24 July 2007
  July 24, 2007

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H1 NYT U.S. Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09

A War the Pentagon Can’t Win By DANIEL BENJAMIN and STEVEN SIMON

BBC A first glimpse
The European Union's new reform treaty sees the light of day

From The American Conservative, How to Win in Iraq: Rapprochement with Iran and neutrality toward Iraq’s Shi’ites is the only way America might yet salvage victory. by William S. Lind

From Forward, the next American president to try a hand at fostering Arab democracy would do well to heed the lessons of the Bush administration’s many mistakes. Here are 10 preliminary thoughts on the lessons to be learned. By Yossi Alpher

Forward Israel Is Training for the Wrong War

Understand Why Iran Is Arming Iraqi Militias Ronald Neumann

Improving U.S. and Syrian Relations: Some Possible Beginnings Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies Full Paper (PDF; 88 KB)

Guardian Hamas is a fact of life Brian Whitaker: Tony Blair begins his job as the Quartet's Middle East envoy today. But if he can't talk to Hamas, what's the point?

All about oil Jake Bernstein Dick Cheney seems keen to intervene in Iran, especially as the US seems unable to get its hands on the country's oil resources.

Hawks rule the roost Peter David

Without renewed international effort to make sanctions bite, an American military strike on Iran is becoming more, rather than less, likely.

Miscalculating Kosovo Simon Tisdall The west has consistently underestimated Russian resolve on Serbia's rights in Kosovo, and it looks like Vladimir Putin could raise the stakes again.

The International Compact with Iraq (ICI), Fact Sheet and Documents

The violence in Iraq is without doubt still terrible. But it is slowly ebbing, says Peter Beaumont. There is something going on... more»

A Social Network Approach to Understanding an Insurgency
US Army War College

Morgan Stanley The Oil-Dollar Link: US Implications

BBC US and Iran to hold second talks Iran and the US are to hold fresh talks on the subject of Iraq, only their second bilateral talks in decades.

Back to the debate on Syria

CFR Are Economic Sanctions Good Foreign Policy?

Strange Summer Days for the US and Iraq

William Arkin President Cheney and Iran

Washington Post Standing With Kosovo Again By: John Podesta It is time for the international community to fulfill its obligations and help create a new nation for all Kosovars.

Geopolitical Diary: Pakistan Reacts to US Call for Action Stratfor

Open Letter To Iraqi Parliament On Hydrocarbon Law
Middle East Economic Survey

Juan Cole Salon.com on Tuesday, "Bush's incompetence gives al-Qaida new life":

H2 CSIS The Turkish Elections: Results and Implications Bulent Aliriza and Mark Parris LISTEN TO THE EVENT | TURKEY PROJECT

FT LEADER: Erdogan's triumph Erdogan's landslide election triumph on Sunday puts paid to any question about his legitimacy.

WORLD NEWS: Military's strategy to neutralise opponents is big casualty of poll

FRONT PAGE - FIRST SECTION: Turkish PM promises economic reforms

WORLD NEWS: Investors await reinvigorated reforms

WORLD NEWS: Warning of need for change

Turkey's Ruling Party WIns Big - The Economist

NYT Editorial Democracy Affirmed The impressive re-election victory scored by Turkey’s conservative Muslim ruling party is a tribute to the growing maturity of that country’s politics and an inspiration for the cause of democracy in the broader Muslim world.

Hard-Line Gain in Turkish Vote Poses Challenge to Governing Party

The Times A coup may already be under way Turkey is still as starkly divided as it has ever been about what kind of country it wants to by Amir Taheri

Cook: Turkish Elections Positive for Democracy, Relations with US
Council on Foreign Relations

WSJ Editorial Wisdom of the Turks Democracy has a bad rap in the Middle East these days, but it earned some rehabilitation in Turkey on the weekend.

Turkish Vote May Pull at Diversity's Divide Wall Street Journal

Turkey's No. 1 Task Is More Employment Wall Street Journal

Newsweek Turkey's Election: A Meaningful Vote

Tom Barnett Fly, Turkey, fly! Turkey's inevitable re-emergence

BBC İki yorum, iki bakış

Fransa'dan Olivier Roy; İngiltere'den David Gardner seçimi yorumladı

Dış basına göre Erdoğan rövanşı aldı

Turkey Enters `New Era' After Erdogan Wins Popular-Vote Mandate Bloomberg

Turkey Votes The Weekly Standard by Stephen Schwartz

Turkey's EU Blues Forbes

CSM Opinion: Time to heal US-Turkey wounds Sunday's elections give a fresh opportunity to fix a terrible collapse in bilateral ties. By Graham Allison

OpenDemocracy Turkey’s crisis and the European Union, George Schöpflin -

Analysis: More Islam, democracy in Turkey
United Press International

AK Parti'nin zaferi etkileyici, reformlara hız vermek kolay olmayacak

Guardian Turkey raises hopes of Kurdish peace· Poll victory gives Erdogan power to resist military · Kurdish party wins 23 seats in new parliament

Leader A mandate for modernisation Turkey: Turkey's reformist prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a stunning victory at the weekend in elections that saw his party gain over 46% of the vote.

All quiet on the Turkish front

David Barchard The general election was not a plebiscite on religion. For most Turks it was about the economy.

Which way now for Turkey? Barry Rubin: It has won a landslide parliamentary election victory, but what does the AKP want? And how far can it go in changing Turkish society?

No bloodless revolution Maureen Freely: Turkey's election may point the way to further democratisation, but the army means to block it.

It was the snobs wot lost it Ian Traynor Turkey's secular metropolitan elites may look down their noses at the AKP, but the party's landslide victory left critics choking on their cappuccinos.

The Times Leader Keeping His Head The Prime Minister of Turkey must resist the temptation of triumphalism

Independent Turkey steps back from Iraq invasion after poll As Turkey's government savoured an overwhelming electoral victory, regional analysts agreed that the immediate impetus for an invasion of northern Iraq had receded.

The big question: What does the Turkish election result mean?

Leading article: A surprising source of progressive achievement

Le Monde La victoire d'Erdogan

Yedioth Ahronoth Where is Turkey headed? Zvi Elpeleg

BBC Mardell's Euroblog
How will the Turkish military respond to the AK Party's victory?

ABD: Erdoğan ile ilişkilerimiz çok iyi

Dünya 'İslamcılar kazandı' diyor

Washington Times Editorial Setback in Turkey

Talking Turkey (By Tulin Daloglu)

Andrew Finkel When democracy fails

CSM Economy trumps religion in Turkey Sunday's landslide AK victory raises questions about the future of the officially secular state.

US News Turkey's Election: No Solution to Religious Tension in Politics

BBC Waiting game
Turks wonder what the AK Party's resounding victory will deliver

RFERL Ruling Party Could Be Emboldened By New Mandate The Islamic-oriented Justice and Development party's election win suggests the public is happy with its successful economic program and pro-European stance.

FT EUROPE: Erdogan landslide delights investors

EU urges re-elected Erdogan to up reform tempo

LEX COLUMN: Turkish elections

ARTS AND TELEVISION: From bouzoukis to computers

Turkey shows the way Khaleej Times,

Coexisting With the West By: Elif Shakaf | The Miami Herald Today millions of Turks will wake up in a new, post-elections Turkey. What will happen is hard to foresee. Turkish politics is full of surprises that only foreigners find surprising.

Let's concede a measure of pluralism to Turkish women By Elif Shafak

Rating Agency Welcomes Turkish Election Results, Warns Against Uncertainties

UPDATE 1-Turkey's ratings depend on political stability-S&P

World hails AK Party win, markets rally

FP Blog: Turkey's elections are over. What's next?

AKP hangi yoldan gidecek?

Turkey: Now That's Democracy!
Media Channel

Time Turkish Government Wins New Term

Erdogan Will Align With Turkish Military
The Conservative Voice

Asia Times Turkish voters want more of the same

La Times The Armenian connection

Turkey's ruling party wins big in parliamentary elections

Turkey's Erdogan Faces Rocky Road After Big Win

Turkey's Challenge: Elect a President


Opinion: A Heavy Burden for Turkey's Erdogan Deutsche Welle

Turkey Heads Into 21C With Islamic Party at the Helm

The AKP victory in Turkey is the victory of the Turkish middle-class
Courrier International

Turkey: Now That's Democracy!
Media Channel

Turkish Islamist Press Highlights 23 Jul

Seçim Ortadoğu'da da geniş yankı buldu

Gümrük oyları Hakkari'de sonucu değiştirdi

Google News KurdishMedia Kurdish Kurdish Aspect BBC Monitoring

Güler Kömürcü DTP’li vekillerin seçme söylemleri...

Iraqi Kurdish Media Reactions to Turkish Elections

Washington, PKK ile mücadelede adım atmaya hazırlanıyor

Etnik siyaset ağır darbe aldı

[NEWS ANALYSIS] Kurdish presence in Parliament may prompt reform or sore tempers

AK Party’s greatest success seen in East and Southeast

Doğuya yatırım oy olarak geri döndü

PKK propagandası davaları duracak

Türkiye’nin milletvekili ol kızım

PKK, a cause of concern also for Iraqis

Iraqi Kurdish Press Highlights 23 Jul 07

Murat Çelik Sırrı Sakık'tan ilk mesajlar

Viability of the Kurdish Approach

DTP'de soğuk rüzgarlar esiyor!

Turkey, Iran Seen Cooperating in the Midst of US-Russian Rivalry Over Energy

(Corrected) Senior Members of Iraqi President's Party Deny Leaving PUK

Iran to Intensify Control Over Its Northwestern Border

First Pro-Kurdish MPs in Ankara for 16 years

K.Irak’ta Türkiye alarmı yok

Turkish Election Leans the Army Away from Iraq

İslamcı zafer güç dengelerini değiştirebilir
Linda Mirchard-Emin

AKP hak ettiğini aldı
Anette Grossbongardt

AB bu seçimi iyi okumalı

Seçmen orduya şamar indirdi Kai Strittmatter

Ne türban ne de tank - 24

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber

Senior diplomats caution against U-turn from EU bid

BBC EU welcomes Erdogan election win

Barroso Erdoğan ‘laik azınlığın’ haklarını da korumalı

Avrupa AKP'yi selamladı

Our neighbor Greece

Day after Turkey’s 16th parliamentary elections

Caliphate and Patriarchate
Dr. Angelos M. SYRIGOS

Russian MP Decries Council of Europe's "Double Standards" Over Turkey, Russia

German Parties Welcome Turkish Election Result

German Officials Do Not Expect Islamization of Turkey, Urge Further Reforms

Britain calls on EU to 'reach out' to Turkey

Greece Says Need for Cyprus Solution, Reunification "Imperative"

Role of Turkish Military Unlikely to Diminish After Election - Cypriot Minister

OMV urges new Turkey govt to decide stance on Nabucco pipeline soon

Stuttgarter Nachrichten:''Seçim sonuçları Türkiye için önünümüzdeki dönemde önemli fırsatlar içeriyor''

Papadopulos başkanlık için resmen aday

European Council Mission Describes Turkish Poll As Orderly, Professional

Cypriot President Says Cyprus Solution Requires Turkey's Good Will

Albania Risks Spoiling Ties With Turkey Over Arms Exports to Armenia

Albania Vows to Continue Exporting Arms to Armenia Despite Turkish Protest

EU's Barosso Congratulates Turkish Premier on Party's Election Victory

Hasan Kanbolat Will the Meskhetian Turks return to Georgia?

Hangi vakıf üniversitesi kimin? (1)

Dokunulmazlığı kalkacak 59 vekile mahkeme yolu

Enerjide etkin diplomasi ihtiyacı var

24 Temmuz 2007 Basın Özeti

H3 Bryza 'Bu bir tsunami'

Enis Berberoğlu CHP: Biz değil merkez sağ çöktü

Baykal gitmiyor Murat Yetkin

Taha Kıvanç Ahmet Necdet Sezer istifa eder mi?

Cumhurbaşkanlığı sınavı eylül başı

Zenginin tercihi CHP, yoksulun AKP

Bahçeli'den e-muhtıra eleştirisi: AKP'ye yaradı

MHP Yeni krizler çıkmaması için yapıcı olacağız

AKP'nin 10 altın vuruşu


Muhalefetin 'aday' şartı

Erdoğan, 'vitrini' yenileyecek

Yenilginin faturası askere kesildi

PKK'nın ölüm listesinde kimler var?

Washington'dan Seçim Yorumları

'Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri Kaybeden Tarafta'

Bryza 'Yakında adım atılacak'

Seçimler ABD için de ders oldu ÖMER TAŞPINAR

Ruşen Çakır Başarının aslan payı Erdoğan’ın

AKP’nin oyları neden patladı?

İsmail Küçükkaya Başbakan’ın gece 01.25 yorumu: “Şimdi yapılacak çok iş var”

Taha AKYOL Kürt oyları

DTP: Kimsenin arka bahçesi değiliz, ülkeyi krize sokmayacağız

Fikret BİLA Baykal'a 'çekilme' telkini

Güneri CIVAOĞLU Baykal'ın bekleyiş nedeni

Hasan CEMAL Dersler ve hedefler!

Can Dündar Gül'lü Köşk?

M. Ali BİRAND AKP'yi durduralım dedik, aksine büyüttük

Seyfettin Gürsel AKP nasıl başardı

Türk basını sınıfta kaldı

Bilal Çetin CHP’de sorun Baykal mı?

İkinci Cumhuriyet
Nuray Mert

Mehmet Tezkan Ne oldu da AKP’nin oyu patladı? Gül Cumhurbaşkanı olur mu?

Cengiz Aktar Neden AKP

Herkesin merak ettiği 5 soru

Baykal gitmiyor

Mustafa Karaalioğlu AK Parti nasıl kazandı?

İş dünyası istihdamı artıracak beş yıllık yol haritası bekliyor

'Seçim Demokrasi Açısından Bir Zafer'

MHP's first test to be its stance on presidential election

Görevde bir ihmal yoktur

Ertuğrul Özkök Bizim mahalleye de bekleriz

Cüneyt Ülsever AKP’yi candan kutlarım

Köşk ve PKK mesajı

Cengiz Çandar Türkiye halkı yanıltmadı, yanılmadı...


Ahmet Taşgetiren Ak Parti: Hem iktidar hem muhalefet misyonu

MUHARREM SARIKAYA Baykal'dan istifa yok

ERDAL ŞAFAK Şimdi normalleşme zamanı...

Engin Ardıç Şiştiniz mi düdük makarnaları?

'AKP'nin demokrasi savaşı, Ortadoğu'ya örnek olacak'

Önce Çankaya sonra kabine

16 milyon kişi AKP'yi seçti

Güven Sak Tayyip Bey siyaseti de normalleştirebilir mi

"AKP'ye seçimi e-muhtıra kazandırdı"ya cevap

Livaneli 2. Deniz Bey, o fotoğrafı çıkarıp bakmanın zamanı geldi!

Atalay Gül, hâlâ en uygun aday

Mühendis ve avukatlar çoğunlukta

Biography row highlights military resentment of civilian rule

Şahin Alpay Türk demokrasisinin yeni zaferi

TÜSIAD: Uzlaşma ortamı sağlanmalı

Lale Sarıibrahimoğlu Turkish voters say ‘no’ to top-down, fear-based policy impositions

Bilime ve bilgiye saygı ile hakaret
İsmet Berkan

CHP'li Onur Öymen: Erdoğan'ın görüşme talebi bir anlam ifade etmez

Öymen: Sonuç rasyonel değil

Eser Karakaş Sonuçları en iyi Onur Öymen yorumladı

Pulur ateş püskürdü

Sami Selçuk Anayasa Mahkemesinin kararları sonrası toplumda oluşan izlenimler/kanılar ve öneriler

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası

Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri - Dış Basında Güncel Türkiye Bülteni

Dış Basında Irak BBC Turkish 0700

VOA TSİ 06:30 Dış Basında Türkiye Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey Turquie Türkei TurcoPundit

Taha Kıvanç Ahmet Necdet Sezer istifa eder mi?

Fehmi Koru Seçmenin kararının anlamı

ALİ BAYRAMOĞLU Ve o ilk adım atıldı…

KÜRŞAT BUMİN Yenilgiden ders çıkartabilmek de bir erdemdir

İBRAHİM KARAGÜL Milleti aptal yerine koymanın bedeli!..

HAKAN ALBAYRAK Hadi bakalım!

Sami KOHEN Yeni dönemin dış politikası

[Yorum - Prof. Dr. Ergun Özbudun] Seçmenin cevabı

[Yorum - Dr. Hüseyin Yayman] MHP'yi Meclis'e 'sol' oylar taşıdı

After July 22 elections, what’s left of the Turkish left?

İlnur Çevik Clear cut victory puts burden on AK Party

Ekrem Dumanlı Hezimetten ders çıkarmak

Leyla İpekçi Sahiden de tanımıyorlarmış Türkiye'yi!

4 bağımsız kilit oluyor


Baykal'dan istifa yok

CHP, İstanbul'da kalelerini kaptırmadı

People’s memorandum for a consolidated democracy

İlter Türkmen Anket sonuçları doğru çıktı

MAHMUT ÖVÜR 22 Temmuz bir 'Sivil Devrim'

Erol Mütercimler


Hadi Uluengin Sivil zafer

Yalçın Doğan Erdoğan’ın şahsi Anayasası

Mehmet Y Yılmaz ’Askere tepki’ şehir efsanesidir

Oktay Ekşi Sonuçların sonuçları...

Bekir Coşkun Utangaç seçmen...

Emin Çölaşan Sürpriz

Özdemir İnce Benim amentüm

Elif Şafak Kadın vekillerden ne bekliyoruz?

Kabahat 'sol'da mı?
Altan Öymen

Tamer Korkmaz Milletin şamarı

Mümtazer Türköne Mantıkla açıklanacak şeyler

MUHARREM SARIKAYA Baykal'dan istifa yok

ERDAL ŞAFAK Şimdi normalleşme zamanı...

EMRE AKÖZ Baykal istifa etmez

Umur Talu Şeytan aldı götürdü


CHP faturayı halka çıkardı

CHP’de sessizlik hakim

AKİF EMRE Seçimin “rasyonel olmayan” sonuçları

Berat Özipek Muhalefet kaybetti ama hükümetin sınavı şimdi başlıyor

DAVUT DURSUN Bu bir 'sivil ihtilâl' midir?

Serdar Turgut Bir stil olarak CHP

Murat Birsel Nasıl oluyor da oluyor diyenlere rehber!

Mehmet Barlas CHP yönetimi seçim olmamış gibi yola devam edebilir mi?

YAVUZ DONAT Bir seçim böyle geçti

AK Party given clear mandate for Iraq dialogue, EU reforms

ARI Movement: Old political understanding is ‘bankrupt’

Baykal sessiz, Sarıgül cephesi hareketli

Parti içi muhalefet harekete geçti

Gila Benmayor CHP gözden çıkardı Türkiye kaybetti

Mehmet Altan Rodos’a yüzecek mi?

Mahir Kaynak Teşekkür jesti

Can Ataklı Erdoğan’ı zafere taşıyan üç cümle

Şakir Süter Biz ne halt ediyoruz?!

'Ak parti kapı kapı gezdi, CHP hatır sordu'

Merkez sağda kongre zamanı

AK Parti merkeze oturdu

HINCAL ULUÇ Zafer, Erdoğan’ın.. Hezimetin adı, Baykal!..

Yaman TÖRÜNER Biz bir aileyiz

Derya SAZAK CHP'li seçmenler

MHP Parti tabanı sonuçtan çok memnun değil

Where is the CHP headed? by Assoc. Prof. TURGAY UZUN*

People’s memorandum for a consolidated democracy by Dr. LEVENT KÖKER*

Okay Gönensin 22 Temmuz dersleri - 1

Bıyıklı Meclis'te 50 kadın

Güngör URAS Şimşek geldi diyerek Babacan'ı arkaya çekmeyelim

Şimşek: Şimdi mikro reform zamanı

Hükümetin iki yeni kurmayından mesajlar

ABDURRAHMAN YILDIRIM Yeni dönem siyasette uzlaşmacı, ekonomide dünyaya bağlı mı?

Ercan Kumcu Seçim sonuçlarının iktisadi yorumu

Asaf Savaş Akat Seçim sonuçları ve ekonomi (1)

Deniz Gökçe Amor Fati!

Hurşit GÜNEŞ Kimse şaşırmamalı

Serpil YILMAZ Enflasyonsuz seçimin zaferi

Sandıktan çıkan % 46.6'lık oyun sırrı halkın cebinde!

Eksikler var, Basel 2'yi 2009'a erteledik

Economic theorists will compete for cabinet post

Hasan Ersel Politika arayışları ve belirsizlik

Murat Yülek Post election: Blues for some, cheers for others, challenges for all

Erdal Sağlam AB hedefi şimdi çok daha önemli

TÜSİAD'dan toplumsal uzlaşma çağrısı

Moody's uyardı: Kaygılar sürüyor

Moody's risk uyarısı yaptı

Yiğit Bulut Piyasaları uçuracak “ayrıntı” nerede gizli?

H4 New York Times U.S. Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09 By MICHAEL R. GORDON The American command in Baghdad has prepared a detailed classified plan that calls for restoring security in local areas by the summer of 2008.

A War the Pentagon Can’t Win By DANIEL BENJAMIN and STEVEN SIMON Send the Central Intelligence Agency after Al Qaeda in Pakistan

DAVID BROOKS A Reality-Based Economy The neopopulist story line about skyrocketing inequality and the tides of globalization is incredibly simple-minded.

Poll: U.S. Support for Iraq Invasion Inches Up

U.S. Military Options Draw a Chorus of Protests in Pakistan

Red Mosque Fueled Islamic Fire in Young Women

Blair Takes on New Role as Mideast Envoy Amid Constraints

Hard-Line Gain in Turkish Vote Poses Challenge to Governing Party

A Polish Retreat Opens the Way to a New Treaty for Europeans

Editorial Democracy Affirmed The impressive re-election victory scored by Turkey’s conservative Muslim ruling party is a tribute to the growing maturity of that country’s politics and an inspiration for the cause of democracy in the broader Muslim world.

Support for Initial Invasion Has Risen, Poll Shows

No Basis for Trial in Poisoning, Russians Say

Brown Shows Range, and Patience, in First Downing Street Briefing

Mrs. Sarkozy Goes to Libya, Rattling Officials

U.S. Officials Admit Delays in Issuing Visas to Iraqis

Car Bombs Kill 12 People in One of Baghdad’s Safer Neighborhoods

H5 Washington Post Standing With Kosovo Again By: John Podesta It is time for the international community to fulfill its obligations and help create a new nation for all Kosovars.

War Drives Dissatisfaction in Poll

Post-ABC News Poll | Democrats are favored on war, but Bush and Congress both get low ratings.

Public Voice Adds Edge To Democrats' Debate Candidates face questions submitted by voters as Internet videos; topics include troop withdrawal, health care, global warming and the Middle East.

A Destination, Not a Road Map By: Daoud Kuttab | The Washington Post
Instead of trying to agree on a set of procedures, Palestinians and Israelis need to come up with a shared goal.

Diplomats Received Political Briefings

Democrats Were Targeted for Defeat

Confucius Making a Comeback In Money-Driven Modern China

H6 Guardian Hamas is a fact of life Brian Whitaker: Tony Blair begins his job as the Quartet's Middle East envoy today. But if he can't talk to Hamas, what's the point?

All about oil Jake Bernstein Dick Cheney seems keen to intervene in Iran, especially as the US seems unable to get its hands on the country's oil resources.

Hawks rule the roost Peter David

Without renewed international effort to make sanctions bite, an American military strike on Iran is becoming more, rather than less, likely.

Miscalculating Kosovo Simon Tisdall

The west has consistently underestimated Russian resolve on Serbia's rights in Kosovo, and it looks like Vladimir Putin could raise the stakes again.

Pakistan on the brink Benazir Bhutto Western support for General Musharraf in the 'war against terror' is exacerbating militancy in Pakistan.

Blair arrives in Israel on first trip as Middle East envoy · Former PM meets foreign and defence ministers · House of Lords report critical of Quartet role

Clipping those corporate wings

Larry Elliott It is no surprise that rich countries are experiencing a backlash against globalisation - the widening wealth gap has bred resentment and distrust.

Saved by the bonds of war, 'lucky' Iraqis trickle into US Refugees of the post-Saddam chaos need friends with influence to get into America.

China's soft power successes Joshua Kurlantzick: Chinese exports have been tainted by recent food scandals, but China is dominating in many other arenas on the world stage

Middle East myopia Soumaya Ghannoushi It is at the heart of world politics. But what gets said and written about the Middle East is marked by generalisation and reductionism.

What we owe 'suspected terrorists' Bruce Ackerman: Compensating detainees who turn out to be innocent is the right thing to do, and would create economic incentives that improve the fight against terrorism.

On the outside looking in Seth Freedman Israeli Arabs are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their own identity, as a recent trip to Nazareth demonstrated.

MoD: military in poor state of readiness

H7 From The American Conservative, How to Win in Iraq: Rapprochement with Iran and neutrality toward Iraq’s Shi’ites is the only way America might yet salvage victory. by William S. Lind

From Forward, the next American president to try a hand at fostering Arab democracy would do well to heed the lessons of the Bush administration’s many mistakes. Here are 10 preliminary thoughts on the lessons to be learned. By Yossi Alpher

Israel Is Training for the Wrong War

Understand Why Iran Is Arming Iraqi Militias Ronald Neumann

Morgan Stanley The Oil-Dollar Link: US Implications

Is America Today the France of Yesterday? - Thomas Sowell, RCP

Justin Raimondo 7/23/2007
Will Bush Invade Pakistan?

Musharraf’s Options Shrinking
Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies

Mixed Blessings: U.S. Government Engagement with Religion in Conflict-Prone Settings Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies Full Paper (PDF; 1.15 MB)

Asia Times Pakistan in the grip of a big squeeze A stinging defeat at the hands of the judiciary is just the beginning of President General Pervez Musharraf's problems. The emboldened opposition is after his blood on a number of fronts, including fallout from the army's attack on the radical Lal Masjid (Red Mosque). But it's the United States' threats to go after al-Qaeda and Taliban targets inside Pakistan that will really test Musharraf's grip on power. - Syed Saleem Shahzad

Blair's well-trodden road to Damascus Tony Blair's new role as Middle East envoy promises to be fraught with uncertainty amid ambitious goals and no little skepticism. Nearly a century ago, British General Edmund Allenby carved a swifter, no less difficult legacy from Gaza to Damascus when he snuffed out 600 years of Ottoman rule and established the Palestine Mandate, one that now lies in dust. Will Blair succeed where Allenby's Blitzkrieg-like precedent ultimately failed? - Ronan Thomas

In defense of genocide, redux
It is a measure of how much the world has changed since September 11, 2001, that the prospect of genocide shocks neither right nor left. Indeed, genocide was the norm, not the exception, in the formative years of modern Europe and America, and it will likely dominate the modern formation of the Middle East as well. Still, genocide is not inevitable

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq stratfor

BBC US and Iran to hold second talks Iran and the US are to hold fresh talks on the subject of Iraq, only their second bilateral talks in decades.

Back to the debate on Syria

Rift between Al Sadr and Al Maliki widens

Iran Paper Says Ahmadinezhad's Syria Trip Especially Important Now

Hezbollah Leader Says Syria Was Ready to Enter 2006 War

Iran's President Bans Use of Government Vehicles for Private Purposes

Iran's Religious Leaders Voice Outrage at "Anti-Shi'I" Fatwa of Saudi Muftis

Total Ready to Promote Energy Cooperation With Iran

Iran Intensifies Social Order Campaign

Second Round of Iran-US Talks to Be Held 24 July

Syrian Press Highlights 22 Jul 07

It May Soon Be Too Last for Lebanon By: Oussama K. Safa | The Daily Star
The meticulous weakening of Lebanese institutions and the state's impaired governance capacity serve Syria's interest of delaying the actual establishment of the special tribunal and strengthen the hand of the opposition. Additionally, the damning UN evidence of Syrian support for cross-border arms smuggling has confirmed many a suspicion about a deliberate Syrian role in
Lebanon's recent woes.

Daily Star Blair has unprecedented opportunity to prove skeptics wrong on Mideast peace

Arab freedom can be delayed, not denie By Emanuele Ottolenghi

Lebanon is all conflict mitigation without reform By Emile El-Hokayem

Putting up the Family Jewels for Sale : Amir Taheri

In Iraq's Kurdish Zone, The Children of Arab Refugees Face Tough Times

Congressional Research Service "U.S. Foreign Assistance to the Middle East: Historical Background, Recent Trends, and the FY2008 Request," updated July 3, 2007.

"Libya: Background and U.S. Relations," updated June 19, 2007.

"U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel," updated April 25, 2007.

"Lebanon," updated July 11, 2007.

"The Iran Sanctions Act (ISA)," updated July 9, 2007.

"Iran's Influence in Iraq," updated July 9, 2007.

DEBKAfile reports: US Air Force B-2 Stealth bombers will soon be fitted with newly-developed 15-tonne Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs

Hizballah’s Nasrallah declares in a war speech from Tehran he has missiles which can reach all parts of Israel including Tel Aviv

MEMRI Jul 23 IA# 377 - Iran Determined to Continue Nuclear Program Despite International Pressures

Wave of strikes
Protesting Egyptian workers demand rights and better pay

H9 Ha’aretz Livni: Blair visit is critical point that can create breakthrough

Giving Blair a big bear hug

Nasrallah: Syria threatened to join in Lebanon war

Danny Rubinstein: This is Abbas' last chance for success

Israel: Hezbollah long-range missile arsenal restored

Treat This with a Grain of Salt - Zvi Bar'el

Report: Iran to Fund Syrian Arms Deals - Roee Nahmias

BBC Monitoring Quotes From Israel's Hebrew Press 23 Jul 07

Jerusalem Post Editorial: How to prevent war

Analysis: Blair the believer

Daily Alert.orgMiddle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review – Google News Israel - Palestine

New Yorker The Apostate A Zionist politician loses faith in the future. by David Remnick

Jerusalem Post America and the House of Saud: A Failed Alliance - Reza Zarabi

Our World: The Olmert government's assault on Zionism

The Palestinian Territories: Background and U.S. Relations

Peres: Unite against Iran
'If Iran is confronted by a united front, it will change,' president tells French daily, pointing out that Ukraine, Libya, South Africa and North Korea have already given up nuclear weapons due to international pressure

'We crushed Greater Israel'

Nasrallah says he is only person authorized to comment on fate of kidnapped Israeli soldiers

British parliamentarians soften demands on Hamas
Lords report calls on EU to avoid "undesirably rigid" approach, says group shouldn't need to recognize
Israel for preliminary contact.

Abbas' Dangerous Game By: Dominic Moran | ISN Security Watch
Having succeeded in forcing through the formation of an interim cabinet, Palestinian President Abbas faces a number of dilemmas as he seeks to counter the spread of Hamas influence without endangering a future Palestinian state.

H10 Christian Science Monitor World poor feel rise in food prices Since 2005, food commodity prices have risen 21 percent, stretching aid groups' resources.

Opinion: Time to heal US-Turkey wounds Sunday's elections give a fresh opportunity to fix a terrible collapse in bilateral ties. By Graham Allison

West divided on resolving Kosovo

Some EU members are hesitant to support the province's bid for independence after a UN resolution was dropped Friday. An informal group meets Wednesday.

Taliban move closer to Kabul Kidnapping of 23 South Koreans is latest evidence that Taliban is extending its reach

In Lebanon, the UN and Hizbullah make unlikely bedfellows

Faced with a new threat from Sunni militants, UN peacekeepers turn to Hizbullah for protection.

ASIA Defense of Japan 2007 (Annual White Paper)
Source: Japanese Ministry of Defense

Bomb by Bomb, Japan Sheds Military Restraints By: Norimitsu Onishi | The New York Times Japan is blurring the line between defensive and offensive military power in spite of its pacifist Constitution, rattling nerves in northeast Asia.

Morgan Stanley China
An ‘Untimely’ Question: What Could Go Wrong with the Economy?

India's US nuclear deal in last straight
The US-India agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation, two years in the making, is virtually a "done deal". Details have not been revealed, but negotiators, pushed on at the highest levels, have ironed out disagreements that have come close to sinking the accord. All the same, there's many a slip ... - Siddharth Srivastava

Confucius Making a Comeback In Money-Driven Modern China

The Green Leap Forward By: Christina Larson | The Washington Monthly
Environmentalism is
China’s fastest-growing citizen movement. Beijing isn’t cracking down on these new activists—it’s empowering them.

China's Space Weapons By: Ashley J. Tellis | The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
China's ASAT demonstration was not a protest against the Bush administration, but rather part of a maturing strategy designed to counter the overall military superiority of the U.S.

The Southwest Pacific: U.S. Interests and China's Growing Influence

China's Delicate Role in Darfur By: Jason Qian and Anne Wu | The Boston Globe
Is China really turning a cold shoulder to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, or has the explosive charge of complicity in genocide blinded observers to China's aid and quiet diplomacy in Sudan?

Abe Ruling Coalition Heads for Big Defeat By: David Pilling | Financial Times
Japan’s ruling coalition is heading for a crushing defeat in next Sunday’s upper house election, according to several polls released on Sunday.

H11 IHT First existentialism, now this
France has produced the ultimate postmodern political novelty: an ideologically eclectic government.

Poland moves to help advance EU treaty

Secretary Rice should follow her own example
There is still a perplexing refusal by the Bush administration to do tedious but absolutely essential diplomatic prep work.

Politicus: An acquiescent U.S. in the face of Russian provocation

As the Russians move almost weekly from new outburst to new provocation, what seems to reign on the Bush administration's policymaking floors is the rather daring hope that this is a harsh moment that will pass.

EUROPE European press review

Eyeing Independence The Economist
The phoney peace drags on for now, but a diplomatic showdown over Kosovo's wish for independence is growing fiercer.

Kosovo: Analyst Says Ahtisaari Plan Still Relevant

EU: Bloc Edges Closer To Reform Treaty

White Paper on Sport (PDF; 87 KB)
Source: Commission of the European Communities


Central Asia: Governance, Geopolitics and Development Challenges ODI

Russia, Realism and EU Unity

EurasiaNet Karabakh Territory Undergoes Political Transition
The self-declared Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has a new leader, Bako Saakian, who currently serves as the territory’s security chief. Saakian has tried to cast himself as a proponent of democratization, but his policy agenda at present contains few specifics.

Pakistani Islamic Missionary Group Establishes a Strong Presence in Central Asia

Google News Azerbaijan



The Problems With Putinism:

Its adverse effects on Russia's would-be middle class.

H13 The Times Blair can enjoy the Lebanon effect

Most Israelis have no desire to live in a gilded ghetto. They would like to reach peace

· Tim Hames

Wall Street Journal

H14 Financial Times

H15 Los Angeles Times Editorial No to nukes

Editorial: It's tempting to turn to nuclear plants to combat climate change, but alternatives are safer and cheaper.

New U.S. Embassy rises in Iraq

Deemed inadequate for a disaster scenario, the compound is taking fire.

Death toll rises on eve of U.S.-Iran talks

Iran Denies Arms Deal With Syria By: Ramin Mostaghim | Los Angeles Times
Iran on Sunday dismissed a widely circulated report alleging a $1-billion arms pact with Syria, terming it a "media ploy" meant to poison relations between Tehran and Damascus.

H16 American Politics

CNN/You Tube debate transcript: Who said what

Democrats answer to the people US presidential hopefuls launch a new form of political debate - taking questions from YouTube.

GOP field appears to narrow

Former senator Fred Thompson and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney appear to be taking the lead.

Report Card on Prejudice in America
Source: Zogby International and GSN

realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin

Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas The Swamp

H17 Daily Telegraph

H18 Independent A 21st century catastrophe

Flood-ravaged Britain is suffering from a wholly new type of civil emergency: a disaster caused by 21st-century weather.

H19Military Intelligence Terrorism

A new publication of the Joint Chiefs of Staff presents U.S. military doctrine on "homeland defense" (pdf).

The All-Volunteer Military: Issues and Performance (PDF; 1 MB)
Source: Congressional Budget Office

Critical Lessons for the Taking By: Leonard A. Cole | The Jerusalem Post Weeks after the bungled car bombings in Britain, though nearly six years after 9/11, preparedness for terrorism in the US remains uneven at best. One underused resource is the collection of lessons from Israel's long experience with terrorism.

Policing Terrorism: David Rieff on the case for the British way of fighting violent Islamists.

Dumb Bomb: Tim Harford on why most terrorists are so incompetent.

The other war, Iraq veterans bear witness: Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian reveal disturbing patterns of behavior by US troops in Iraq—brutal acts that often go unreported and almost always go unpunished.

Their War: Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population serves in our military. In a time of war, what should that mean to the rest of us

Punt Return By: Benjamin Wittes | The New Republic
Congress needs to stop passing the buck on enemy combatants.

US Won't Rule Out Force in Pakistan By: John Donnelly | The Boston Globe
President Bush's homeland security adviser said yesterday that the United States was prepared to take additional measures, including military force, to curb Al Qaeda's operations in remote regions of Pakistan.

Is Ballistic Missile Defence Destabilising?

"U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook," ST 31-91B, 1 March 1982 (407 pages, 16 MB PDF file).

Going North By: W. Thomas Smith Jr. | National Review
An interview with the three-star commander of CENTCOM Air Forces.

H20 Slate

American Conservative A Righter Shade of Green By Roger Scruton
Safeguarding the environment is too important to leave to environmentalists.

How Hot Is Global Warming? A Review of the Polls
Source: Environmental Policy Outlook, American Enterprise Institute

Poor Countries Losing Out on Family Planning Benefits Source: World Bank Full Report (PDF; 8.42 MB)

From Boston Review, why are so many Americans in prison? Glenn C. Loury on race and the transformation of criminal justice.

Suspicion of the public and fear of the future underpin much political analysis these days, with Al Gore a prime example... more»

The Congress of Vienna in 1814 put a lid on Germany and Italy, kept autocrats in Spain and elsewhere, and led to the wars of the 20th century... more»

A review of The Great Arab Conquests: How the Spread of Islam Changed the World We Live In by Hugh Kennedy and Armies of God: Islam and Empire on the Nile, 1869-99 - The First Jihad of the Modern Era by Dominic Green.

A review of Muslim Identity and Islam: Misinterpreted in The Contemporary World by M. G. Hussain.

A review of In the Words of Our Enemies by Jed Babbin

Young People and News (PDF; 223 KB)
Source: Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

A Profile of the World’s Young Developing Country Migrants
Source: institute for the Study of Labor

Full Paper (PDF; 161 KB)

Occupational Choice and the Spirit of Capitalism
Source: Institute for the Study of Labor

H21 Still funny after all these years Review: The Simpsons have made a triumphant leap to cinema, writes Peter Bradshaw.

White Paper on Sport (PDF; 87 KB)
Source: Commission of the European Communities

Dangerous ideas: science has a habit of turning them up, and the internet has a habit of blowing their cover. Let’s face them squarely in open debate, says Steven Pinker... more»

Political science has become too method driven: it needs to get back to the interests, motives, and actions of real people... more»

British teach less Churchill, more global warming

Starting next year British teenagers will face an exotic range of new disciplines designed to equip them with more practical skills.

American Newspapers and the Internet: Threat or Opportunity? (PDF; 371 KB)
Source: The Bivings Report
From blog post introduction:

From NYRB, a review of At the Same Time: Essays & Speeches by Susan Sontag and The Road from Danzig: Timothy Garton Ash reviews books by Gunter Grass.

Translation, universal search in Google's future

Google's Book Search available in publisher sites

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Realism and Change
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