19 December 2007
  December 19, 2007

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H1 Financial Times COMMENT: The dangers of living in a zero-sum world economy It is vital for hopes of peace to sustain the positive-sum world economy in which everybody can become better off, but no less vital to tackle the environmental challenges it has thrown up. The condition for success is investment in human ingenuity, writes Martin Wolf

COMMENT: The Atlantic becomes a little wider We are entering an era of foreign policy where countries are neither automatically predictable adversaries nor allies, writes Richard Haass

The Second Lebanon War: Strategic Perspectives Israel's Institute for National Security Studies (repeat) “Strategic initiatives, whether for war or political moves, demand planning. Correct planning must occur in five stages: 1. An analysis of assumptions, which in fact is a description of reality. If we skip this stage we create a hazardous tendency to work under hidden and unchecked assumptions, some of which are liable to be fundamentally wrong. 2. An analysis of Israel’s interests and what it wants to achieve; setting

priorities. 3. An analysis of the comprehensive map of interests; this stage is vital when multiple players are involved. … 4. Defining the required achievement: what is realistically achievable in light of the above. What is required, what is possible, and how much interface is there? 5. Tactics: what must be done; what should be announced (and what not), and in what order?”

Geopolitical Diary: Bush's Mideast Trip

Geopolitical Diary: The US-Iranian Dance Stratfor

WINEP The European View on Iran: Fallout from the New U.S. Intelligence Estimate

MERIA "Iran’s Nuclear and Syria’s Iraq Adventures" Barry Rubin Adobe

stratfor Russia: Kosovo and the Asymmetry of PerceptionsBy Dr. George Friedman

CFR Kupchan: Russian Opposition to Kosovo Independence ‘Perplexing’

Guardian Zawahiri's lament

Jason Burke The latest video from Osama bin Laden's deputy shows that Iraq is not only a failure for the US, but for al-Qaida too

Christian Science Monitor

All eyes on Russia as UN Security Council takes up Kosovo

The council takes up the issue Wednesday after 18 months of lower-level negotiations failed.

Los Angeles Times Pentagon reports security gains in Iraq

Jerusalem PostMofaz: Israel would accept 'mediation' with Hamas

'NIE will enable Iran to get nukes' Ex-military intelligence chief launches angriest, most detailed Israeli assault to date on intel estimate.

DEBKAfile Military Analysis: Israel’s best way forward is to hammer Hamas-led Palestinian terrorist army, then open dialogue for long-term truce

Daily Star Saudi-Iranian rapprochement opens up some intriguing possibilities

Conflict with Iran only strengthens the country's hard-liners By Volker Perthes

British empire and Monty Python
Paul Kennedy, NYSun.

CAP The Next American Century: How the US Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise

The UN's Human Development Index: A Critique--Posner

H2 AP U.S military not told of Turkey's plan to bomb Iraq U.S. military commanders in Iraq didn't know Turkey was sending warplanes to bomb in northern Iraq until the planes had already crossed the border, said defense and diplomatic officials, who were angered about being left in the dark

Coming Anarchy Helping Both Sides? It is one thing for the Kurds to deny much has been hit but even the Turks have said little about the concrete accomplishments of the mission. Their public statements’ focus has been on taking action, doing whatever is necessary and saving face. Has the reams of intelligence the US is giving Turkey been bad? Have the PKK simply moved, having had weeks of warning from Turkey? Has the US tipped off the Kurds in order to keep both sides happy and find a face saving solution? At the moment it is hard to say. It is exceedingly unlikely that the PKK did not disperse from the Qandil mountains. Having little infrastructure in the first place, there was little to pack up and move and as a successful guerrilla group, melting back into the environment is what they do best. As Turkey’s limited raids and air strikes continue, it will be interesting to see the ratio of rhetoric to actual success. At the moment, it would seem the former is far greater than the latter

LA Times U.S. practicing balancing act on Kurdish question

NYT Rice Visits Iraq Amid Strain With Turkey

Washington Post Skirting the Abyss in Iraq By David Ignatius Kirkuk is often described as a sectarian time bomb. But for now, the bomb is ticking a little more slowly thanks to that rare Iraqi event -- a compromise.

Kerkük düğümü
Kerkük referandumu altı ay ertelendi. Joost Hiltermann BBC için olasılıkları yorumladı

Sınırötesi harekat

Bülent Alirıza ABD'nin açıklamalarını yorumluyor

Ian Lesser 'Operasyon Terörle Savaş Kategorisinde Değil'

The Economist Turkey intervenes in northern Iraq

William ArkinTurkey Bombs, the US Applauds

WPTurkey Sends Troops Into Iraq to Battle Kurdish Rebels Operation Overshadows Rice Visit to Baghdad.

Turkey Arrests Kurdish Leader

Turkish troops enter northern Iraq after aerial strikes

IHT Editorial Turkey's empty gesture Turkey did the wrong thing for the wrong reasons when it sent more than 50 of its jets to bomb sites in northern Iraq.

Türkiye Kuzey Irak'ta zararlı ve boş bir işe girişti

Türkiye ve ABD şimdilik barıştı Simon Tisdall

Der Spiegel Bad Timing: Turkish Troops Cross Into Iraq on Eve of EU Talks - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

Turkey: Cruel escalation
Seattle Post Intelligencer -

UN: More Than 1,800 Displaced in Turkish Shelling of Northern Iraq

Kurds' Power Share Row With Iraqi Government

Wilson: "Anlık istihbarat paylaşımına devam"

BBC Keeping in line
Turkey opts for pin-point raids on Iraq under wary eye of US

CSM Turkey's raids against Kurdish rebels unsettle Iraq

FT Turkish troops cross into Iraq

Snub for Rice over Turkey airstrike on Iraq

Turkey's Iraq Incursion Draws Warning From Visiting Rice

Guardian Turkish troops pursuing PKK enter Iraq US warns against any action that could further destabilise the region

Council on Foreign Relations Turkey's Iraq Surge

Iraqi Turkoman Politician Says Kirkuk Should Be Independent Region

Turkey's Bombs Do Most of the Talking By: Burak Bekdil | Asia Times
After nearly eight months of threats, Turkey is finally letting its air force loose against Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq

WSJ Turkey's Terror Problem Is Ours By Michael Rubin Barzani may give silk carpets to diplomats, provide lavish spreads during their visits, and have his praises sung by high-powered Beltway lobbyists, but so long as he provides the PKK a safe haven, he is a terror enabler. Forcing Turkey to negotiate with the PKK or its intermediaries would only justify its terrorism, and would be no wiser than counseling compromise with Hezbollah, Hamas, or al Qaeda.

Türkiye'nin terör sorunu ABD'nin sorunu

Daily Telegraph US aid for Turkish attacks angers Kurds

The leader of the Iraqi Kurdish government refused to meet Condoleezza Rice yesterday after America supported Turkish air and land attacks on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

Kurds in power row with Iraqi government

The Times Iraq anger at Turkey's cross-border raid Troops cross border in search of Kurdish rebels as Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, pays surprise visit to northern Iraq

Independent Turkish troops cross Iraqi border after US-approved bombing raids

Turkish official visits Lebanon, Syria to break election stalemate

Iraqi Kurd Websites Post Conflicting Reports on Barzani-Rice Meeting

Kurdistan Parliament Discusses UN Proposal on Article 140 on Kirkuk

Time Unhappy Holidays in Northern Iraq

Rice Pushes Iraq 'Roadmap' as Turks Enter Iraq

Top Iraqi Kurd Refuses to Meet Rice Over Turkish Attack

Turkey crosses border for raid (By Yahya Barzanji)

Rice, Zebari share stance with Ankara against PKK

BBC Turkey defends incursions in Iraq

Turkey to apply reforms in early '08 to back growth

Turkish Operation in Northern Iraq May Affect Russia's Security - Expert

Angry Kurdish president won't meet with Rice

Kürtler’e ve Bağdat’a ’iftira atma’ uyarısı

MARKETS & INVESTING: Oil slips after withdrawal of Turkish troops

Google News KurdishMedia Kurdish Kurdish Aspect BBC Monitoring

Kürt siyaseti yol ayırımda - MECLİS Mİ, PKK MI? - 3

İsmet İnönü' nün 'çok gizli' Kürt Raporu

PKK'nın 50 kg C-4 patlayıcısı ele geçirildi

Teens engage in race warfare on Web in Germany - Turkish Daily News Dec 19, 2007

Kurdish Officials Say Turkish Troops Who Had Entered Iraq Earlier Tuesday Have Now Withdrawn

DTP lideri, sahte çürük raporundan cezaevinde

Türk milletinin temsilcilerine tahammülsüzlük gösterilmemeli

Alperen Ocakları, Türk-Kürt kardeşliğini pekiştirecek

ABD'yi sorumlu tutan Barzani, Rice'la görüşmeye gitmedi

Rice'tan sürpriz Kerkük mesaisi

Demirtaş cezaevine

PKK'yı durdurmak ortak çıkarımız

Gül: Yapılması gereken yapıldı

Wilson: Merkez Ankara

Sızma harekatı

Türkiye'ye ABD yeşil ışık yaktı

DTP, Kurdish intellectuals react to Demirtaş arrest and imprisonment

Turkish Air Attacks on Kurdish Camps in Iraq - Part of "Comprehensive Plan"

UK's Miliband, Iraq Kurd Leader Barzani Discuss Turkey

Writer Comments on Significant Developments for Kurds in Turkey

Invisible Nation: How the Kurds' Quest for Statehood Is Shaping Iraq and the Middle East.

Iraqi Kurdish Presidency Spokesman Says Peshmerga Ordered to Defend

Al-Jazeera TV Reports on Rice's Visit to Kirkuk; Interviews Iraqi Journalist

Turkish Army Continues to Infiltrate into Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Kurdish Press Highlights 18 Dec 07

BRIEFING: Baghdad refugees find new homes in Kurdistan (By James Palmer)

Kurds and UK discuss closer ties

Turkish Troops Enter Northern Iraq to Target the PKK (Update6)

HevalloThe Kurdish And Armenian Genocides. New Book.

Is Exxon Mobil behind the latest bombings by Turkey against the Kurds?

Peşmergeye ''savunun'' talimatı

Turkey Starts Withdrawal From Areas of Northern Iraq

Irak'taki çokuluslu gücün görev süresini uzatıldı

Kandil'i "BBG evi" yapan uçak

PKK�ya �Heron�la BBG gösterisi

Komutanların harekatı �canlı� izlemelerini sağlayan İsrail�den kiralanan �Heron� oldu

Çete mağduru oldum ama hastalığım gerçek

'Sırat Köprüsü'nde siyaset yapıyoruz!'

Türk: Tutuklama hukuki değil siyasi

Baydemir: DTP ana muhalefettir

ABD bilgi iletiyor TSK karar veriyor

Petrol jeopolitiği

Tercümanı Tuncel'i zor durumda bıraktı

Turkey pledges $150 million over 3 years

Google News Greece Cyprus Turkish Cypriot Press ABHaber

Türkiye'de AB üyeliğine verilen destek geriledi

Rum şantajına boyun eğen Rehn, Soyer'le randevusunu iptal etti

Türkiye'de Avrupa Birliği üyeliğine destek yüzde 49'a düştü

Turkey, EU to take small step ahead in talks

Kandil arası Rodos notası

AB, fırsatı heba etti... Haluk Şahin

Amanda Akçakoca EU Reflection Group -- a fig leaf for Sarkozy on Turkey

Erdoğan'dan Atina'ya 'Makedonya' eleştirisi

Turkey set for small step ahead in EU talks EUobserver.com -

Greece deploys arms on Aegean islands in violation of treaties

'Türk ordusu AB için çok önemli'

Roma'ya KKTC temsilciliği

A bus full of Turkish-Greek history

Başbakanlık, AB ve müzakere sürecini kitaplarla anlattı

Sarko snows on 'Turkish spring'

EU Presidency Statement on the military actions undertaken by Turkey on Iraqi territory

Growing interest in Turkish lessons

Azerbaycan'da 'Türkçe yasaklansın' tartışması

Gayrimüslimlere yapılan saldırılar sırlarıyla kalıyor

[Yorum - Doç. Dr. Bekir Berat Özipek] Misyonerlere planlı 'münferit' saldırılar!

[Yorum - Pro. Dr. Naci Bostancı] YÖK: Taraf ya da tarafsızlık değil, kurumsal namus önemli

Fehmi Koru'ya hodri meydan

Soner Yalçın�dan Fehmi Koru'ya zorunlu yanıt:�Siz yalancısınız. İşte belgeler burada.�

Barışı Kazanmak

Lord Paddy Ashdown, savaşlar sonrası barışı kazanmaya yönelik stratejileri sorguluyor

Yargıtay'da Başkanlık seçimi 25 Aralık'ta

Fazıl Say: Sözlerim yanlış tercüme edildi

Mahkeme kararları görmezden gelinemez

'İstanbul Elması'na sınır yok!

19 Aralık 2007 Basın Özeti

H3Asker karadan da sınırı geçti

Komandolar da girdi

700 askerle sıcak takip

Mehmetçik bu kez karadan girdi

New vision for MİT

PKK'nın yanıbaşımızdaki 23 kampı

Asker karadan da sınırı geçti

AB güven kaybediyor

Operasyonun dayanağı Oval Ofis görüşmesi

Eğirdir'de bir grup asker kayıp

O karanlıkta havada nöbet

Cengiz Çandar PKK’dan Kerkük’e: Washington-Ankara-Erbil 'siyasi-askeri' dansı

M Ali Birand Haydi şimdi tam zamanı, haydi…

Türkiye sonunda 'Destek arkamda' diyebiliyor Murat Yetkin

Taha AKYOL Amerika dost mu, düşman mı?

Sadi Somuncuoğlu . Operasyonun önü-arkası.

Bülent Keneş Turkey should be hawk on the mountain, dove on the plain

Arşivden “İçeride Liberal, Dışarıda Şahin”: K. Irak’a Harekat Üzerine Notlar 25 Ekim 2007

Sami KOHEN Desteğin sınırları

Yavuz Baydar OK, but what’s next?

Mensur Akgün Askeri sonuçların ötesi

Cüneyt ÜlseverDTP Genel Başkanı neden harekát ertesi geldi?

İsmail Küçükkaya Operasyon neler kazandırdı?

Serdar Akinan “AKP, Öcalan’ı hayata geçiriyor”

AP: "Irak'taki komutanlar habersizdi"

Fikret BİLA Org. Babaoğlu: Bilmeyenler de gücümüzü öğrendi

Cevdet Aşkın Barzani'de hava harekatı rahatsızlığı, Ankara'da tampon bölge hazırlığı

İlhan Kesici CHP'de ikinci adam oluyor

Bilal ÇetinCephe gerisinde taktik manevra aracı mı?

Güneri CIVAOĞLU Büyükelçi Wilson'un işareti

Genelkurmay operasyonun sonuçlarını açıkladı

5 km. sıcak takip

Hükümet TSK’ya Meclis’in emrini iletti

Gabar'da saniye saniye çatışma

Cumhurbaşkanı Gül, Orgeneral Büyükanıt ile bir saat görüştü

İç Basında Türk Dış Politikası

Dış Basında Türkiye-AB İlişkileri -

Dış Basında Irak BBC Turkish 0700 VOA TSİ 06:30 Dış Basında Türkiye Turkish Press Review Google News Turkey Turquie Türkei TurcoPundit

Taha Kıvanç Bayramlık düşünceler

Fehmi Koru Nereden nereye


İBRAHİM KARAGÜL “Hiçbir güç Türkiye'siz bu oyunu oynayamaz!”

KÜRŞAT BUMİN 'Düzgören'in yazısını kaçıran varsa eğer...' (ikinci baskı)

'Şiddete ağıt mı yakıyorum?'

Ahmet Taşgetiren "İslam olmasın" demek...

Pişmanlıklar galerisi

Kanlı giysileri aynı torbaya kim koydu

Ertuğrul Özkök Aydın diktatörler

Mehmet Altan Kerkük’ün Detayı

Eser Karakaş ABD, PKK, BBG evi

Nasuhi Güngör Hava harekatının perde arkası

Şamil Tayyar Şehidine yas tutan badem ağacı

Mustafa Akyol BBC de PKK’yı destekliyor mu?

Gülay Göktürk Bir tahliye bir tutuklama

NAZLI ILICAK PKK'nın iç yüzü: "Apo'nun ayetleri"

Metehan Demir En son dedikoduyu duydunuz mu?

Fatih Altaylı DTP'nin yüzsüzlüğü

Beril Dedeoğlu Turkey’s operation

Tehlikenin işareti M.Ali Kışlalı

Nabi Yağcı Olmasın denilen oldu, şimdi ne olacak

İHL'li olmak!.. Avni Özgürel

Yalçın Doğan Göz boyamanın sonuna geldik

Mehmet Yılmaz Başkenti İstanbul’a taşımak

Ahmet HakanFazıl Say’a son mektup

Mehmet Barlas Her değişimde ‘Beyaz Türkler’ de nitelik ve nicelik değiştirir

Özdemir İnce İrticanın analizi

Bekir Coşkun Operasyon...

Doğu Ergil Bombs and reason

We are all confused

Hkan Aygün Irak BBG’sinde son durum!

Emin Pazarcı Zor oyunu bozdu -

İlnur Çevik Turkey serves final warning to the PKK

AKP, İslam ve modernleşme YASİN CEYLAN

MUHARREM SARIKAYAErtesi gün planı...

ERDAL ŞAFAK Hazır mısınız?


EMRE AKÖZ Kediyi ağaçtan indirmek

Umur Talu

ABDÜLHAMİT BİLİCİ - Teröre karşı Türkçe konuşmak II

MEHMET KAMIŞ - Çıkmaz sokakta umut ışığı

HASAN BÜLENT KAHRAMANLaiklik korkusu ve Fazıl Say

Nuray Başaran Yerel seçimler önümüzdeki sonbaharda


YAVUZ DONATHüsamettin Cindoruk: "Aday değilim"

Hadi Uluengin İslamofobi mi (I)

ABDURRAHMAN YILDIRIMIMF devrede olacak, 35 milyar nereye gidecek?

Ege Cansen Anayasal iktisat

Ercan KumcuEnflasyona selam faiz indirimlerine devam

Erdal Sağlam

Salih Neftçi Piyasalarda yeni bir risk...

Turkey to apply reforms in early '08 to back growth

Turkey to pay $125.8 billion in debt next year

Hurşit GÜNEŞ Henüz yoklar ama gelecekte olacaklar: Emeklilik fonları

Baştan kaybedilen savaş! Uğur Gürses

Büyüme duracak mı? Mustafa Aysan

Merkez bankalarının işbirliği Metin Ercan

Metin MÜNİR İstanbul finans merkezi Bölüm 2

İ.Hüseyin Yıldız Büyüme yavaşlıyor

Yastık altında 21 milyar dolar duruyor

Merkez Bankası İstanbul'a taşınmaya direniyor

11 milyon 255 bin kişi kayıt dışı çalışıyor

Servet Yıldırım Merkez Bankası'na itibar lazım

Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes At least four top White House lawyers took part in discussions with the C.I.A. about whether to destroy videotapes showing the secret interrogations of two Qaeda operatives.

In Reversal, Fed Approves Plan to Curb Risky Lending The new rules would force companies to show that customers can realistically afford their mortgages

Editorial A Crisis Long Foretold When all the truth is out about the twin crises of the subprime lending mess, the Federal Reserve will have company in the hall of shame.
Editorial Down Payment on Mideast Peace This week’s international pledging conference to aid the Palestinian Authority was a huge success. But it will need to be matched by diplomatic progress.

MAUREEN DOWD Rush to Judgment Since this is the first time we’ve had a woman who was a serious contender for president, it’s been an adjustment to watch her more changeable looks.

H5 Washington Post Skirting the Abyss in Iraq By David Ignatius Kirkuk is often described as a sectarian time bomb. But for now, the bomb is ticking a little more slowly thanks to that rare Iraqi event -- a compromise.

All Iraqi Groups Blame U.S. Invasion for Discord, Study Shows

Iran Continues to Support Shiite Militias in Iraq, Pentagon Says

Editorial Mr. Musharraf's War Only free elections will put an end to the president's fight against the country's courts, media and political parties.

Another Credit Minefield By Robert J. Samuelson, The spreading of risk has made the economy more vulnerable to credit setbacks.

Iraq Funds Approved by Senate Spending bill is retreat for Democrats who vowed to withhold funds without withdrawal timelines

Administration Plans to Shrink U.S. Nuclear Arms Program

Judge Schedules Hearing On CIA Tape Destruction Agency Acted Despite Order to Preserve

A Job for Justice Congress has legitimate questions in the CIA tapes case, but any criminality needs to be dealt with first.

The Choices in Darfur By Michael Gerson Darfur is an echo of Rwanda's 1994 genocide. We cannot run from our responsibility again.

Hard-liners for Jesus By Harold Meyerson, It's not just George W. Bush whose catechism is a merry mix of torture and piety.

Energy Bill Puts Focus On Conservation Efforts Measure will raise fuel-efficiency standards for cars, order a massive increase in the use of biofuels and phase out sales of incandescent light bulbs

H6 Guardian Zawahiri's lament

Jason Burke The latest video from Osama bin Laden's deputy shows that Iraq is not only a failure for the US, but for al-Qaida too

Divided and ruled in Paris Karma Nabulsi Behind the donors' dollars lies an unholy alliance bent on destroying Hamas in Gaza - no matter the humanitarian cost to ordinary Palestinians

To Belgrade with (tough) love

Richard Byrne I wrote an open letter to Serbia. Now Serbia's writing back, and the responses prove how difficult integrating the country into Europe will be

The Long Road From Paris to Palestine By: Daniel Levy | The Guardian The billions in aid secured at yesterday's conference may not be able to overcome the peace process's political failures.

Two sides to every history Seth Freedman While Israelis should respect Palestinians' desire to return to Israel, Palestinians must not ask Jews to give up their past either

This spate of crises speaks of a bloated, broken Whitehall
Simon Jenkins: Over-centralised, over-sized and overbearing, public administration in Britain is rendered exhausted and incapable

Vote - or else Peter Singer: The 95% turnout for Australia's recent elections was a direct result of compulsory voting. Other countries should consider its benefits

Tymoshenko back as Ukraine PM
Orange revolution leader becomes Ukraine's PM for the second time

H7 Daily Star Saudi-Iranian rapprochement opens up some intriguing possibilities

Conflict with Iran only strengthens the country's hard-liners By Volker Perthes

Lebanon's pact: prelude to a postmortem By Michael Young

Much European ado about nothing in Palestine By Rami G. Khouri

MERIA "Iran’s Nuclear and Syria’s Iraq Adventures" Barry Rubin Adobe

US-Syria Détente on Hold: Khody Akhavi

Commentary: Dubai: Iran's Hong Kong

Boston Globe A new treaty, or more hot air?

A major reversal?: Immanuel Wallerstein on the NIE report on Iran.

Love Thy Enemy: Is talk of a US-Iranian dialogue realistic?

Corporate oil giants scramble to plunder Iraq’s energy reserves

UPI Analysis: Not all Islamists are equal By CLAUDE SALHANI When the Bush administration decided to make promoting democracy in the greater Middle East a major component of its post-Sept. 11 foreign policy, it soon discovered that it can be a rather tricky, not to mention risky, venture.

Neocons Won't Let Facts Stand in the Way of Iran 'Threat' by Leon Hadar

Al Awsat Who Will Control Basra? : Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

Bush Orders Nuclear Weapons Cuts

Dec 19 SD# 1788 - Reactions to the December 11, 2007 Algiers Attacks

H8 IraqSlogger Google News Iraq Iran Syria Mideastwire.com - NPR Iraq stratfor

BBC Pentagon claims progress in Iraq The latest Pentagon report on Iraq says the situation is continuing to improve but the handover is lagging

Pentagon Accuses Iran of Fueling Iraq Strife

Pentagon Says Services in Iraq Are Stagnant

Iran: Internet Cafes Shut Down In Drive Against Un-Islamic Behavior

BBC Monitoring Headlines, Quotes From Iraqi Press 18 Dec 07 - Package B

British Return Basra to Iraqi Control, but Some U.K. Presence Continues By: David Axe | World Politics Review
British forces signed a memorandum on Sunday formally surrendering their lead role in providing security for Iraq's most economically important province. Oil-rich Basra, home to Iraq's only two seaports, is the last of four formerly British-occupied provinces to return to Iraqi control

H9 Ha’aretz ANALYSIS: Israel strikes hard in Gaza, trying to avoid an invasion The impression is that Israel is trying anything short of a large-scale ground operation in the Strip

Argentina: Iran behind bombs at Israeli embassy, Jewish center

Kosovo, in Israeli eyes

Olmert vows to continue targeting leaders behind Qassam strikes

Jerusalem PostMofaz: Israel would accept 'mediation' with Hamas Transportation minister: Ops will continue until rockets stop; Ramon: Hamas "insincere"; Fatah officials: Hamas, Israel reached secret deal.

'NIE will enable Iran to get nukes' Ex-military intelligence chief launches angriest, most detailed Israeli assault to date on intel estimate.

Analysis: Making them pay a price


· Introducing George W. Clinton


International Aid to PA No Guarantee for Boosting Moderates - Khaled Abu Toameh

Yedioth Ahronoth Gulf states are scared

Saudi invite to Ahmadinejad marks recognition of Iran’s growing power, Yaakov Lappin says

Hamas could be next

Daily Alert.orgMiddle East Progress - EJC Israeli Press Review Google News Israel - Palestine

The World from Berlin: Cash for Palestinians Wasted Without Progress on Peace Talks

From Forward, the book Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: American Leadership in the Middle East, an insider account of peacemaking, details a history of misguided diplomacy

Cost stalls West Bank wall Work on Israel's separation barrier has virtually halted as the country's attention — and budget funding — have shifted away from the threat of Palestinian suicide bombers from the West Bank.

A Peaceful Palestinian State Is an Israeli Interest - Tzipi Livni (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The Long Road From Paris to Palestine By: Daniel Levy | The Guardian The billions in aid secured at yesterday's conference may not be able to overcome the peace process's political failures.

Two sides to every history

Seth Freedman While Israelis should respect Palestinians' desire to return to Israel, Palestinians must not ask Jews to give up their past either

Israel kills 13 militants in Gaza
Military strikes have killed 13 Palestinian militants in Gaza, including two top commanders, over the past two days

Bush set for tour of Middle East
US President George Bush will make a historic visit to Israel and the West Bank in January, the White House says.

H10 Christian Science Monitor

All eyes on Russia as UN Security Council takes up Kosovo

The council takes up the issue Wednesday after 18 months of lower-level negotiations failed.

Global donors exceed Palestinian expectations at Paris conference

The $7.4 billion that nearly 90 countries and international organizations pledged over the next three years is first a critical show of support for Palestinian reform.

As judge begins CIA tape inquiry, Mukasey faces first test


Asia Times Al-Qaeda plays dealbreaker in Pakistan The almost farcical escape from Pakistani custody of Rashid Rauf points to the likelihood of a deal between Islamabad and militants who had threatened to boycott and disrupt Pakistan's general elections next month. But Rauf, a British subject of Pakistani origin once linked to a plot to blow up commercial aircraft and wanted in Britain in connection with a murder probe, is only part of the picture. It's not in al-Qaeda's interests to have militants making deals, and it might yet have the last word. - Syed Saleem Shahzad

FT Missile test fails to raise China’s ire Beijing has reacted mildly to Japan’s successful test of a shipborne ballistic missile defence system, despite its concerns that such shields could undermine regional stability

China's leadership
plays musical chairs

The Chinese Communist Party is moving its provincial leadership pawns around before the government's new State Council, or cabinet, is named in March. Among the contenders are a respected financial princeling and a controversial figure who may have changed his ways after a career that has included media and protest crackdowns. - Wu Zhong

China's not alone in environmental crisis

BEIJING LEADERS FROM around the world gathered these past two weeks at the Bali climate change talks to chart our collective future. Looking out my window in Beijing through the dense haze that envelops this powerful city with world-record levels of smog, dust, and deadly pollution, it is easy to understand why many there perceived China as the Godzilla of ... (By Joshua Muldavin, Boston Globe)

Stumbling Into Chaos: Afghanistan on the Brink Source: The Selenis Council Full Report (PDF; 2.6 KB)
+ Picture Report See also: Recommendations to the Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan

North Korea, Northeast Asia and the ROK-U.S. Alliance Brookings Institution This 64-page US paper analyzes the background of ROK-US dissonances during 2001-2006 and explores the possibility of forging a ROK-US strategy on North Korea

Extremist Group Operates Openly in Pakistan By: Josh Meyer | Los Angeles Times
Although the war against Islamic militancy has focused on shadowy underground organizations such as Al Qaeda, counter-terrorism officials say there is a growing worldwide threat from an extremist group operating in plain sight in Pakistan

Musharraf's Nine Lives By: Najam Sethi | The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Mushahid Hussain, the secretary-general of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Quaid Party, likes to quip that President Pervez Musharraf is like the proverbial cat with nine lives who still has two more lives to go.

A Victory, but Little to Cheer The Economist
As some 5,000 NATO and Afghan soldiers last week massed around Musa Qala, a town in southern Afghanistan’s troubled Helmand province, its Taliban defenders held on for four days before their resistance melted. The local fighters then slipped away into nearby hills, making the unconvincing claim that their retreat was out of concern for the safety of the civilian population.

Germany Faces Taliban Pincer in Afghanistan By: Alexander Szandar and Susanne Koelbl | Der Speigel
The mission in Afghanistan is becoming more and more dangerous for members of Germany's armed forces, the Bundeswehr. As large numbers of Taliban fighters move northward, NATO officials expect the situation to become increasingly precarious

Japan successfully tests anti-missile system
Controversial deployment of system capable of repelling North Korean attacks moves closer

India for strategic partnership with Iran

Intellectual Banter: Editorial ] Conflict in Paradise: The National Security Council Story. Mehzeb Rahman Chowdhury.

A Quiet Anniversary By: Eamonn Fingleton | International Herald Tribune Although last Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the notorious Nanking massacre, political activists in both Japan and China have been notable -- so far -- for their restraint.

WSJ Dam Drive in China Slows Amid Opposition

Criticism by Chinese citizens of the government's relentless dam-building drive has emerged as one of the few legitimate subjects of public debate, slowing projects and testing the limits of the public's role in shaping policy.

The Yuan Is Not the Problem By: Behzad Yaghmaian | International Herald Tribune
The conventional wisdom among most American policy makers and commentators gazing on the huge U.S. trade deficit with China is that the yuan must be revalued. But evidence from the past two years suggests that a revaluation would have little impact on the deficit.

Voters cool on sunshine policy
South Koreans go to the polls to elect a new president

H11 IHT Social Democrats in Germany call for climate-related sanctions on U.S.

Russia and Poland to hold discussions on proposed U.S. missile shield

Will the smoking ban in France mean the end of café society?

Landmark European court ruling backs company in use of foreign laborThe ruling by the European Court of Justice was the first to try to strike a balance in employment law as companies take advantage of wide pay differentials among EU countries.

EUROPE European press review

UPI Walker's World: The bill for Europe By MARTIN WALKER The massive new bill for Europe is hitting Britain just as the storm grows over the government's refusal of a referendum on the new Treaty that enlarges the role of the European Union., sinking Prime Minister Gordon Brown into even deeper trouble.

Kosovo: 'A Few Days Away' From Declaration Radio Free Europe
Stating the time for more negotiations has passed, Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu hints that a declaration of independence may come as early as the new year

NIE Bolsters Czech Opposition to US Radar Base

Secret lobbying of Brussels condemned Secretive national lobbying of Brussels by European Union governments was condemned in a “groundbreaking” court judgment that could radically alter the way laws are made in the bloc

An Insider's View of US - European Union Relations: What Should the Next Administration Expect?

Punishing Failed Terror Plot: Cologne Suitcase Bombers Get Long Sentences

Labor Markets in the EU New Member States IZA
This discussion paper documents the recent changes in labour market conditions in Europe's transition countries, offers tentative explanations and suggests policies to address the emerging challenges

Plans to end health queues in EU

The EU is set to unveil controversial plans to give every citizen the right to health care across Europe

ECB lends $500bn to lower rates
The European Central Bank lends money to banks at below-market rates in a bid to tackle the credit crunch.

Slovenia at Europe’s helm, John Palmer

Bilgiler geçici olarak kullanılabilir değil.


Russia: Kosovo and the Asymmetry of Perceptions Stratfor

Former Russian spies are now prominent in business

Google News Azerbaijan

Saving the Relationship By: Rose Gottemoeller | The Moscow Times
After President Vladimir Putin said last month that Russia would not allow other countries "to poke their snotty noses into our affairs," we should face the fact that security relations between Russia and the West are in a shambles.

Russia Threatens to Target U.S. Missile Shield By: Harry de Quetteville and Isambard Wilkinson | The Telegraph
In an escalation of the Cold War-style threats favoured by President Vladimir Putin, the general in charge of Russia's ballistic arsenal said that he could target the bases in Poland and the Czech Republic that will host the missile-interceptor shield if America insists on building them.

Putin Will Be Medvedev's Premier By: Nabi Abdullaev | The Moscow Times
President Vladimir Putin said Monday that he would accept the post of prime minister if Dmitry Medvedev becomes president, and he promised not to divert any presidential authority to the prime minister's office.

Last Major Field Goes On Line: How Long Will Siberia's Gas Last?

H13 The Times

Wall Street Journal Stupid Intelligence on Iran If Tehran did slow its weapons program, Bush policies probably had something to do with it.

Summers, Greenspan on Economy

Lawrence Summers said in an interview that Washington should consider a stimulus plan of up to $75 billion to stave off a recession. Greenspan clarified remarks about forcing lenders to alter mortgage terms, saying there are better ways to provide aid.

Independent Groups Gain Clout

Independent political groups have more than doubled their spending in the past four years, rivaling the Democratic and Republican parties. The shift could further polarize the political landscape.

H14 Financial Times COMMENT: The dangers of living in a zero-sum world economy It is vital for hopes of peace to sustain the positive-sum world economy in which everybody can become better off, but no less vital to tackle the environmental challenges it has thrown up. The condition for success is investment in human ingenuity, writes Martin Wolf

COMMENT: The Atlantic becomes a little wider We are entering an era of foreign policy where countries are neither automatically
predictable adversaries nor allies, writes
Richard Haass

Secret Pakistan detention system revealed Apparently trying to avoid acknowledging an elaborate secret detention system, Pakistan has quietly freed nearly 100 men suspected of links to terrorism, few of whom were charged, reports the New York Times

Food prices threaten lean times at Eid Record oil prices may have flooded the Middle East with petrodollars but rampant inflation is eating away at disposable income, putting a damper on the Muslim festival

A Grandfather’s Suicide Bombing Puzzles Algerians The story of Rabah Bechla, a 63-year-old grandfather of seven who rammed an explosives-packed truck into a United Nations office in Algiers, killing 17 people, is in many ways the story of Algeria itself

Investors stunned by ECB’s €350bn Short-term market interest rates in the eurozone plunged at their fastest rate for more than a decade after the European Central Bank stunned investors by pumping a record €348.6bn worth of funds into the markets

Business leaders urge Sarkozy to simplify reforms Laurence Parisot, president of Medef, the employers’ federation, praised President Nicolas Sarkozy’s efforts to ease France’s rigid labour market, but warned against adding new complications

Global Hunger Set to Worsen Says FAO By: Javier Blas | Financial Times
Record prices for major agricultural commodities and a reduction in the volume of food aid means there is a serious risk that global hunger will worsen next year, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation said on Monday

LEADER: From riches to rags The reality of life in poor countries has not been changed by the World Bank’s bean-counters. But our understanding of it must now change dramatically

A new Orange alliance in Ukraine

The new government should be more co-operative than the Russia-oriented Yanukovich administration – but the west should not set its sights too high

Goldman hints record run could be ending Difficult market conditions cloud outlook

H15 Los Angeles Times Pentagon reports security gains in Iraq

EditorialPursuit of happiness

Editorial: The fourth in a series examining American values and the candidates for president

The U.N.'s death blow

,By Louise Arbour

Truck Bomb Kills One at Mosul Dam By: Anne M. Simmons and Tina Susman | Los Angeles Times
The attack on the dam was the latest reminder of militants' intent to undermine major infrastructure projects in Iraq, and highlighted continued instability in the northern province of Nineveh. American military officials acknowledge that insurgents have sought shelter in the north after being driven out of Baghdad and other provinces by major summer military offensives.

H16 American Politics

Economy rivals security as top concern for voters

Campaign focus shifts
to kitchen-table issues

realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note US News Political Bulletin

Early Bird GovExec Swamp Gas The Swamp

Obama's Foreign-Policy Problem - Jay Newton-Small, Time

America's Next Top Democrat - Walter Shapiro, Salon

Giuliani's once-leading campaign is slipping in key early states

Income Inequality Hits Record Levels, New CBO Data Show: Incomes Rose $180,000 for Top 1 Percent in 2005 but Just $400 for Middle-Income Households
Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,,

Reid: The American people are losing

Holy Joe strikes again

Michael Tomasky Dec 18 07, 05:00pm: US elections 2008: Joe Lieberman's endorsement of John McCain matters little in New Hampshire - but a lot in Washington

H17 Daily Telegraph

H18 Independent Slave labour that shames America

Migrant workers chained beaten and forced into debt, exposing the human cost of producing cheap food

Yury Fedotov: We risk danger by granting Kosovo independence

Show of strength from Kosovo Serbs opposed to independence

H19Military Intelligence Terrorism

Finding Weakness in Jihadist Propaganda (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Source: School of Advanced Military Studies, United States Army Command and General Staff College

Al-Qaeda Leader: Restore the Islamic Caliphate from Chechnya to Spain

Addressing Internally Displaced Persons in a Peace Process

CSIS NATO in Afghanistan

UPI Analysis: Zawahiri pledges online chat Ayman al-Zawahiri, the deputy leader of al-Qaida and one of the most hunted men on Earth, plans to stage an online interview session in which he will answer questions submitted to Jihadi Web sites "by individuals, organizations and all information media outlets," according to the group's media arm.

Dec 19 SD# 1788 - Reactions to the December 11, 2007 Algiers Attacks

Boston Globe The Algerian Terror Lesson – Editorial

Pakistan learns the US nuclear way
The United States has spent US$100 million helping Pakistan secure its nuclear weapons and the materials used to make them. Yet the US - which for years had the launch codes for its nuclear missiles cunningly set at 00000000 - suffers serious problems with securing its own nuclear weapons, nuclear materials and weapons-related information

H20 Slate

Color Me Green: The Road From Bali By: Irwin M. Stelzer | The Weekly Standard
When Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour took "The Road to Bali," they left from Australia. Over 50 years later Kevin Rudd, Australia's newly elected prime minister, headed to Bali for a more serious purpose: to sign the Kyoto protocol, to the cheers of the assembled 15,000--or is it 20,000--ministers, advocacy groups, journalists, and suntan-hunting politicians meeting on the Indonesian island to plan future assaults on greenhouse gases.

H21 Reading is in mortal decline and no effort of will can make it popular again. In a few decades, people will have shed old habits like newspapers and novels... more»

From Discover, a list of the top 100 science stories of 2007

When in doubt, scientists play their cards as if they can win, as if the universe is comprehensible. They have been playing that way for 2,000 years, and they are still winning... more»

“Anyone who thinks rationally is suspect,” said Michel Foucault. Iranians “have a different regime of truth than ours.” Oh yeah?... more»

The trouble with Western art today

Contemporary art isn't just shocking. Much of it fails to appeal to both heart and head.


The Next Sexual Revolution

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Realism and Change
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