14 November 2005
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H1 Washington Post What Lurks in Its Soul? By David A. Vise Google's whimsical features hide an appetite for radical change. It is likely to wreak havoc on established enterprises and principles for years to come.

Newsweek The Debate Over Torture

Zakaria: Europe Needs a New Identity

New York Times Heavy Hand of the Secret Police Impeding Reform in Arab World The ubiquitous security agencies have become laws unto themselves, with a stealthy, octopuslike reach that is one of the biggest impediments to democracy.

Time What the Uprising Generation Wants France's underclass is tired of being shut out. And time is on their side

New Yorker Broken Ground Pakistan after the earthquake. by Steve Coll
H2 VIEW: Updating Ataturk’s legacy —Ahmad Faruqui Daily Times

Next US Ambassador to Ankara Gives 4 Messages

The Policy of Turkification in IranPersian Journal

SlateToday's Papers / Blogometer realclearpoliticsABC’s The Note - Early Bird thru GovExec - antiwar.com / Wikipedia / technorati

BBC Azerbaijan protest draws 20,000 About 20,000 protesters march in Azerbaijan's capital against parliamentary polls they say were rigged.

Tired of waiting Azeris wanting change lose faith in promises at home and abroad

Brookings Institution Global Governance for the 21st Century Colin I. Bradford, Jr.

H3 Turkey and Europe

Turkey and the U.S.

Greek press on Cyprus and Turkey

Turkey and the Middle East

Turkey, Russia, Caucasus, C. Asia

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Turkish Kurds riot after bombing

UPI Outside view: Middle East trends There is no single cause for Islamist extremism, and no easy correlation between any given set of the Middle East region's problems and support for violence and terrorism. By Anthony Cordesman
H4 New York Times Heavy Hand of the Secret Police Impeding Reform in Arab World The ubiquitous security agencies have become laws unto themselves, with a stealthy, octopuslike reach that is one of the biggest impediments to democracy.

Doing Unto Others as They Did Unto Us By M. GREGG BLOCHE and JONATHAN H. MARKS The Pentagon's interrogation tactics after 9/11, which were based on Red Army methods, have proven both inhumane and ineffective.

Editorial Tony Blair in Decline
To avoid becoming a lame duck, Tony Blair will need to make peace with his party by adjusting his high-flying leadership style to the new political realities.

The President's Trip to Asia
As he heads for Asia this week, President Bush must work on getting America's critically important relationship with China back on track.

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims American intelligence officials have shown documents of Iranian atomic experiments to a number of countries to convince them that Iran is designing a nuclear warhead.

Saudi Arabia and U.S. Pledge More Cooperation in Future Condoleezza Rice and Saudi foreign minister sought to repair recently strained relations with a new “strategic dialogue.”

In Jordan, Methodical Madness The creation of chaos has often been a first step in the revolutionary process, and that is one way to look at the hotel bombings that killed 57.

The French Riots: A Political Scorecard A political contest has been taking place over who among France's politicians will gain and who will lose from the rioting.

Kristof The Exit From Iraq
We can't pull out of Iraq, but by hunkering down indefinitely we help fuel the insecurity that keeps us there. Kristof analyzes two options for the US in Iraq. On the one hand, Iraq may fall apart no matter what the US does, and it should get out while it is ahead. Still, the option for immediate withdrawal strikes Kristof as utterly immoral. On the other hand, staying the course--Bush's current policy--neglects the reality that the US presence feeds the insurgency by antagonizing much of the population. It is a magnet for jihadis and feeds suspicions that the US aim is to steal Iraqi oil and retain military bases.

Brooks Psst! 'Human Capital'
In order to compete globally, the US needs to develop human capital. Brooks says skills and knowledge are only the most superficial component of human capital. Education reforms fail because they try to improve skills without addressing the components of human capital. These components are hard to measure and difficult to discuss, but include cultural, social, moral, cognitive, and aspirational capital. He says local immersions that transform students down to their essence, extraordinary schools that create cultures of achievement, and extraordinary teachers that inspire students to transform their lives touch all of the components of human capital.

Rich 'We Do Not Torture' and Other Funny Stories There is still much more to learn about our government's duplicity in the run-up to the war, just as there is much more to learn about what has gone on since.

A Tent Divided By ALAN EHRENHALT Democrats are the new minority party, consisting of people with a similar political and cultural language. Republicans have built a sprawling party in which libertarians, Christian moralists, and suburban business owners pretend to have similar goals, but the goals are too flimsy for cohesiveness. Republicans needed an international enemy after Clinton and got it after September 11, but the grace period has ended. This does not mean the Democratic Party will return to majority status, but it does mean Republicans cannot take their majority status for granted. It remains to be seen whether the next Democratic candidate will grasp the opportunity.

Rice Again Asks Israel and Palestinians to Bridge Divide

Control of Quake Relief Is Gamble for Pakistan Army and Chief
H5 Washington Post Iraq Says Syria Harbors Foreign Killers: Training Camps Cited; Most Suicide Bombers Are Saudis, Top Official Asserts

What Lurks in Its Soul? By David A. Vise, Google's whimsical features hide an appetite for radical change. It is likely to wreak havoc on established enterprises and principles for years to come.

U.S. Prepares for Bioterrorism New vaccine technologies offer fresh strategy against smallpox as potential weapon.

Detainees Deserve Court Trials By P. Sabin Willett, We tried Nazi war criminals in the sunlight, and the world has never doubted the judgment at Nuremberg. No one will trust the work of Guantanamo's secret tribunals.

Alleged Iraqi Conspirator Describes Amman Attack In confession broadcast on state-run television, Iraqi woman says her vest failed to detonate during coordinated suicide attacks on Jordan hotels.

Editorial Unkept Promises in Egypt ONE OF THE modestly positive features of Egypt's unfree presidential election two months ago was the set of promises made by Mubarak …

Wrestling With History
Sometimes you have to fight the war you have, not the war you wish you had

The Politics of War By Fred Hiatt, A war that should be understood as life-or-death for Americans has become a political football.

Analysis: Bush Slump May Hobble World Role

Rice Announces 'Dialogue' With Saudis: 'Strategic Dialogue' To Include Energy, Counterterrorism

A Delicate Diplomacy in China Economic and security issues likely to overshadow human rights concerns on Bush's first trip to Asia since reelection

U.S. Goals Are Thwarted At Pro-Democracy Forum Demand by Egypt Derails Middle East Initiative

Zarqawi's Network Expands
Recent bombings in Jordan reflect guerrilla leader's growing influence among Islamic radicals.

U.N. Chief Urges Reconciliation Among Iraq's Political Factions Elections Must Be 'Inclusive,' Annan Says on First Visit Since U.S. Invasion

Prisoners of Sept. 11 By Jim Hoagland,
The blunders and alleged misdeeds committed by senior officials in the Bush administration are taking a terrible toll on this presidency and this capital.

Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role

When in Paris . . . What Should the Algerians and Moroccans Do?

A French City and Its Underclass Drift Apart Riots in Toulouse Reveal Gulf Between Officials, Minorities

The Right Way in Iraq By John Edwards, It was a mistake to vote for this war in 2002. I take responsibility for that mistake. The war's victims now deserve honesty from their leaders and a clear plan for a way out.

The Political Center Makes a Comeback By David S. Broder, In Congress and in constituencies across the country, last week demonstrated a powerful and welcome trend: After a long eclipse, the people in the political center, the moderates, have regained their voice and are reasserting themselves.

A Wave of Aid That Doesn't Match the Disaster By John Lancaster, ISLAMABAD, Pakistan As a journalist who covered last year's Asian tsunami, I never thought I could feel anything like nostalgia for that terrible event. But that was before I saw what the earthquake had done to the Allai Valley in Pakistan.

Roberts: Iraq Will Affect Future War Votes: Experience With Faulty Data Has Made Senators More Wary, Panel Chairman Says

Class Matters By Sebastian Mallaby, Page A21
Two months ago, in his prime-time address from New Orleans , President Bush called upon the nation to "rise above the legacy of inequality." He was joking, obviously. The president's congressional allies now propose to cut Medicaid, food stamps, free school lunches and child-care subsides.

H6 Guardian Riots are a class act - and often they're the only alternative Gary Younge: France now accepts the need for social justice. No petition, peaceful march or letter to an MP could have achieved this.

Iraq's president predicts troops out next year Talabani suggests British handover by end of 2006 · UK defence secretary more cautious on pullout

The US rope trick, or how to keep the dollar up The deficit is at a new high but the greenback defies gravity. Where's the logic, asks Larry Elliott.

Iran denies claims about nuclear planIran is under pressure after reports that US has found information proving Iran is attempting to develop nuclear warhead.

Failed bomb attacker confessesWoman appears on television to describe her part in triple suicide attack.

Leader Back to the future Middle East: Instead of dwelling on Israel's past, it would be more constructive to see what lessons it holds for the present and future.

The sun also rises Is this the reawakening of an economic superpower? Jonathan Watts reports from Tokyo.

The vice that dooms BushPeter Preston: The president's allegiance to Dick Cheney consigns him to irrelevance and his country to chaos.

The Observer France and the Muslim myth Jason Burke: The French riots have been a godsend for those who oppose integration and progress.

Merkel's tax plans appal Germans Merkel yesterday promised to restore Germany's place among Europe's leading countries, amid growing public outrage over her plans to increase taxes.

Observer review: DC Confidential by Christopher Meyer

Observer review: The Great War for Civilisation by Robert Fisk
H7 Newsweek The Debate Over Torture

Europe’s Time Bomb: Will Unrest Spread?

Pain in the Middle Too much of the world is getting poorer, not richer. That's bad news for us all.

Terror for Export: Iraqi Jihadists Fan Out Iraq is the base for a new generation of jihadists, well trained in urban warfare, who have begun to take the battle abroad.

Does Bush Have a Coherent Policy for Asia?

Hirsh: Behind Iran’s Call to Destroy Israel

MAG: FBI Tracks Eco-Terror Suspects...

Essay: Asia's Dueling Economic Summits Asian states want to hedge against protectionism in the U.S. and EU with stronger regional trade strategies.

TIME: How CIA covered up killing of detainee

10 Questions For Ahmad Chalabi
Iraq's Second City: A Light at the End of the Tunnel? Condi Rice sees progress against the insurgency in Mosul

H8 Iraqi President sees timetable for troop exit -- in 2006...

KnightRidder Suspected bomber in Jordan detained, released by U.S. forces in '04 One of the suspected suicide bombers in the deadly attacks on three luxury hotels in Jordan's capital apparently was detained and released last year by U.S. forces in Iraq who determined that he was not a threat to security, a U.S. military spokesman said Sunday

Sunni leaders denounce mass arrests, say they threaten elections

U.S.-Backed Arab Democracy Forum Ends RFE/RL 13 Nov 2005 -- A U.S.-sponsored forum on democracy in the Arab world has ended in discord

BBC 'Nuclear link' to terror suspects A nuclear reactor was a possible target for terrorism suspects arrested in Australia last week, police say.

Talks on Muslim relations to open An international conference on relations between Muslims and non-Muslims opens in Vienna on Monday.

Egypt thwarts democracy forum

Iraq in a Wider Perspective Oxford Research Group This briefing paper considers security developments in Iraq in the context of Iraq's significance for al-Qaida

Why aren't IR scholars paying more attention to Al Qaeda?
H9 Ha’aretz – Viewpoint / James Baker remembers Yitzhak Rabin Rabin's memory should remind each of us that peace should not only be our prayer, but our our aspiration, too

Solana: European Union against sanctions on Syria at present time

Report: Jordanian spy agency replaces Mossad as key CIA ally

Yedioth Ahronoth Rice in Israel: Isolate Syria

UPI Outside view: Middle East trends There is no single cause for Islamist extremism, and no easy correlation between any given set of the Middle East region's problems and support for violence and terrorism. By Anthony Cordesman
H10 Christian Science Monitor
Protect the middle ground on the Iranian nuclear issue

Next revolution: a less colorblind society Proudly held French ideals of citizenship have been shaken by the riots.

Labour threat to Sharon emerges Amir Peretz, the party's new leader, may force elections that could influence Israel's approach to peace.

The Iraqi role in Jordan bombing
A would-be female suicide bomber from Iraq confessed to her role in the hotel attacks.

H11 IHT Despite soaring prices, China expects 6% rise in its oil imports

New Yorker What’s the Matter with France? The riots and their consequences. by Jane Kramer

BBC Growing pains Islam is thriving in France, but it still relies on foreign help

France's Riots Put Liberal Illusions in Flames - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
H12 RFE/RL Premier Says Independence Shouldn't Be 'Bargained For'
New Republic Conservatives and WMD For conservatives, exaggerating the threat posed by Saddam Hussein wasn't a mistake. It wasn't even a plot. It was a worldview. by Franklin Foer

Boston Globe The politics of pandemics (By Drake Bennett)
From smallpox and cholera to today's threat of avian flu, how a society prepares for and responds to disease has as much to do with politics as with science.

H13 The Times

Sunday Times SIR CHRISTOPHER MEYER A MOST DIPLOMATIC SKEWERING The strength of Blair is his vision; the other side is that he doesn’t do detail

Al-Qaeda targets Queen Al-Qaeda has threatened the Queen by naming her as “one of the severest enemies of Islam”

ANDREW SULLIVAN: Waging war on terror abroad and on freedom at home

SIMON JENKINS: It’s not a Blair police state we need fear

WSJ Who Is Lying About Iraq? - Norman Podhoretz

China Seen as Becoming a 'Superpower' Most Americans believe China will become an economic superpower within the next 10 years, and 42% believe China will surpass the U.S., according to a Harris poll.

H14 Financial Times

According to a widely accepted narrative, the EU is suffering a crisis of leadership. If only Blair, Chirac and Schröder, were to step aside, all would be better. They should be careful what they wish for.

The riots that have swept through 300 French towns and cities in the past two weeks constitute a new and dramatic illustration of the pre-revolutionary situation that prevails in France, writes Nicolas Baverez, author of La France qui tombe.

Japan, China and the US will largely determine whether the 21st century in east Asia is more peaceful than the last, say Jeffrey Bader of The Brookings Institution and Matthew Goodman of Stonebridge International
H15 Los Angeles Times Transcript of Confession on Jordan TV

Five questions non-Muslims would like answered By Dennis Prager
THE RIOTING IN France by primarily Muslim youths and the hotel bombings in Jordan are the latest events to prompt sincere questions that law-abiding Muslims need to answer for Islam's sake, as well as for the sake of worried non-Muslims.
Critics: Police Share Blame for Riots Some say France's centralized, paramilitary police system helped set the stage for civil unrest.
How to Fix a Presidency? Republicans Are Divided The challenge of restoring public confidence in Bush administration has heightened old tensions between moderates and hard-liners.

H16 The Defects of Judicial Imperialism - Karl Rove, The White House

Bush Fights Back - William Kristol, Weekly Standard

Sometimes Cruelty is Necessary in Dealing With Terrorists - Mark Bowden, WSJ
Torture's Terrible Toll - Sen. John McCain, Newsweek
McCain's Excellent Advice For Bush: Take The Blame - John Dickerson, Slate
Inside Report: Unhappy W. - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
GOP Moderates Turn Away From Bush - Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe
H17 Daily Telegraph

Sunday Telegraph Travel 2,500 miles in any direction and see if you can find two more similar citiesOne of the most puzzling things to a newcomer to the USA is how very alike these allegedly divided Americans appear to be, writes Niall Ferguson. Fly the 2,588 miles from San Francisco to Miami, and the thing that most strikes you is how similar the two places are.

Politics is personal In writing DC Confidential, a book about his years as British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, has done the unforgivable.

The last thing Britain needs is another Blair David Cameron, the Tory leadership favourite, promises to establish a new style of politics: thoughtful, measured and moderate.
H18 Independent The world view that will shape Blair's final term
Tonight, in a major speech, the PM outlines his vision for Britain's foreign policy. But what has he achieved and how will he be judged - on America, Europe and other crucial global issues?

Failed bomber tells of attack on hotel in televised confession

Merkel's coalition faces barrage of criticism for tax rises and budget cuts

Pascal Lamy: 'A global trade deal? It's not mission impossible'

Stephen King: The Fed's remorseless interest rate rise may continue, but all trends have their limits

Independent on Sunday Survivors of the Pakistani earthquake left to die of cold

Brown: We must listen, learn and connect Exclusive interview: Chancellor issues thinly coded warning to Tony Blair - but says no handover of leadership 'at this stage'

Revealed: real story behind the great Iraq Museum thefts
How the US army's Indiana Jones went after Baghdad's raiders of the antiquities

The IoS Interview: Sir Christopher Meyer - No regrets. No apologies
H19 Rand Corporation Network-Centric Operations Case Study: The Stryker Brigade Combat Team This 170-page U.S. monogra ph studies how network-centric operations capabilities enhance combat power

"DoD Intelligence Interrogations, Detainee Debriefings, and Tactical Questioning," DoD Directive 3115.09, 3 November 2005

Central Intelligence Agency filed motions in federal court in May 2005 to block disclosure of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

W.H. unwilling to totally rule out torture Even though Bush said Americans 'do not torture,' NSA Hadley backtracks.
H20 Slate

Jibe turns into catfight It has become one of the great catfights of American journalism: Judith Miller, the reporter who went to jail after refusing to reveal a source's name, and Maureen Dowd, her colleague on the New York Times.

NYT Magazine Rules of Engagement More than two and a half years after the invasion of Iraq, Hollywood is awash in war movies — and facing questions of politics and artistry, on-screen and off. How does an actor prepare to play a soldier? What is the relationship that the industry has with the troops? With the president? What do documentaries about the current conflict show us that feature films cannot, and vice versa? And what do these films say about us?
H21 Dark days for US newspapers

Chapter and worse: it's now publish and be downloaded The Observer

Sunday Times Google: birth of a money machine A new book by David Vise tells how the search engine learnt to accept ads without damaging its purity

Zuckerman Juiced By PETER MEHLMAN At 60, Philip Roth has written four of his finest novels. Is he juiced or merely the beneficiary of superior genes? No one will say for sure.

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The Middle East: A Land of Opportunity and Peril for Turkey - May 2003
Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri Üzerine Notlar: Ataerkil Yapıdan Tüccar Mantığına mı? Mayıs 2003
Türkiye, ABD ve Irak Harekâtı: Hayır Diyebilen Türkiye? - Şubat 2003
Değişim, ‘Sense of Proportion’ ve Tarihin Yararları ile Sınırları Üzerine Nisan 2003
ABD Güvenlik Politikalarında Güç Kullanımı ve Caydırıcılık Ağustos 2002
“Yalnız Kovboy” ya da “Eşit Olmayanlar Arasında Birinci”: ABD Dış Politikasında Tektaraflılık-Çoktaraflılık Tartışmaları Mart 2002
İyi, Kötü ve Çirkin: ABD'nin Orta Doğu Politikaları Ocak 2002
Unilateralism corrupts, absolute unilateralism corrupts absolutely Turkish News, May 21, 2002
ABD ve Afganistan: Çıkış Var mı? Kasım 2001
Realism and Change
Crime and Punishment - Deterrence and its Failure in Theory and Practice 2001
“Tüketebileceğimizden Daha Fazla Değişim” ya da Eskimeyen Dünya Düzeni Ekim 2001
“ABD-AB İlişkilerinde Metal Yorgunluğu” Haziran 2001
It never rains circa. 1991.

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