups. An epidemic of white jeeps: Aid is well-intentioned and the recipient countries are truly needy, a curmudgeonly and heretical thought occurs: is this overkill?

From YaleGlobal, an essay on Interrupting a History of Tolerance (and part 2 and part 3).

Don't Worry, Be Happy: Things are not going as badly in the world as most people think.

From Radar, an article on the the Most Powerful People You've Never Heard Of.

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq stratfor

'Mistrust' among factions misjudged

US Demanding Iran Restrain Shi'ite Groups

Syrian Muslim: Why I Admire Israel - Farid Ghadry (Reform Party of Syria)

Terrorism Thrives with Saudi Support - Stephen Schwartz (Weekly Standard)

Iranian "Brain Drain" - Amir Taheri (New York Post)

BBC Extended mission
Staff security a sticking point as UN eyes wider Iraq role

Envoys lured to Baghdad with promise of prime spots

The State Department is offering some diplomats coveted postings in places like London, Paris and Prague if they first agree to serve a year in Iraq.

Daily Star The conversion of Bernard Kouchner By David Rieff

For youths in the Middle East, less optimism to go around
By Yossi Alpher

The Truth about Syria: Islamo Mafia State Triumphant

H9 Ha’aretz PlayStation Palestine Aluf Benn: Israel basing peace plans on imaginary reality The Israeli partner is also weak, and in the absence of a leadership that can force its policy on the operative level, the peace process will continue to be conducted like a virtual exercise in diplomatic conferences and dinners.

Hurrah! The Saudis are coming!

3 billion dollars aid to Israel? That's not much

Guest: The thinly veiled anti-Semitism of American elite circles

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Clash in Gaza

Between Tehran and Jerusalem The liberal circles in the Arab countries understand very well that radical elements must not be allowed to dictate the agenda and the values of Arab society. It appears that these circles are expecting recognition and help from the Western countries and Israel, since only a joint struggle will enable the creation of conditions for dialogue, reconciliation and stability in the Middle East.

Syria Plans War of Attrition in the Golan Heights

BBC Push for peace
Does US have will and staying power to lift Mid-East peace hopes?

Yedioth Ahronoth Dealing with Hamas

Efforts to contain Hamas successful so far, but what's the next step, Ephraim Halevy asks

Golan: Syria plans war of attrition

Bechor Assad got the message

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Olmert approves American plan for big new Palestinian town on West Bank

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Celebration of Saudi participation in international peace conference is premature, Saudi-US differences still acute

Daily Alert.orgMiddle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review Google News Israel - Palestine

BBC US in $80m Palestinian aid deal Rice signs a deal granting the Palestinians $80m to reform their security services.

Time A Sort of Peace in Gaza ( Hamas controls the streets, but Israel's stranglehold remains as tight as ever

Washington Times Preserving Israel (By Bennett Zimmerman, Michael L. Wise and Roberta Seid)

Appeasement or 'Grand Strategy' (Diana West)

Israel Land Bill Racist? ISA
With racial tensions building, the passage of a controversial land bill through Israel's Knesset is raising serious concerns for the future of inter-communal relations and the real crisis of Israeli democracy. The end result may make the race riots of 2000 pale by comparison.

New England Methodists Weigh Divestment from Israel

To Tony Blair, institution builder

From Zeek, if not now, when? And if now, why? A review of Jews and American Popular Culture.

H10 Christian Science Monitor

Shifting politics bring Arabs and Israelis closer The possibility that Israel and Saudi Arabia may sit at the negotiating table together distinguishes this new chapter in peacemaking efforts from the failures of the past.

Meeting Rice, Palestinian president agrees to discuss 'declaration of principles' with Israel But despite the concession, it's unclear how much a US-promoted international conference this fall can accomplish.

In Iraq, death tolls often in dispute

Disparities between official and eyewitness tallies lead some Iraqis to charge the government with downplaying attacks

Bridge collapse spotlights America's deferred maintenance About one-quarter of America’s 577,000 bridges were rated deficient in 2004.


Time The New China Syndrome
A currency battle with Beijing is getting ugly. A story of exchange rates, trade and distrust

What the Japanese Election Really Means By: Tom Plate | The Japan Times
Japan is deadlocked, the people are divided and the stock market is grumbling, yet the nation's discredited leader vows to keep governing.

Mass Murderers on Notice By: Sonni Efron | Los Angeles Times
If Pol Pot were alive today, would he be deterred from his epic mass murder by the international laws against genocide or the tribunals for crimes against humanity that did not exist when he was working the killing fields of Cambodia in the 1970s?

The Economist Japan Keeping his head just above water

ASEAN Past it at 40?

China's New Dam Passes First Test
The engineers who run the Three Gorges Dam, world's largest flood-control and hydroelectric barrier, say 606-foot-high structure held up well when waters peaked.

Asia a casualty of the Iraq war
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went to Cairo when she should have gone to Manila for an important regional meeting; President George W Bush is staying in Washington instead of going to Singapore to meet Asian leaders. This business of stiffing important Asian meetings is becoming a habit, and one that will ultimately harm US interests in Asia.

H11 IHT Bush and Napoleon

Bush's invasion, like Napoleon's, has deeply shaken local assumptions about ethnic and religious identity.

A new history lesson in Israel

The new Arabic textbook may reflect an Israeli capacity to become more historically honest.

Globalization and the narcotics trade

Stopping large-scale traffickers who can source raw materials anywhere around the globe will make interdiction much more difficult for law enforcement.

Free trade is not a zero-sum game

Nations party to trade agreements win, and all sectors of the participating economies will benefit.

Notes about competition
All of us who care about journalism will be watching for any sign that news coverage at The Wall Street Journal is being slanted to curry political or economic favor.

EUROPE European press review

The Economist Energy in Germany Nuclear fallout

Terrorism in Spain A winning streak for Zapatero

Charlemagne Smoke gets in their eyes

Washington Times Kosovo as part of Russia's design (Janusz Bugajski)

Kosovo 'Political Limbo' Must Be Resolved Soon, NATO Chief Says By: Ed Johnson | Bloomberg News
The "political limbo" in Kosovo must be resolved soon, NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said, warning of potential instability in Europe if the disputed Serbian province's status isn't settled.

The End of Tolerance in Amsterdam

Central and Eastern Europe: Caught between the EU, US and Russia
Wilson International Center


Google News Azerbaijan


Independent Russia claims North Pole Putin asserts his nation's ownership of 460,000 square miles of Arctic territory - and its huge reserves of oil and gas - after exploration feat of 'unimaginable difficulty'

American Missiles Smash Through Treaty With Russia By: Konstantin Lantratov, Alexander Reutov, and Gennady Sysoev | Kommersant
The U.S. military leadership has stated for the first time that it has to decline to renew the first Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Chief of the U.S. Strategic Command Gen. James Cartwright claimed that the decision makes a possible strike in the war against global terrorism easier. In Russia, they are worried that the United States will have potential to make a disarming nuclear strike and, with the missile defense system in Europe, avoid a counterstrike.

Russians Seeking Justice in European Court By: Uwe Klussman | Der Spiegel
Russians have little faith in their legal system and are increasingly taking their cases abroad -- to the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg. The Kremlin is not pleased.

Gazprom hope for Belarus gas deal Russia's Gazprom says it hopes to keep full gas supplies to Belarus, as a deadline nears for a deal to be made.

Pole position
Russians ahead as rush for black gold hits the high north

H13 The Times Leaving now is not the way out of Iraq Colonel HR McMaster insists that stability is possible - eventually

Brown and Bush look to UN for an exit strategy Help is being sought to plug political holes in Iraq which, critics claim, were opened when Britain and the US invaded

Israel to discuss creation of Palestinian state

Russia launches mineral war at Pole Estimates suggest area claimed by Russia contains billions of tonnes of oil and gas reserves as well as other minerals

Leader Arctic Role The world must reject Russia’s underwater land grab

Shia cleric bans ‘honour’ killings

Lebanon’s most senior Shia Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa banning 'honour' killings, calling the custom 'a repulsive act'

Wall Street Journal 'Get Smart' in Washington
Democrats pretend to be serious about intelligence.

Spectators to Genocide
Your U.N. in action: A watered-down Darfur resolution.

H14 Financial Times Europe warns US on Iran sanctions European governments are warning Congress that US legislation aimed at Iran could hit European energy groups, undermine transatlantic unity on Tehran’s nuclear programme and provoke a dispute at the World Trade Organisation.

Leader Making Iran pay the nuclear price The world needs to be much more serious about sanctions – all the more so because the measures imposed to date have yet to impel Iran to change course.

Abbas and Israel nudged towards talks Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, says Israel is willing to discuss fundamentals and promises to return before a Middle East conference expected this autumn

COMMENT: The general and the west: how Pakistan is being lost When General Pervez Musharraf took power eight years ago, many dared hope for an end to decades of misrule. How naive that now seems, writes David Gardner

COMMENT: The case for a top-down approach The time may have come for a degree of joint management of world monetary demand without new bureaucracy, writes Samuel Brittan

ANALYSIS: Welcome to the club Washington is being accused of undermining non-proliferation in its efforts to cement a partnership with India

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Terrorist plots are no more complex than international drug rings

COMMENT: Cameron's tactics threaten to break up Britain If Cameron persists in playing the English card, he will play right into the hands of Scottish separatists, says Archie Brown

COMMENT: Why the Democrats' Congress fell foul of the public The party has been stymied by filibustering Republicans and a lame duck president, writes Norm Ornstein

COMMENT: America'ssubprime blues have historical echoes The US mortgage meltdown revives memories of the 1980s savings and loan crisis, writes Desmond Lachman

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: An instant British answer over Iran

NATIONAL NEWS: IMF stands by bright forecast despite pain

WORLD NEWS: Russia stakes claim to Arctic riches with flag on seabed

Sarkozy’s reforms too tame for some The French parliament has frenetically adopted four big packages of legislation, but the new president is still being criticised by supporters for not reforming as boldly as he promised

Pakistan warns US of Asia arms race

Pakistan warned that the groundbreaking civil nuclear co-operation agreement between the US and India risked triggering an arms race in south Asia, in a statement likely to inflame already tense relations with Washington.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Brown should not have to choose either EU or US

Moscow turns up heat on Sakhalin investors

Belarus asks Chávez for help on gas debt

Trichet signals EU rate rise next month

China says ‘over 99% of exports safe’

China strongly defended the quality of its exports and said that it would work with the US to improve product safety in the wake of another substantial withdrawal of consumer goods made in China.

Clinton backs ‘ambiguity’ on Taiwan policy

Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, said she supported the US policy of maintaining “ambiguity” over whether Washington would defend Taiwan in a conflict with China

EU hits at US plan to scan containers A US plan to have shipping scanned for security reasons would disrupt trade without diminishing the terrorist threat, says European customs commissioner László Kovács

H15 Los Angeles Times Editorial Iraq's two timetables Yes, the surge is showing signs of military success, but the politics component is failing

Murdoch the meddler? The WSJ's reputation is the reason why people, including Rupert Murdoch, buy it -- and that's unlikely to change.

Saudis confront U.S. on criticism over Iraq

Maliki's party asks Sunnis to return to Iraqi Cabinet

H16 American Politics

Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Lead Pew Poll

Three Top Democrats Share Lead In Iowa Poll

Clinton, Obama, Edwards Are Tied

The three stooges Salon By Sidney Blumenthal

The Bush administration's code of silence Sidney Blumenthal Silence in the face of congressional investigations is the only thing holding the Bush administration together

Those other guys in the race

James Ridgeway Aug 02 07, 09:00pm: Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden may not become president, but they could get something else out of running.

An Hour with Rudy Giuliani - Charlie Rose Show

Goldwater is to Reagan as Ron Paul is to... - Greg Scoblete, RealClearPolitics

realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin

Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas The Swamp

Obama talks tough on terror
Trailing Senator Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination for next year's US presidential race, Senator Barack Obama is trying to play catch-up by renewing his attacks on President George W Bush's anti-terror campaign and saying that if he were president he would not hesitate to strike in Pakistan. Whether the get-tough message appeals to US voters, however, remains to be seen. - Jim Lobe

From Commentary, Terry Teachout on Our Creed and Our Character. Creation Myth: A review of The Fourth of July and the Founding of America by Peter de Bolla. A review of Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion by David Gelernter. What does it mean for something to be "un-American"? The real questions are what do we want to be as Americans, and what do we want our country to represent?

H17 Daily TelegraphMove to boost role of UN in Iraq

Britain and America circulated a draft proposal for the United Nations to play a dramatically wider role in Iraq.

So Brown thinks UN can fix Darfur

Before the Brownites get carried away, they would do well to consider whether this week's Darfur resolution will achieve tangible results on the ground, writes Con Coughlin.

Polar imperialism

Explorers used to go to the Pole for reasons of endeavour: now it is about economics.

Pakistan urges UK to talk to Taliban, then get out

Sources within the Pakistan government have urged Britain and America to prepare an exit strategy from Afghanistan.

H18 Independent The West shivers at echoes of Cold War division

Professor Peter Wadhams: A shrewd political move for a planet of finite resources

Rice: Israel ready to discuss fundamental issues with Fatah

Jeremy Laurance: A healthy dose of American belligerence

Asia as bad as West for global warming, says study by US

H19Military Intelligence Terrorism

Heritage Foundation When Do You Know You're Winning? Combating Insurgencies - Past, Present, and Future Watch | Streaming MP3 | Save MP3 | Details

Coping with Terrorism: Lessons from the British and Israeli Experiences

Al Qaeda Confusion: How to Think About Jihad FPRI

Airlift Capabilities for Future U.S. Counterinsurgency Operations
Source: RAND Corporation

The Weekly Standard, for nearly 200 years, cadets at the United States Military Academy have been guided by the "Thayer System," a rigid structure of unyielding regulation, austere discipline, fierce loyalty, and strong emphasis on math, science, and engineering. After two centuries of success, it might be time to make some changes.

CFR Lute: Hybrid Peacekeeping Force in Darfur an ‘Unprecedented’ Operation

Sergei Antonov, 59, Bulgarian Accused in Plot to Kill a Pope, Is Dead

H20 Slate

From National Journal, who making what in the White House: The numbers are in, from the White House chief of staff to the most junior assistant.

The Hill, the latest edition of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.

The introduction to Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them by Philippe Legrain (and an interview).

Center For American Progress Reforming the World Bank and IMF

Global Trade Talks: The Doha Disaster
Brooking Institution

Greasing the Wheels of Entrepreneurship? Impact of Regulations and Corruption on Firm Entry

H21 Obituary Ingmar Bergman

Lit Up For Liftoff? By Charles Krauthammer, Someone's gotta do it. No one's gonna do it. So I'll do it. Your honor, I rise in defense of drunken astronauts.

Time When Worry Hijacks The Brain (The Well / Science) Few things imprison a mind quite like obsessive-compulsive disorder, but better treatments are breaking its hold

Researcher: Media players flawed
'Serious vulnerabilities'- Downloads can be turned into 'digital weapons'.

Google Book Search tips

The Deterrent Effects of Prison: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

The New Republic:

A Statement on Scott Thomas Beauchamp

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The Middle East: A Land of Opportunity and Peril for Turkey - May 2003
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