8 June 2007
  June 08, 2007

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H1 Time How to Avoid a New Cold War U.S. ties with Russia are ominously bad, partly because of the disastrous wars both nations have launched. Washington needs to tread wisely in the days ahead By ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI

Washington Post Nominee to Oversee War Offers Grim View on Iraq General Sees Few Gains on Violence or Political Fissures

Al Awsat Forget the 1967 War! Think of This Summer's War : Amir Taheri

Financial Times Putin calls US bluff with base offer Vladimir Putin seized the initiative in the dispute over US plans to site anti-missile defences in central Europe by suggesting instead a joint plan to base part of the system at a former Soviet radar station in Azerbaijan.

COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Cold front US plans for a nuclear ‘shield’ in eastern Europe are seen as a step too far by a Russia. Yet there is scope for compromise.

COMMENT: The Democrats still live in the long shadow of Vietnam Presidential candidates dare not admit disengagement from Iraq will be bloody, costly and deeply damaging to US power, writes Philip Stephens.

Israeli-Syrian ‘war’ may be cover for peace Israeli headlines have been dominated in recent days by warnings of a possible summer war with Syria, an alarming prospect for a public still coming to terms with the consequences of last year’s conflict in Lebanon

COMMENT: How state capitalism could change the world

WORLD NEWS: Sarkozy proposes 'middle way' for Kosovo

The Prospect What Luttwak didn't say Charles Glass Edward Luttwak is right that the middle east is not important enough to fight over. That's why the US should withdraw from Iraq and stop providing aid to Israel.

Boston Globe Bargaining with Russia to contain Iran (By Joseph S. Nye Jr.)

Accommodating Reality in Iraq By: Sonni Efron | Los Angeles Times
There are two schools of thought in Washington about how to make peace in Iraq: the Bush administration's, and almost everyone else's. With the war in its fifth year and the troop-surge strategy for the moment producing more U.S. casualties than progress, some have the humility to admit that their plans for fixing Iraq may not work.

Los Angeles Times Nominee hints at Iraq policy shift Bush's move towards a new "war czar" could directly affect U.S. strategy abroad.

What the New U.S.-Russia Fight is Really About By: Robert Farley | The American Prospect The dispute over missile defense reflects a deeper conflict over influence in Eastern Europe -- and the need to take Russia seriously again as a regional power.

Guardian In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals Simon Jenkins: British and American collusion in the pillaging of Iraq's heritage is a scandal that will outlive any passing conflict.

The west has to accept that there is no military solution Jonathan Steele: The honest way forward in Afghanistan is to understand the south is lost and refocus efforts on Kabul and the north.

Independent The Big Question: Is Israel heading for a peace deal with Syria - or another war?

Geopolitical Diary: Understanding Putin's Missile-Defense Offer
Stratfor –

Ha’aretz Why Israel does not engage with the Saudi initiative Carlos Strenger: For sake of peace, Israel must accept its role in Palestinian Nakba

Heritage Foundation Putin’s Missile Defense Proposal Leaves Key Questions Unanswered

CEPS From Marx and Mao to the Market: The Economics and Politics of Agricultural Transition

Between Jerusalem and Athens, a Muslim 'Third Way' By: Dalia Mogahed | The Daily STar
One of the foremost experts on what he refers to as Islamic democracy, Noah Feldman, explains in his book "After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy" how the Western paradigm has focused on two diametrically opposed models of government, each tracing its origin to one of two ancient cities: Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christianity, and Athens, the birthplace of democracy.

International Crisis Group Georgia’s South Ossetia Conflict: Make Haste Slowly Tbilisi is taking imaginative steps towards solving the Georgian-Ossetian conflict but its new strategy may backfire, and frequent security incidents could degenerate into greater violence, unless it proceeds cautiously and engages all actors.

Pentagon's 'Surge' Turns Into Escalation

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: In the face of an utterly savage enemy, American never gave up. Lessons from Normandy


H2 NYT Editorial A New Danger in Iraq A Turkish invasion of the Kurdish-administered northeast would embarrass the United States and add a whole new and even more dangerous dimension to the mess in Iraq.

The Economist Turkey and its army Military manoeuvres The Turkish army continues to play a big role in the country's domestic and foreign politics—too big, say its critics

Turkey and northern Iraq To go or not to go The Turks ponder a cross-border incursion into northern Iraq

WSJ Editorial Turkish War Drums
Someone in Turkey is playing a dangerous game.

NYT Turkey Rattles Its Sabers at Militant Kurds in Iraq In an effort to root out Kurdish separatist guerrillas, Turkey is stepping up its presence along its border of Iraq

FT WORLD NEWS: Turkey to beef up security on Iraq border

US Papers Friday: The View from Turkey

From the Archive Secrecy News Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) 2005 U.S. Army field manual (excerpt, pdf).

Los Angeles Times Don't delay democracy in Kirkuk By Najmaldin O. Karim Postponing a vote on making the city part of Kurdistan could imperil the U.S. mission in Iraq.

Kuzey Irak ABD'nin Türkiye'ye tuzağı mı? HOŞENK OSE

Turkey Weighs Cost of Military Action In Northern Iraq: Analysts - DefenseNews.com )

Big Turkey incursion in Iraq would be US nightmare Reuters

CSM Tensions on Iraq border rile Turkey Hitting Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq carries political risks for Turkey.

RFE RL Turkish Troops Near Border Spark Invasion Reports

Iraq: Kurds, Shi'a Lash Out At National-Unity Project

French President Sarkozy to propose strategy to end Turkey's EU membership bid ---e

ESI New report: Sex and power in Turkey. Feminism, Islam and the maturing of Turkish democracy

Background information: Sex and power in Turkey

Big Turkey Incursion In Iraq Would Be U.S. Nightmare

Big Turkey Incursion In Iraq Would Be U.S. Nightmare

Iraq Rejects Turkish Call to Curb Kurdish Rebels

Estimated 250,000 Turkish Troops Massed Along Iraq Border

Tensions on Iraq Border Rile Turkey

Dünyanın gözü Türk ordusunda

Sarkozy to propose strategy to end Turkey's EU membership bid

A Different Path in Turkey By Michael Gerson Even in secular Turkey, religious liberty is the most disputed and troublesome of freedoms.

AKP'nin asıl sınavı seçimden sonra

From the Archive Turkey Losing a Staunch Friend TIME Magazine Nov 4, 1991

US diplomats on Turkish elections 1973 NARA - AAD - Fielded Search - Electronic Telegrams, 1/1/1973 - 12/31/1973

ABD Dışişleri sözcüsü'nden Yunan gazeteciye: Sınırı aştın, densiz soru

Büyükanıt için 'diktatör' diyen Yunan gazeteciye ABD azarı

Google News Kurdish Kurdish Media

ERDAL ŞAFAK Empati üstüne

Patlayıcılar Irak'tan geliyor

Büyükanıt: Mahalle kabadayısı değiliz

Operasyon bilmecesi
Kuzey Irak'a operasyon haberi yalanlansa da yankısı sürüyor. Irak'taki sınır köyleri boşalıyor. Barzani ve Talabani: Müdahaleyi kabul edemeyiz

Tension remains high as security on Iraq border maximized

Talabani ve Barzani, Ankara’yı uyardı

Kuzey Irak’a yoğun top ateşi

'Operasyon sadece askeri olmayacak'

ABD destekli yolsuzluk düzeni

Çukurca'da yoğun top atışı sesleri

PKK ile Savaşmak istemiyoruz

Barzani: PKK'yla savaşmamız mümkün değil

Are the Turkish Militarists Opening A New Front in Regional Islamist
Kurdish Aspect

Büyükanıt: Harekât için siyasi direktif gerekir

Ben bir kabile reisiyle görüşmem

Siirt’te mayın pususu: 3 şehit

KORAY DÜZGÖREN Operasyonlar gölgesinde demokratik seçim!..

Alişer Delek Ver elini Memet kardeş, Kandil’e gidelim...

‘An over-the-border operation’ but up to what point? (2) by Assoc. Prof. MELİH CAN*

Yalçın Doğan Orası şimdi daha sıkı bir bölge

Hakan Aygün Geçici güvenlik bölgesi ilanından hükümetin haberi yok muydu?

'Geçici güvenlik bölgesi ılımlı OHAL gibi'

Sınırda 'sıkı-hal'

YILMAZ ÖZDİL Kırmızı çizgi

Askerden teröre karşı kırmızı hat

Yusuf KANLI Nothing new on Turkey front!

Geçici güvenlik bölgesi bir ay önce ilan edildi

Turkey open to dialogue, but ready for incursion into Iraq

Mayın tuzağı: 3 şehit 6 yaralı

PKK'dan ‘Berdel’ gibi ceza

Aşiret oyları yine belirleyici olacak

Kandil Dağı'ndaki köyler boşaltılıyor


Sampson says Turkey and the US has same concerns on terrorism

Talabani: Any incursion spells an attack on all of Iraq

'Aysel Tuğluk Nereye Koşuyor' haberi ile ilgili açıklama

Amerika: Operasyona dair hiçbir gösterge yok

ABD'nin Türkiye'ye 'PKK' mesajı

Iraq Gas Could Use Azeri-Turkish Route:US (07/06/2007)

Güneydoğu'da miting gerilimi

Siverek’te 5 ayda 39 intihar girişimi

'İsrail-Suriye, Ankara üzerinden görüşüyor'

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber

'Üyeliğe alternatif önerim olacak'

Türkiye AB’den asker desteğini çekti

Zeynel Lüle Kıbrıs'tan kim söz ediyor

TÜSAD'dan ayrıcalıklı üyeliği itiraz

Turkey awaits ECHR's verdict after a property deal with Greek Cypriots

Rehn Türkiye o ekspresten indi

Rehn's book published in Turkish

Rauf DENKTAŞ Geçişler...

Sarkozy Türkiye'yi engellemekte kararlı

Bu bölünmüş yapıyla AB'ye üye olunamaz

Rumlar, Türk evlerini yıkıp taşlarını satıyor

Turkey, EU military relations suffer blow

Sarkozy, 'Türkiye cephesi'ni hazirandan sonra açacak

Papadopulos, Annan Planı'na destek sözü vermiş

Ermenistan'da Taşnak gizli iktidar

Turkish Fishing Villages Blame Pipeline for Dwindling Catches

YUSUF KAPLAN Amerika izlenimleri: Akademi, sistem ve kilise

Berat Özipek Totaliterizme karşı mizah

Aleviliğin televizyonla imtihanı

Gayrimüslimler yarışın dışında

Erdoğan: Tehdit telefonu alıyorum

Genelkurmay'dan 'alt seviyede protokol' haberine sert tepki: TSK yıpratılmak isteniyor

8 Haziran 2007 Basın Özeti

H3 Genel Kurmay Basın Açıklaması / 13

Irak sınırında tansiyon yükseldi

Türk askeri kabadayı değil

'Siyasi direktif gerekir'

Washington: PKK'ya karşı Türkiye'nin yanındayız

Baykal Köşk ısrarı kaybettirir 'AKP eğer uzlaşmazsa bedelini çok ağır öder'

Koç "Türkiye Batı'dan koparılmak isteniyor"

Ali H Aslan Under the influence of Perle?

Artık en önemli risk Kuzey Irak mı?

Panik başladı...

Operasyon yaparsanız AB müzakereleri durur

Kandil’den kaçış

Taha AKYOL Seçimden sonra kriz mi?!

Cengiz Çandar Arap-İsrail 1967 Türkiye-Kürtler 2007 (?)

Ferai Tınç Terörle mücadelede siyaset nerede?

ALİ BAYRAMOĞLU Asker Kuzey Irak'ta kimi vuracak?

Yeni sivil Anayasa yapacağız

AK Parti'den tam demokrasi ve özgürlükçü anayasa vaadi

CHP’nin 12 seçim vaadi

'Büyük koalisyon' olur mu? Haluk Şahin

Listelerde merkez rüzgârı!
İsmet Berkan

1950 ruhu mu, yoksa yeni bir durum mu? Murat Yetkin

Fikret BİLA Merkez sağ tersten dalınca...

Hasan CEMAL Sağ mı, sol mu, yoksa...

Sami KOHEN 'Yanınızdayız' demek yetmez!

MAHMUT ÖVÜR Bu liste, AK Parti'yi nereye götürecek?

Güngör URAS Irak sinirleri geriyor

İBRAHİM KARAGÜL Kuzey Irak savaşı başladı!

O artık CHP'nin bir bileni

Baykal Terörü himaye eden bedelini öder arkadaş

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası

Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri - Dış Basında Güncel Türkiye Bülteni Dış Basında Irak BBC Turkish 0700 VOA TSİ 06:30 Dış Basında Türkiye Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey Turquie Türkei TurcoPundit

Taha Kıvanç Bir süreç böyle geçti

Fehmi Koru Hazin gerçekler

NAZLI ILICAK Demirel'le sohbet

Gülay Göktürk “Mahalle baskısı” ve Ak Parti (1)

Nuray Başaran Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi iktidara hiç bu kadar hazır olmamıştı

Güler Kömürcü Bu nasıl bir ekip?!

ERGUN BABAHAN Çankaya, uzlaşma ve dayatma

Ertuğrul Özkök Bir medya tabusunu yıkmak

M Ali Birand Güneydoğu’ya OHAL geri dönüyor...

Ertuğ Yaşar Anti militer

Asker ve AKP yöntemleri M.Ali Kışlalı

Serdar Turgut Tutarlı politika

Sağda 'sol' formülü

Sağda ittifak tamam

Mehmet Tezkan Bir ay önce umuttular.. Şimdi baraja tutunmak için işbirliği yapıyorlar.. Yarattıkları hava bu..

AK Party manifesto pledges respect for all lifestyles

Oktay Ekşi Hesabını kim verecek?

Mehmet Y Yılmaz AKP, merkez partisi olur mu?

Güneri CIVAOĞLU Çiller-Erdoğan-Demirel

Listeler arasında gezinti Hasan Celal Güzel

Murat Çelik Ayrılığın perde arkası

Anavatan, grup kuracak kadar vekil istiyor; DP boş yerleri teklif ediyor

Mehmet Metiner AK Parti’de tasfiye mi değişim mi?

Benzersizlik özlemi Murat Belge

İlnur Çevik Same old story before early polls

Mehmet Barlas Mühendis olmak yetmez, hukukçu da olmak şart…

Tufan Türenç TV’lerdeki haberler artık sinir bozuyor

Nasuhi Güngör 27 Nisan’ı aşmak

Tamer Korkmaz Erol Taş'ın CHP'sinde asgari Önder Somer olmak gerekir!

Emin Çölaşan Bu yama dikiş tutar mı?

UMUR TALU Hesap masada!

Özdemir İnce Cumhuriyet, Demokrat Parti ve Zafer Çağlayan

Hurşit GÜNEŞ Ömrü biten program ve siyasal partiler

Mustafa Ünal CHP'nin hâli

Hüseyin Gülerce Alma demokrasinin ahını, çıkar aheste aheste...

Mümtazer Türköne Şehit kanıyla siyaset

Nuh Gönültaş S.Demirel gibi olmayın da nasıl olursanız olun!

İsmail Küçükkaya
Baykal’ın yorumları...

Anavatan ve DP'de liste krizi aşılamadı, Mumcu topu Ağar'a attı

Bilal Çetin Vaat yağmuru yolda...

Mensur Akgün G8 zirvesi, gerilim, kutuplaşma ve Türkiye

[Yorum - Doç.Dr.Zühtü Arslan] Siyasi ideolojiler öldü mü?

[Sivil toplum örgütleri ne kadar sivil-1] 'Demokrasiye bağlı' sivil örgütler nerede?

Gila Benmayor Mecliste yüzde 10 kadın olsa bile 126’ıncı sıradayız

Ercan Kumcu Varlık fiyatları enflasyonu

ABD için Türkiye Rusya'dan daha önemli bir pazar Amerikan Ticaret Bakan Yardımcısı David Sampson

Ekonomide AKP bilindik CHP donanımlı MHP deneyimli

Maliyeti Hazine’ye çıkar

IMF'siz Türkiye mümkün mü?

Güven Sak Yoksa siyasetçilerin hiçbir şey yapması gerekmiyor mu

Kredibilite için adım Uğur Gürses

Cari açık neden geriledi?

Deniz Gökçe Erhard piyasaya inanırdı!

Turkey calls for more US investment

Eser Karakaş KDV meselesi

Bir boncuk da çiftçiye Ekmeklik buğdayın tonuna, yüzde 4'lük 2007 hedef enflasyonunun üç buçuk katı (yüzde 13-14) zam yapıldı. Bakan Eker, desteklemeler hariç maliyetin yüzde 18 üzerinde kâr verildiğini söyledi

Bringing innovation to the Turkish market

Salih Neftçi Rakamlar şu anda nerede?

COMPANIES UK: Cadbury in Turkey gum acquisition

H4 New York Times Putin Presents Bush With Plan on Missile Shield The Russian president suggested that instead of building radar defenses in the Czech Republic, the U.S. should use an existing system in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

British Contractor Paid Saudi, Reports Say

India, Said to Play Down AIDS, Has Many Fewer With Virus Than Thought, Study Finds

U.S. Compromise on Global Warming Plan Averts Impasse at Group of 8 Meeting

Protests Rage Against Musharraf; Aides Criticize Justice He Ousted

Secret Prisons in 2 Countries Held Qaeda Suspects, Report Says

Italy Braces for Legal Fight Over Secret C.I.A. Program

To Gain Among Muslims, Indonesia Offers to Mediate Middle East Disputes

New War Czar Wins Praise, but White House Is Faulted

At Haditha Hearing, Dueling Views of a Battalion Commander

Bombs and Gunmen in Iraq Kill at Least 22 and Wound 55

After Key Arrest by Serbia, European Union Is to Reopen Talks

PAUL KRUGMAN Lies, Sighs and Politics If early campaign reporting is any guide, the bad media habits that helped install the worst president ever in the White House haven’t changed a bit.

DAVID BROOKS Reviving the Hamilton Agenda Government is really bad at rigging or softening economic competition. It can do some good when it helps people compete. David Brooks: Reviving the Hamilton Agenda

Don’t Ask, Don’t Translate By STEPHEN BENJAMIN More than 58 Arabic linguists have been kicked out since “don’t ask, don’t tell” was instituted. How much valuable intelligence could those men and women be providing today to troops in harm’s way?


Immigrant Bill, Lacking 15 Votes, Stalls in Senate The failure to end the debate leaves the future of one of the administration’s chief domestic priorities in serious doubt.

H5 Washington Post Nominee to Oversee War Offers Grim View on Iraq General Sees Few Gains on Violence or Political Fissures

Putin Offers to Join Missile Shield Effort G-8 Leaders Retreat on Emissions Cuts

Rice: U.S. Foreign Policy is 'American Realism'

William Arkin Gates Is Wrong: Europe Should Go Its Own Way

Senate Committee Approves Bill for Detainee Hearings

G-8 Leaders Back 'Substantial' Cuts In Gas Emissions Bush Prevails Against Binding Targets

Pakistan Suspends Media Restrictions Crackdown Was Widely Criticized; Musharraf Lashes Out at Allies in Parliament

Saudi Reportedly Got $2 Billion for British Arms Deal

Suicide Attacks, Bombings Kill Dozens in Iraq College Professors, Journalist Among Shooting Victims

European Report Addresses CIA Sites Prisons in Poland, Romania, It Says

Israelis, Palestinians Join Forces on Barrier With strong economic ties created by necessity, a number of communities have turned to each other to prevent impending division

Two Years of Humble Pie By Charles Krauthammer, We have turned the presidential campaign into a pleasingly degrading ordeal -- pleasing, that is, to the electorate.

A Defining Choice for The GOP

Loyalty to Libby or The Rule of Law?

By E. J. Dionne Jr., Page A19

The argument among Republicans over whether President Bush should grant Scooter Libby a quick pardon amounts to a battle between the past and the future.

Immigration Bill Fails to Gain Senate Approval Compromise to overhaul nation's immigration laws collapses when senators from both parties refuse to cut off debate and move to a final vote

A Different Path in Turkey By Michael Gerson Even in secular Turkey, religious liberty is the most disputed and troublesome of freedoms.

H6 Guardian In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals Simon Jenkins: British and American collusion in the pillaging of Iraq's heritage is a scandal that will outlive any passing conflict.

The west has to accept that there is no military solution Jonathan Steele: The honest way forward in Afghanistan is to understand the south is lost and refocus efforts on Kabul and the north.

Shrines devastated as militants target Iraq's ancient heritage

CIA 'ran secret prisons in Europe'

Official inquiry finds evidence of prisons where terrorism suspects could be interrogated.

Musharraf suspends media curbs

Analysts fear emergency rule may be imposed as anger grows on streets and in ruling party.

Leader Princely sums BAE Systems: Twenty-two years have passed since the allegation first emerged in October 1985 that a commission was paid to the Saudis for Britain's biggest ever arms contract.

Without principle George Monbiot: Allegations about BAE's slush fund show the UK has no right to lecture anyone else on corruption

Attorney-general knew of BAE and the £1bn. Then concealed it Guardian investigation: Goldsmith hid secret money transfers from international anti-corruption organisation.

The spoilers who threaten Somalia's peace hopes World briefing: Hopes of replacing violence with dialogue in Somalia are focusing on a much-delayed national reconciliation congress now expected in Mogadishu next week, says Simon Tisdall.

A qualified welcome

Tony Juniper Jun 07 07, 06:50pm: The G8 agreement on climate change is vague and wishy-washy, but if it leads to a new UN deal with real targets, it could still be meaningful.

H7 Crackdown in Iran By: H. Abrishami | The Nation When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced a $75 million appropriation to support Iranian civil society in February 2006, she made the regime's job far easier. Suddenly, everyone became a potential spy or recipient of US funds.

State desperate for envoys to learn Arabic The State Department, in an unprecedented move highlighting its desperate need for Arabic speakers, is allowing U.S. diplomats to curtail their current assignments anywhere in the world and begin Arabic language training in September

Gvosdev Clarifying the "Obama-Zakheim" Plan "operating at the borders" in Iraq

The Wrong Rap on Rice
Huffington Post

Boston Globe Climate change conversion (By Adil Najam) PRESIDENT BUSH claims that his sudden and dramatic about-face on climate change is motivated by the emergence of new scientific findings. I would like to believe that it is so. However, I suspect that things are not as simple as that.

BBC G8 climate deal
Agreement comes, but it's a fine line between success and failure

G8 under pressure on Africa aid

G8 leaders turn their attention to Africa on the final day of their summit, under pressure to honour aid commitments

Asia Times Iran revisits the Khomeini legacy
This year's commemoration of the passing of ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini 18 years ago has been interlaced with a heightened official attempt to reaffirm Iran's "Khomeinist" credentials, even as some in the country's complex system of governance seek dialogue with the "Great Satan", the US. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Iran forces the issue in Afghanistan Iran's deportation of more than 100,000 Afghan refugees in the past six weeks - more than 1,000 a day are still streaming across the border - is a carefully calculated move. On the one hand it relieves pressure in Iran's restive Sunni province, while on the other it helps the Taliban reopen a front in northwestern Afghanistan. The US has another pressing reason to speak to Tehran. - Syed Saleem Shahzad

New Republic Is Bob Zoellick the next Paul Wolfowitz?
Bush's popular nominee to head the World Bank could fall prey to the same problems that doomed his predecessor.
by Bradford Plumer

William Kristol Lincoln's Wisdom (Commentary) He saw how time erodes the memory of our battles against tyranny. Are we ignoring the lessons now?

Bush 'in very bad shape' on Iraq
Pelosi expects 'drastic reduction in troops' in Iraq by summer 2008.

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq stratfor

New Iraqi front to reform political process

Winning Over the Palestinian Card By: Michael Young | The Daily Star
It is a coincidence, but a useful one, that on the 40th anniversary of an Arab-Israeli war that prompted the Palestinian national movement to break free from the stifling embrace of the Arab states, that effort is repeating itself in Lebanon, albeit with uncertain success. There is much the Lebanese state can do to sustain the effort, to its own advantage.

BBC Saudi prince 'was paid arms cash' A Saudi prince received secret payments from the UK's biggest arms dealer, a BBC investigation reveals.

Peston's picks: Saudi sandstorm

Timeline: BAE corruption probe

Profile: Prince Bandar

Rafsanjani: New Middle East War Possible

Al-Sadr radio interview decries U.S. presence in Iraq In a rare appearance on state-operated Iraqi television, radical anti-American Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Thursday called the U.S.-backed government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki "neglectful" and sectarian and blamed Iraq's problems on the U.S. presence in the country. The tone of his statements weren't surprising. Al-Sadr has been consistently anti-American since his Mahdi Army militia first rebelled against the U.S. presence in 2004. He's also grown increasingly critical of al-Maliki, who came to office last year largely on the strength of al-Sadr's support, and last month al-Sadr withdrew his backers from al-Maliki's government.

War czar nominee says Iraq government unprepared to make reforms

McClatchy Insurgent group steps up its campaign against Baghdad's Christians

H9 Ha’aretz Why Israel does not engage with the Saudi initiative Carlos Strenger: For sake of peace, Israel must accept its role in Palestinian Nakba

Marcus Five comments on the situationWhat those now denouncing the 40th anniversary of the occupation do not understand is that the Six- Day War was the most justified war Israel ever fought - because it knocked out of the Arabs' heads the idea that Israel could be destroyed by force.

Samet Will there be a war?

One day, two declarations

Oren Chronicle of a war foretold

Ze'ev Schiff: Hamas defeated Israel in the battle for Sderot

Israel won't try to change UN mandate on Golan

The Jewish Conspiracy

Report: Syria Doubts Israel Wants Peace

Daily Alert.orgMiddle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review Google News Israel - Palestine

BBC Heart of the matter
The on-going struggles that shape everyday life in Jerusalem

Rogue state? A Russian view of the spat over America's anti-missile plans

Renewed anti-Semitism is a global problem

Syrian official: Damascus wants to renew talks with Israel

Experts Assess Progress Four Decades After Six-Day War

USS Liberty Veterans Demand Investigation

H10 Christian Science Monitor Schorr: Bush plan: US troops in Iraq permanently

In shift, Bush draws NATO into controversial missile-shield plans

Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to cooperate if the radar system is based in Azerbaijan instead of the Czech Republic

G-8 summit isolates US on climate change

As Bush pushes for voluntary measures, other members endorse goal of halving greenhouse emissions by 2050.

ASIA Playing the New Great Game in Asia and Beyond By: The Japan Times | Brahma Chellaney A nifty new enterprise to discuss security dangers in the Asia-Pacific and evolve a coordinated approach — the Quadrilateral Initiative — has kicked off with an unpublicized first meeting. U.S., Japanese, Indian and Australian officials, at the rank of assistant secretary of state, quietly met recently on the sidelines of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) gathering in Manila.

U.S.-India Nuke Deal Could Hinge On Behind-the-Scenes G-8 Meeting By: Manik Mehta | World Politics Review Officials in the United States and India appear hopeful that the issue is going to get a renewed push from the highest political level this week when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and U.S. President George W. Bush meet on the sidelines of the Group of 8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany.

China to oppose US missile defense shield plans in Asia

And they call China a threat ...Though hyped by various alarmists, the latest Pentagon assessment of China's military, read dispassionately, is reassuring. It paints a picture of a country gradually modernizing its Mao Zedong-era armed forces into a more modern striking force. But as a global threat it is still barely in the same league as the old Soviet Union. - David Isenberg

H11 IHT Looking for leadership in Heiligendamm The most urgent issue before the Group of 8 is Iran.

Where's EuroArnold?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator of California, should have been invited to this week's Group of 8 summit.

Sarkozy says he and Blair agree on reforming the EU

Comment communiquer le projet européen, par Thomas Ferenczi

EUROPE European press review

The Economist Spain and ETA Ceasefire no more

Charlemagne The think-tanks that miss the target

Is London's future Islamic? (Time Out)

US Missiles in Europe: Beyond Deterrence to First-Strike Threat

Romanian Democrats Call Non-Confidence Vote to Oust Premier By: Adam Brown | Bloomberg News
Romanian lawmakers loyal to President Traian Basescu called a vote of non-confidence in an attempt to bring down his main rival, Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu, and trigger early elections.

Zapatero at Bay The Economist
On May 27th his Socialists fell behind the opposition People’s Party (PP) in local elections, notably in Madrid, where anti-Zapatero feeling runs high. An even more crushing blow fell when ETA, the Basque separatists, went back to the business of violence.

BBC Europe's seas face 'bleak future' Europe's seas are in serious decline as a result of coastal development, fishing and pollution, warn scientists.

Italy set for CIA rendition trial
A trial over the CIA's extraordinary rendition of a terror suspect to Egypt opens in Italy on Friday.

Bush's visit to Albania will thank a country loyal to his policies

France to 'shock' economy French President Nicolas Sarkozy's government yesterday announced details of a $15 billion master plan to "shock" the economy back to life, the first part of his ambitious economic and social reform drive.

H12 RFE/RLRussia: Ethnic Tensions Mounting In Restive Stavropol

Putin suggests alternate site for missile defense system

Heritage Foundation Putin’s Missile Defense Proposal Leaves Key Questions Unanswered

Putin counterattacks with conciliation

Armenia: A Coalition Government Amidst Conflict




Tony Karon Putin Calls Bush’s Bluff

Google News Azerbaijan

U.S Diplomatic Rescue Mission Secures Military Base, for Now By: Brad Macdonald | The Trumpet
Desperation in recent negotiations reveals America’s vulnerability in Central Asia.

The Good Czar By: Cathy Young | Reason Whether Yeltsin’s legacy will amount to anything more than another Russian fantasy of the “good czar” who will protect the people from its oppressors is something only history will tell.

Russia: The Beggar Becomes the Belligerent By: Bridget Kendall | New Statesman From threats over weapons systems to blame for the Litvinenko murder Putin is adopting a hostility towards the U.S. and Europe not seen since the end of the Cold War

Putin's Popularity By: Dilip Hiro | The Guardian Russian voters crave stability and security, which is why Vladimir Putin's quasi-authoritarian system continues to score an enviable approval rating.

What the New U.S.-Russia Fight is Really About By: Robert Farley | The American Prospect The dispute over missile defense reflects a deeper conflict over influence in Eastern Europe -- and the need to take Russia seriously again as a regional power.

U.S. intelligence chief says Russian spies at 'Cold War levels'...

H13 The Times The Democrats can’ t lose For all the party’s political advantages, the character of Democrat leaders still troubles voters

Gerard Baker

Stop behaving like a banana republic BAE stands accused of covertly paying hundreds of millions of pounds to Prince Bandar bin Sultan

Oliver Kamm

Leader Open and Shut Both London and Riyadh must be more transparent and accountable

G8 leaders agree Baltic Pact The groundbreaking agreement by G8 leaders in Germany paves the way for greenhouse gas emissions to be halved by 2050

Leader A Change of Climate

The G8 moves slowly but in the right direction

Let’s share the missile system, proposes Putin President Putin has wrong-footed President Bush in the row over US interceptor missiles by proposing the base be in Azerbaijan

Wall Street Journal Fallen Soldier
Mr. President, do not leave this man behind. By FOUAD AJAMI

'68 Redux An improving counterinsurgency plan. An oblivous press corps. Iraq is looking more like Vietnam.

Invasive and Ineffective The Senate immigration bill won't protect our borders. It will make life miserable for every employee and employer in America.

The Infantile Prime Minister
Spain's Zapatero trusted ETA, and is paying the price.

Dollar vs. the euro Do you think the U.S. dollar will continue to fall against the euro?

H14 Financial Times Putin calls US bluff with base offer Vladimir Putin seized the initiative in the dispute over US plans to site anti-missile defences in central Europe by suggesting instead a joint plan to base part of the system at a former Soviet radar station in Azerbaijan.

COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Cold front US plans for a nuclear ‘shield’ in eastern Europe are seen as a step too far by a Russia. Yet there is scope for compromise.

COMMENT: The Democrats still live in the long shadow of Vietnam Presidential candidates dare not admit disengagement from Iraq will be bloody, costly and deeply damaging to US power, writes Philip Stephens.

Israeli-Syrian ‘war’ may be cover for peace Israeli headlines have been dominated in recent days by warnings of a possible summer war with Syria, an alarming prospect for a public still coming to terms with the consequences of last year’s conflict in Lebanon

US war ‘tsar’ to take up fight in Iraq General Douglas Lute, nominated to be the Iraq war ‘tsar,’ faces a tough job. He will assume the newly created position – which was turned down by several retired four-star generals – as the surge increases resistance

COMMENT: How state capitalism could change the world

WORLD NEWS: Sarkozy proposes 'middle way' for Kosovo

COMMENT: Sarkozy can teach Labour to be tough on terror

COMMENT: Towards a true price for energy The proper reply to threats from Opec against the development of biofuels is to tell the oil producers’ cartel to take a running jump, writes Samuel Brittan.

Editorial An arms deal that stinks of hypocrisy The stench of hypocrisy in BAE’s Saudi contract is overpowering. It can only be dispelled by a thorough judicial inquiry.

WORLD NEWS: Biofuels pose no threat to Opec, says IEA

WORLD NEWS: Decision on development aid set to disappoint Africa

NATIONAL NEWS: Claims frustrate efforts by Houseof Saud

Merkel hails G8 climate pledge Leaders agree to post-Kyoto talks

ANALYSIS: As stocks falter, Beijing mulls the chances of an investor backlash Further sharp market losses could provoke discontent among the middle class and harm the government’s plans for reform

COMMENT: How state capitalism could change the world Rather than seeking refuge in protectionism, the west should use the growth of state funds to force positive changes in investing countries’ home markets, writes Gerard Lyons.

Editorial Global inflation

Editorial A backwards step In its way, it is quite an achievement. Two years ago in Gleneagles the Group of Eight wealthy countries pledged to increase annual aid levels by $50bn by 2010.

MARKETS AND INVESTING: Opec insists crude supplies are sufficient

Construction jobs cloud US productivity

H15 Los Angeles Times Nominee hints at Iraq policy shift Bush's move towards a new "war czar" could directly affect U.S. strategy abroad.

Accommodating reality By Sonni Efron The Bush administration learns to think small in its peace efforts for Iraq.

2 GOP senators back troop reduction in Iraq

On violent day, al-Sadr casts blame on U.S.

Saudi prince linked to scandal Allegations point directly at one of the administration's strongest Mideast allies

Putin counters with conciliation Russian president's offer to cooperate on an antimissile program overshadows G8 summit's other developments

No pardon for Libby

No matter how much his advocates argue otherwise, he committed a crime and should pay the price.

Editorial U.S. Muslims' views

The findings of a Pew survey signal that the Bush administration needs to deal with a credibility gap.

H16 American Politics

Immigration divides GOP

Republican presidential hopefuls show little party unity over the immigration bill in Senate

Immigration compromise suffers Senate setback Legislation to legalize millions in the U.S. will not be brought to a final vote. Partisan bickering ensues.

The Libby lobby's pardon campaign
Salon - By Sidney Blumenthal.

BBC Senate kills US immigration bill An immigration bill stalls in the US Senate, dealing a blow to President Bush's hopes of reform before his term ends

Time The Case For Amnesty (The Well / Nation)
It has emerged as the pariah term in the immigration debate. But here's why legalizing aliens makes sense

realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin

Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas Swamp Sunrise Daybook

H17 Daily Telegraph Putin wants to split Europe from the US

The meek chiding of Russian President Vladimir Putin is a far cry from the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, when the Soviet Union brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust, argues Con Coughlin.

Leader More grandstanding than progress It would be as well to take the declaration that the agreement on climate change represents a "major, major step forward", with a pinch of salt.

US agrees to join global warming battle

President George W Bush has dramatically changed his stance on the environment by agreeing for the first time to include America in a global campaign against climate change.

Blair refuses to order fresh BAE arms inquiry Tony Blair was struggling to defuse a new row after claims that £1bn of "sweeteners" was paid to a Saudi prince in an arms deal.

Charming Saudi prince with an influential role

Prisoners vanish after CIA detention Secret detention must end, rights groups tell US.

Fury at Blair deal over Lockerbie Row errupts over secret deal between Blair and Gaddafi.

Days of Yes, Minister are numbered Gordon Brown is signalling a revolution in Downing Street, writes Denis MacShane. He is preparing to trust the professionals.

H18 Independent Deal or raw deal? Bush refuses to commit to climate change target Tony Blair was claiming a breakthrough in the battle against climate change yesterday after President George Bush agreed that the United States would "seriously consider" a global target to halve emissions of greenhouse gases

Dominic Lawson: The summit designed to breathe new life into the Kyoto process has seen it expire

Inside the Dark World of Rendition

The Big Question: Is Israel heading for a peace deal with Syria - or another war?

Bandar The diplomat who schmoozed his way through Washington

Matthew Norman: The special relationship is a sad joke

Belgrade's new 'commitment' to war tribunal helps restart EU talks

Palestinians face more restrictions than ever

Sarkozy marriage mystery deepens as Cecilia goes missing

Goldsmith faces claim he concealed £1bn 'secret' payment to Saudi prince The Attorney General faces questions over allegations he ordered British investigators to conceal from an international corruption watchdog the existence of secret payments to a Saudi prince

H19Military Intelligence Terrorism

U.S. intelligence chief says Russian spies at 'Cold War levels'...

What if Our Mercenaries
Turn on Us?

by Chris Hedges

A new issue of the United States Army's Soldiers is out.

Seduced by War: An interview with Andrew J. Bacevich, author of The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War.

A review of Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War by Jean Bricmont.

CRS "Defense Acquisition: Overview, Issues, and Options for Congress," June 4, 2007.

"Constitutional Limitations on Domestic Surveillance".

H20 Slate

There is a price to pay for our DNA The new genetics could draw all of us, healthy or not, into the medical net - at great cost for all, but uncertain benefit except for a few, suggests Steve Jones.

From Arts & Opinion, is Islam the problem, or can it be part of the solution? Phyllis Chesler on secular Islam; and an interview with Rawi Hage on the long journey into secularism. From Policy Review, How the West Really Lost God: Mary Eberstadt on a new look at secularization. A review of The Cambridge Companion to Atheism.

Is anti-Semitism good for the Jews? Eugene Volokh says yes, but only when expressed in moderation. From Jewcy, Who’s Afraid of Paul Berman? How the Terror and Liberalism author gets Islamism wrong — again.

Innovative Employment Approaches and Programs for Low-Income Families Urban Institute This 118-page US report profiles approaches and programmes for improving the economic success of low-income parents

Joe Klein: Bullying Tone of Intolerance Has Overtaken Left-Wing Websites...

H21 From the International Social Science Review, a review of Herbert A. Simon: The Bounds of Reason in Modern America by Hunter Crowther-Heyck

From Policy Review, Lawrence Chickering (Hoover) and P. Edward Haley (Claremont): Strong Society, Weak State; and Peter Berkowitz reviews Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew who Gave us Modernity by Rebecca Goldstein. Stanley Rosen remembers Leo Strauss in Chicago.

Bill Gates Goes Back To School (Time Exclusive)
Harvard's most famous dropout returns for his diploma, 30 years late. His final exam: Can he save the world?

The Economist Technology Quarterly

From Cosmos, there's nothing quite like Einstein and his theories of relativity to bring out the doubters, the cranks and the outright crackpots. Do they have a point? Was Einstein a fake?

Given what is happening in Babylon (Iraq) and biotechnology today, we may be witnessing the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

a review of Knowing Capitalism by Nigel Thrift.

From Truthdig, an interview with Christopher Hitchens on how religion poisons everything. Here's the video of the Hitchens vs. Hedges debate on religion. A review of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason and Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris; The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins; and Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Michel Onfray.

From Cosmos, Sexual Chemistry 101: Looking for love? Use the power of science to give you the edge in the dating game, with the top 10 lab-tested tips for finding the perfect mate.

On a losing streak

Smug, empty and unpleasant, Ocean's 13 puts another dent in the reputations of its cast and director, says Peter Bradshaw.

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