30 November 2005
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H1 Boston Review Exit Strategy How to disengage from Iraq in 18 months Barry R. Posen
Los Angeles Times U.S. Paying Iraqi Papersto Run Favorable Stories
Washington Post Rice's Rising Star
On Iraq and Iran, A Deft Balancing Act By David Ignatius

Prospect When will the oil run out? And what happens then?Jeremy Leggett vs David Jenkins If there are 3 trillion barrels left, we should have the time to find alternatives to oil. If there are only 1 trillion, then we are in trouble.

Brookings Institution - Energy Security: Responding to the Challenge John Browne, British Petroleum Group Chief Executive Remarks as prepared for delivery (PDF)

CIA chief defends agency over bin Laden hunt; Goss: 'We know more than we can say'...

Guardian The two grand bargains being offered by the 21st-century tsar Jonathan Freedland: Many Russians accept a loss of democracy as long as they prosper. Should we give Putin respect in exchange for gas and oil?

Nowhere to run Brian Whitaker asks if there is any way out of Iraq for President Bush.

Can "Freedom Only" Secure Our Future? Susan E. Rice and Corinne Graff; McGill International Review 6(Fall 2005): 44-51

Slate The Perils of Withdrawal: We're sticking with Afghanistan. Why would we ditch Iraq? Christopher Hitchens
H2 Boston Globe The trouble with Turkey (By John Tirman) IN THE ONGOING debate about ''democratization," Turkey is a vivid example of how difficult it can be. Its inability to end old habits of repression and embrace democratic values presents an agonizing dilemma for Europe and a reminder of failed policies of the United States.

"Armenian Genocide. What it means to the US and the EU" (English) Mehmet Kalyoncu

"The Stakes of the Opening of Turkish-Armenian Border - The cross-border contacts between Armenia and Turkey" (English) Dr. Burcu GültekinFrench Institute of Anatolian Studies

"Azerbaijan's Parliamentary Elections: A Step Forward" (English) Svante Cornell

"Black Soil. Oil and Ethnicity in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict" (English)Morten Anstorp Rosenkvist, MA

"Improving the OECD's Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan" (English)Bryane Michael

SlateToday's Papers / Blogometer realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note - Early Bird thru GovExec - antiwar.com / Wikipedia / technorati

Kirkuk Combats Corrupt Police, Wayward Force

UPI Interview: First 100 days of Iranian President Ahmadinejad

RFE/RL Armenia Armenia's Opposition Calls On President To Resign

EurasiaNet Azerbaijan: Foreign Energy Company Strike Raises Social Tensions

New York Times Bush to Outline Broad Iraq Plan; Push on Training

Christian Science Monitor When will Iraqis be ready? Dedication among soldiers is up, officials say, but many hurdles remain.

H3 Turkey and Europe

Turkey and the U.S.

Greek press on Cyprus and Turkey

Turkey and the Middle East

Turkey, Russia, Caucasus, C. Asia

FT Turkey cuts tax rates to attract foreign investors

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The ongoing corruption will negate every attempt toward democracy - By Rauf Naqishbendi

Kurdish Parties Unhappy at Split

Norwegian company starts oil drilling in Iraq BBC Monitoring Service - A Norwegian oil company, DNO [Det norske oljeselskap], began drilling for oil in the Kurdish part of Iraq today

CSIS Shaping the Future of Counterinsurgency Warfare: A Strategic Approach

International Crisis Group EU Visas and the Western Balkans

Iran's Influence in Iraq Congressional Research Service

GAO report examines U.S efforts to counter international terrorism Report full text [PDF]
H4 New York Times Bush to Outline Broad Iraq Plan; Push on Training American military officials in Iraq said they have requested $3.9 billion for next year to help train and equip Iraqi troops.

Upbeat Signs Hold Cautions for the Future By most measures, the economy appears to be booming, but as always with the United States economy, it is not quite that simple.

Editorial Trying Saddam, and His System Patience is what is needed now from the judges in the trial of Saddam Hussein, from Iraqi political leaders and from ordinary Iraqi citizens.

Senator Clinton Calls for Withdrawal From Iraq to Begin in 2006

Letter From Ukraine: Modest River, Wide Chasm, With Europe 'Over There'
U.S. to Respond to Inquiries Over Detentions in Europe
Investigation Says Russians Acted Ineptly in School Raid
British Review of Energy to Include Atomic Power
Official Says American Delay of U.N. Budget Would Cause Crisis
Old Leftist Friend Is to Join Sharon's New Party
Dowd The Autumn of the Patriarchy
Inside the vice president's bunker mentality.

The Flu's Second Front
A pneumonia vaccine can save lives in an influenza epidemic.

Cull of the Wild
Migratory birds are the victims, not villains, of avian flu.

H5 Washington Post Rice's Rising Star
On Iraq and Iran, A Deft Balancing Act
By David Ignatius, Condoleezza Rice had an interesting office visitor on Monday -- none other than her old mentor and the nation's realist in chief, former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft. It was the first serious chat they've had after many months of strained relations, and it may be a symbol for a subtle...

In Ramadi Town Meeting, Sunnis Echo Push in U.S. for Withdrawal

Peres May Bolt Labor for Party Formed by Sharon Speculation Grows as New Movement Draws More High-Profile Israelis

Rumsfeld's War On 'Insurgents' By Dana Milbank, Last weekend, while other Americans were watching football and eating leftover turkey, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld ended the Iraqi insurgency.

Bush Cites Need to Secure Victory in Iraq

U.S. Plans to Build Stockpile of Flu Vaccine
By Justin Gillis, U.S. expects to have nearly 8 million doses of experimental vaccine against pandemic influenza by February, and the supply could stretch to cover more than a third of the population, experts say.

France Weighs Immigration Controls After Riots

U.S. Will Address E.U. Questions on CIA Prisons
Body May Sanction Countries Involved

The Value of Anonymity By Anne Applebaum, It's time someone stood up and said something in favor of government officials who speak off the record with journalists, and of the journalists who bother to listen.

Editorial A Slick of Lies ON NOV. 13, A HUGE explosion rocked a petrochemical plant in Jilin, China, northeast of Beijing, killing five workers and releasing about 100 tons of highly toxic chemicals into the nearby Songhua River.

H6 Guardian The two grand bargains being offered by the 21st-century tsar Jonathan Freedland: Many Russians accept a loss of democracy as long as they prosper. Should we give Putin respect in exchange for gas and oil?

Nowhere to run Brian Whitaker asks if there is any way out of Iraq for President Bush.

Putin's hidden war Nick Paton Walsh on the trail of Russia's new enemy within.

Syria claims witness in Hariri inquiry was under duress Syria has begun trying to discredit a UN investigation into the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.
In the showdown of David and Gordon, there's only one GoliathIrwin Stelzer: Cameron will make the next election a real contest - but he's got a lot of catching up to do in key areas of policy.
Atomic hypocrisy Tony Benn: Neither Bush nor Blair is in a position to take a high moral line on Iran's nuclear programme.

Blair opens debate on the nuclear option Review will examine ways to plug generating gap. Comment: Tom Burke

Nuclear Energy - Wanted: a debate not a fix This is an unusual week in politics. Two national debates are being launched - both about the extent to which the present generation should make provision for the next.

Peres prepares to join Sharon Role in talks with Arabs may tempt him to switch from Labour party.

Cheney 'may be guilty of war crime'· Vice-president accused of backing torture · Claims on BBC by former insider add to Bush's woes
In the showdown of David and Gordon, there's only one GoliathIrwin Stelzer: Cameron will make the next election a real contest - but he's got a lot of catching up to do in key areas of policy.

H7 Iraq: Richard Clarke Ralph Peters Thomas Oliphant

Seymour Hersh on Where the Iraq War Is Headed Next

Asia Times DOUBLE DEALING: THE US AND IRAN Let's talk about Iraq Amid growing calls for the Bush administration to enlist the cooperation of Baghdad's neighbors in stabilizing Iraq sufficiently to permit a substantial drawdown of US troops, Washington has authorized direct talks between its Iraq ambassador and Tehran. The quest for the unilateral imposition of a Pax Americana in the Middle East is wavering. - Jim Lobe

Let's talk about regime changeThe case for regime change in Iran has been most enthusiastically taken up in the US by a neo-con backed think tank, the Iran Policy Committee, which not coincidentally is also tasked by the Iranian opposition group and proscribed terrorist outfit, Mujahideen-e Khalq, to provide lobbying and public relations services. - Massoud Khodabandeh
H8 UPI Interview: First 100 days of Iranian President Ahmadinejad "The phrase 'Ahmadinejad is a typical extremist' does not express a complete understanding of Iranian characteristics, or of Shiite beliefs. Ahmadinejad's character, as well as Iran's ruling system, need to be understood."

US Seeing Fewer Foreign Fighters, More Iraqis

Iraq's Armed Forces Sinking Into Sectarian Chaos

BBC US 'to reduce its forces in Iraq' The US says it expects conditions in Iraq will allow a reduction in American troops numbers there next year.

Rumsfeld: Enemies aren't 'insurgents'

AEI How to Deal with Kidnappings in Iraq

Daily Star In Qatar, a frank look at the dilemmas of Gulf securityBy Rami G. Khouri
H9 Ha’aretz –Shalom: Likud in crisis, I can rehabilitate party Says Netanyahu would destroy party; PM allies vow to block Netanyahu win; Peres expected to quit Labor

Yedioth Ahronoth Poll: Shas overtakes Likud Likud down to 10 Knesset seats in new Dahaf Institute survey conducted 118 days before elections, while Shas gains 11 seats; Sharon wins with 34 seats, Labor up to 27; former Jerusalem police chief joins Labor

European Israel Israel should re-think its aggressive policy towards Europe

BBC Fatah primaries thrown into chaos Primary elections for the Palestinian ruling party, Fatah, are called off amid suspicions of fraud.

Washington Institute Fatah Primary Results: Lessons from the First Round
H10 Christian Science Monitor When will Iraqis be ready?
Dedication among soldiers is up, officials say, but many hurdles remain.

Spy case patterns the Chinese style of espionage China has spent more than two decades creating a large infrastructure, according to US counterintelligence.

In minor election, a major step for Saudi women
Few women voted, and none is expected to win a seat, but the Saudi first is seen as a victory.

It's too early to assess a legacy, but not presidential candidates

Afghanistan: despite progress, more attacks Signs of foreign support and new tactics signal a Taliban reemergence.

H11 IHT A major face-lift for OECD?

Strangling freedom in its cradle CATHY YOUNG If Russia had a Thanksgiving Day, those Russians who care about freedom would not have much to be thankful for this year.

Saddam in the dock RONALD SOKOL Sadly, that the proclaimed trial of Saddam Hussein will be a formalistic ritual seems a foregone conclusion.

Globalist: Are U.S. deaths in Iraq saving lives in the U.S.?
UPI Germany's Schaeuble vows terror crackdown Germany's newly appointed Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has vowed to crack down on terrorism and improve integration of immigrants living in the ...
Analysis: The dilemma of U.N. reform
American Conservative The Battle for France Mass immigration and cultural balkanization are an explosive combination.BBC Impossible aim? Can WTO boss Pascal Lamy get nations to agree a trade deal?

French MPs back anti-terror bill The French parliament's lower house approves a tough anti-terror bill that would boost video surveillance.

US probes secret CIA jail claim The US says it will investigate reports that the CIA is running secret prisons in eastern Europe.

H12 RFE/RL Armenia Armenia's Opposition Calls On President To Resign
The Gas Impasse Talks about Russian gas transit across Ukraine and Russian gas supplies to Ukraine for 2006 came to a standstill

EurasiaNet Azerbaijan: Foreign Energy Company Strike Raises Social Tensions

Turnout Controversy Clouds Armenian Constitutional Referendum


UPI Interview: Chechnya's parliamentary election

BBC Dangerous mix China's repression in Xinjiang could prompt radical reaction

Bosnia: Overview of Issues Ten Years After DaytonCongressional Research Service
H13 The TimesKurdish tailor has Saddam taped

The naked truth about army life Wellington knew the skill it takes to mould recruits

The generation game is rigged Who will pay for all the pensioners? Should today’s 25-year-old be prepared to fund the retirement of today’s 50-year-old? The clash of generations

Kidnapped aid worker is branded a spy by his captors

Prospect When will the oil run out? And what happens then?Jeremy Leggett vs David Jenkins If there are 3 trillion barrels left, we should have the time to find alternatives to oil. If there are only 1 trillion, then we are in trouble.
H14 Financial Times Bush says troops will stay in Iraq until victory

UN risks severe finance crisis over threat to block budget

US pledges to give EU response on 'secret jails'

Sunni group regrets Tehran jobs 'bias'

Gloom casts a shadow on Chirac’s presidency

OECD warns global economy is fragile It encouraged the US Federal Reserve to continue raising interest rates but urged restraint from the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank

ECB warned over rate riseEurope’s finance ministers delivered a last-ditch plea to the European Central Bank not to raise interest rates, amid fresh international criticism of the bank’s hawkish stance.

COMMENT: An exaggerated caution would endanger Europe's recovery By Martin Wolf The right answer is the combination of rapid reform with monetary accommodation. In its absence, the ECB must not let a worry over what appear to be non-existent inflationary dangers kill off a fragile recovery

Recoveries at risk Barring a miracle or a disaster, the European Central Bank will raise interest rates at its council meeting tomorrow. The Bank of Japan is itching to begin normalising...

COMMENT: Corporate Europe ignores diversityat its peril Research suggests that many organisations are failing to make the most of the pool of talent available to them, write Marta Dassu, director of Aspen Institute Italia, and Daniel Franklin, editorial director of the Economist Intelligence Unit

H15 Los Angeles Times U.S. Paying Iraqi Papers to Run Favorable Stories Secret effort to disseminate propaganda in the Iraqi media comes as U.S. officials are vowing to promote democratic principles.

Terror's stealth weapon: women
By Mia Bloom
An increasing number of female suicide bombers are a disturbing, confusing new element in the battle against extremists.

EditorialJose Padilla's America WHATEVER ELSE HE IS, Jose Padilla is an American citizen. That inescapable fact explains both the Bush administration's decision last week to charge him with a crime — and the importance of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on whether to hear his case.

FT COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Back to the future: India is gaining belated credibility as an emergent export titan After establishing a big role in services, the country is seeing signs of an industrial renewal - where local carmakers seek to sell abroad and telecoms world leaders start domestic production of handsets.

Chinese greet milder US rhetoric on currency

Please say something on energy this time If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. This seems to be the government's approach to energy policy, and with reason. For its first two attempts

Lavagna’s departureThe unexpected departure this week of Roberto Lavagna, Argentina’s economy minister, has highlighted tensions within the government of President Néstor Kirchner, and raises questions over the sustainability of its conservative fiscal policy

COMMENT: A solution to climate change in the world's rainforests
H16 Washington Times How's the dollar holding up? Normally sober-minded economists are warning about severe financial consequences for both the United States and the global economy if the structurally unbalanced U.S. economy continues to rely on foreigners to lend it nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars per year.

Bush Ignoring Economic Storm Clouds - James Pinkerton

AEI Why the Dollar Is Rising . . . Again

Heritage Bush at the Border by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., and Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. The President outlines a promising vision for immigration reform.

Gold strikes above 500 dollars for first time since 1987...

Gallup: Americans Against Torture, but Believe We Do It
H17 Daily Telegraph Will Bush's war push Republicans over the edge?Day after day more nuggets are unearthed or charges made that appear to undermine the Bush Administration's case for going to and record in waging the war in Iraq

Nuclear must be part of Britain's energy mix For too long, Labour has been paralysed by an irrational fear of civil nuclear power. In the meantime, the dates for the decommissioning of our coal and nuclear plants draw ever nearer.

Selecting Wisely: Making Managed Migration Work for BritainInstitute for Public Policy Research
H18 Independent How Europe is choking itself - and the world
Europe's claim to the moral high ground over the environment has been comprehensively challenged in a devastating report on its failings in the battle against global warming and pollution
No one is immune from the effects of global warming

Cheney 'created climate for US war crimes'

Peres on verge of joining Sharon as centrist party gathers momentum
H19 CIA chief defends agency over bin Laden hunt; Goss: 'We know more than we can say'...

Weekly Standard Leaking At All Costs What the CIA is willing to do to hurt the Bush administration. by John Hinderaker

UPI Inteligence Watch

Ballistic Missile Defense Watch: THAAD radar

Asia Times America's unsung war dead Private contractors had little notice or strategic planning when they began filling Iraq's security vacuum in 2003. The Pentagon has only now released a directive on their roles and functions - after some 280 deaths. But issuing directives and implementing them are very different things. - David Isenberg

Planning for the Next Pandemic Threat: Defining the Federal Role in Public Health EmergenciesInstitute for Research on Public Policy
H20 Slate The Perils of Withdrawal: We're sticking with Afghanistan. Why would we ditch Iraq? Christopher Hitchens

The Bush Hugger: How McCain gains by embracing Bush. John Dickerson

Who Controls the Internet?: Why it doesn't matter if the United States is in charge.

Waiting for That $100 Laptop?: Don't hold your breath.

The Coming $100 Laptop Tragedy

H21 Will Pay Web Sites Succeed Like HBO?: Why TimesSelect is not like cable TV. Mickey Kaus

Guardian And now, the newsNews blog: Bobbie Johnson on our new NewsPoint newsreader, a handy little piece of software that lets you keep track of what's new on the web.

Life force Oliver MortonA new book challenges the gene-centric view of life by placing energy back at the centre of the story. It has some of the freshness and originality of "The Selfish Gene," but don't expect an easy read.

Are Jews born smart? Saying that Ashkenazi genes are different calls into question the motivation behind the research.

A century after his birth, the gulf between C.P. Snow’s two cultures seems as vast as ever. A few brave souls are trying to build bridges. Not that it’ll help their careers... more»

“I have no literary interests; I am made of literature. I am nothing else and cannot be anything else.” Franz Kafka meant it... more»

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Türkiye, ABD ve Irak Harekâtı: Hayır Diyebilen Türkiye? - Şubat 2003
Değişim, ‘Sense of Proportion’ ve Tarihin Yararları ile Sınırları Üzerine Nisan 2003
ABD Güvenlik Politikalarında Güç Kullanımı ve Caydırıcılık Ağustos 2002
“Yalnız Kovboy” ya da “Eşit Olmayanlar Arasında Birinci”: ABD Dış Politikasında Tektaraflılık-Çoktaraflılık Tartışmaları Mart 2002
İyi, Kötü ve Çirkin: ABD'nin Orta Doğu Politikaları Ocak 2002
Unilateralism corrupts, absolute unilateralism corrupts absolutely Turkish News, May 21, 2002
ABD ve Afganistan: Çıkış Var mı? Kasım 2001
Realism and Change
Crime and Punishment - Deterrence and its Failure in Theory and Practice 2001
“Tüketebileceğimizden Daha Fazla Değişim” ya da Eskimeyen Dünya Düzeni Ekim 2001
“ABD-AB İlişkilerinde Metal Yorgunluğu” Haziran 2001
It never rains circa. 1991.

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